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    Full QMS Audit and Internal Audit Question

    For recertification to ISO 13485:2016 we will be performing the required QMS Audit to ensure that we meet standard requirements. Our yearly internal auditing schedule, set up by quarters, audits our actual practices to our procedures. This will also be looked at during the QMS audit. Is it...
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    First Aid Kit Compliance advice - Registered assembler with the MHRA

    Hi All, We are a seller of first aid kits across the UK and EU. Our bags and components are manufactured in China, but since we are selling the kit under our own brand, we are a registered assembler with the MHRA. As part of our due diligence, we are looking to seek advice from an expert...
  3. K

    Compliance vs. Surveillance vs. Re-Certification Audits - Differences

    Hello Cove members, I would like to have a clear understanding of types of audit, especially for ISO9001:2008 in details as below : 1. Compliance Audit a. What is the objective of the audit? b. When it will be conducted? c. Conducted by who? d. What are the area to be audit...
  4. B

    Environmental Legal Compliance Audit - Auditor from Michigan area

    Good morning; we are currently working towards ISO 14001 certification. We have two facilities in Northern Michigan that I would like an outside company to complete an environmental legal compliance audit. Does anybody Know such a person or company in Michigan that performs this type of work...
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    What is the difference between Process and Compliance Audit?

    when my company is having quality management system must i audit process separate from compliance audit
  6. Q

    APQP Compliance Internal Audit - Ideas, check lists or main questions to prepare

    Do you have some ideas, check lists or main questions to prepare an internal audit to be compliance versus APQP AIAG Blue Book? Who share something? Thks a lot:bigwave:
  7. N

    Field Audit Tools for ISO 14001 or Environmental Compliance

    Hi, I am looking for ISO 14001 or environmental compliance audit tools that are used in the field. What is out there that is being used during audits to take notes on findings? Thanks for your suggestions, Jonathan
  8. 6

    Vehicle Accident Investigation Program - Integrated compliance audit

    We have a compliance audit with an Inhouse Integrated Environment, Health and Safety System and have to come up with a documented procedure covering Vehicle Accident Investigation. I have encountered a serious problem in that i have to carry out a comprehensive Root Cause Analysis of the...
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    Methods of evaluating compliance to ISO 14001

    Besides compliance audit what other methods of evaluating compliance could be used?
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    Compliance Audit vs. Internal Audit - Differences - ISO 14001

    Good morning. What is the difference between a compliance audit and an Internal Audit in ISO 14001? Thanks to everyone for your help. :D
  11. Crusader

    ISO 9001 Internal Audit Compliance Scoring System

    I originally posted this ISO 9001 Internal Audit scoring file in the Customer Satisfaction threads. So I started this thread, which is more appropriately named. I have since revised this file and corrected many mistakes! I hope it is useful to someone else. I created it to help me determine my...
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