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cost of poor quality (copq)

  1. G

    When preventative action is prohibited by cost in 8D problem solving

    What happens when preventative action is prohibited by cost in 8D problem solving?
  2. M

    QMS Efficiency KPI as a Manager.

    I am a Quality Manager, using COPQ as a means of monitoring my QMS Effectiveness but the KPI I am using for QMS Efficiency is weak... Can someone provide examples of Quality Department or QMS Efficiency they use ?
  3. C

    What is your Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)?

    A thread on an American Society for Quality web site addressed the topic of the cost of poor quality (COPQ). It was opened when one group member posted, “The cost of poor quality in manufacturing companies ranges from 5 percent to 35 percent of sales. What has your company done to reduce this...
  4. M

    Reducing Cost of Poor Quality - Your opinion requested

    Hello All, I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback to the question below. In your opinion, what is the one most valuable task, strategy or methodology that a quality assurance team can apply and drive in their organization to support their organization in achieving consistent reduction...
  5. Geoff Cotton

    What is the benchmark for Cost of Quality in a Heavy Engineering organization ?

    Hi All, We are a heavy engineering company that is not very experienced at measuring the CoQ. So I?m trying to find the ?expected norms? for the CoQ across a variety of industries, i.e. automotive, aerospace, heavy engineering, etc.. Is there a list published anywhere?
  6. B

    Quality problems that cost Millions of dollars (or euros, or pounds, etc.)

    Many times people come here asking on how they can convince top management that quality pays off. What better way than to show publicly available multi-million lawsuits or settlements originating from "quality problems". So, I will start with a couple of very recent examples and, hopefully...
  7. Sean Kelley

    Difference between COQ (Cost of Quality) vs COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality)?

    What is the difference between the COQ (Cost of Quality) vs COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality)? I have received mixed opinions as to whther they are different or the same.
  8. S

    Cost of business lost / opportunity lost? How to address?

    Recently we have finished our Annual review. during COPQ review, our business development raised a querry on adding cost of business lost / opportunity lost in to COPQ. eventhough the point is right, how to add that as a quantifiable metric in COPQ. my proposal is, we can have that as a...
  9. M

    How Does Your Organization Measure Cost of Quality?

    I've been tasked to find industry standards that provide "Cost of Quality" for World Class organizations. I work for an aviation-based organization with a complex quality system that has Regulatory oversight (FAA ACO, FSDO, and MIDO) for our STC & PMA ODA, Certified Repair Station (including...
  10. I

    New AIAG CQI guidelines published - Are they worth buying?

    Hello again ! Long time I did not come to this forum :bigwave: I have a question related to recent new guidelines published by AIAG Effective Problem Solving Practitioner Guide (CQI-20) Effective Problem Solving Leader Guide (CQI-21) Cost of Poor Quality (CQI-22) Did someone already...
  11. M

    Discrepancy Costs Measuring Methods - Excel spreadsheets or other methods

    Hi, I would like to know if you have any tools or methods of measuring discrepancies cost regarding incoming/manufacturing Non-Conformance materials . I would like to have some key factors, easy to retrieve and easy to explain so I can give my organization information of what we need to...
  12. M

    Which metric is better for Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)?

    As a consistent means to measure one aspect of the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ), we count how many Nonconformance Reports are written on incoming product and multiply this number by a calculated dollar figure. The belief is that, for this aspect only, COPQ rises and falls with the number of NCR's...
  13. D

    Company Percentile Ranking - Customer Concern and Warranty Costs

    Is there bench marking data to rate 'my' company who customer concern / warranty costs are 2.3 % of sales. Is there an accpeted sliding scale that would rank us within the bottom 5% or 6~10% (or whatever our percentile is) of companies? :confused: Alternately is there 'company scale that works...
  14. Marc

    Blocked Fuel Line Botched Military Satellite Orbit

    Dan Elliott reports that a piece of cloth inadvertently left in the fuel line during the manufacturing process may be the reason for the botched delivery to orbit of a military communications satellite that hasn't reached its planned orbit since it was launched in August. The Air Force Space...
  15. G

    Numbers that will help us understand what the Cost of Rework is

    Am new to this and hope you can help! Am trying to find numbers that will help us understand what the cost of rework is for a problem that shows up later in the product lifecycle as opposed to what the cost would be if the problem were identified up front. Any case studies would be...
  16. R

    Development Rejection Costs in COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) Calculations

    We are not including development rejection in internal ppm trend but adding it in cost of poor quality. Is this practice right?
  17. M

    What are your Nonconformance Costs Based On

    Hi all, I have got my head stuck in a mess here when trying to quantify a nonconformance cost. Basically I have split down my nonconformances in to cost categories. These categories managers can assign costs to in order to get a full cost of nonconformance against an event occuring. This...
  18. M

    How many companies are required to capture Nonconformance Costs

    Hi all, A quite simple question really. I was wondering how many companies are required to capture the cost of nonconformance. A lot fo the systems I have seen out there that deal with nonconformance just seem to produce a CAPA process, but there is no cost allocation associated with this...
  19. R

    Cost of Quality Benchmarking Information for the Electronics Industry

    I'm preparing to provide a Cost of Quality or COPQ metric for our Management Review and I'm looking for free Benchmarking Data for Electronic Assembly Contractors. Does anybody know where I can find some data?
  20. M

    Nonconformance Cost Categorisation

    I am trying to refine and make our categorisation of non-conformance costs more relevant to the business as it is now to fit within my access database nonconformance management system. It has been mandated that we record certain aspects to report out to our division. From reading the...
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