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cqi 15 - special process welding assessment

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    CQI-15 Welding System Assessment - Required for all of the welding processes we have?

    Hello all, We are in the process of obtaining a customer that requires us to complete CQI-15 for welding. Do we need to complete the assessment for all of the welding processes we have, or only those that are used in products we sell to that customer? Thanks
  2. H

    Differences between CQI 15 and CQI 17

    greetings to all I am reading the CQi 15 and 17 but I can not understand the difference, could you guide me what is the difference between cqi 15 and cqi 17? Tanks
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    Reaction plan in case of power outage

    Hi there! I'm new in this forum, and my question is if any of you guys have ever developed a procedure or work instruction for power outage cases that I can use as a base to develop mine. I had a CQI-15 audit, and one of the questions that came out was: "Is there a containment reaction plan...
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    Concerning CQI-15 Welding System Assessment Form

    Concerning CQI-15 Welding System Assessment. We purchased the Form, but are looking for help in completing it. I would like to know if there's a trainer aside from AIAG with regard CQI-15 of this Assessment. Does anybody have completed forms that they could share?
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    New Ford CQI 15 Rollout Requirement and reference to ESBC24-5005-AB

    I've just received an email indicating that Ford is now rolling out the CQI 15 requirement by the end of Sept 2012. Within the documentation I recieved there is a reference to a Ford specification for section & etch ESBC34-5005-AB. I have gone to the Ford website to pick up this...
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    CQI-15 As Related to UltraSonic Plastics Assembly

    Does anybody have any information regarding the CQI-15 Assessment for Ultrasonic Plastic Welding?? Our TS Auditor is requiring documentation that our suppliers performing these operations provide evidence of audit conformance to the CQI-15.. I was understanding this only related to metal...
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    AIAG CQI-11, 12, 15 and 17 - Whose requirements are these?

    Anyone know if these are Ford Motor Company Customer Specific Requirements? They are not listed in Section 2 of FMC's August 2009 document but I dont feel happy and I have an audit comong up. BTW: GM do list these AIAG standards in their GM 1927-3 Standard. Subjects are assessment of...
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    AIAG CQI 15 Audits - Looking for the excel worksheet that goes with it

    I have just found the CQI15 process welding audit manual and I am looking for the excel worksheet that normally goes with these (CQI9,11,12 etc) Does anyone out there have one?
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    CQI-15 Welding System Assess. & CQI-17 Special Process: Soldering

    I am looking information for CQI-15 Special Process: Welding System Assessment And CQI-17 Special Process: Soldering System Assesment If you have it. Please share it with me.. I hope heared good news from you.. Thanks..
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