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customer feedback

  1. Ed Panek

    User Feedback both negative and positive and acting upon those metrics

    A requirement for FDA and 13485 is user feedback both negative and positive and acting upon those metrics. Our product once was sold primarily in retail so we used feedback from Amazon and Walgreens etc from the web and social media Our new product is consumable in the hospital. My fear...
  2. A

    Have sites like Ebay and Amazon killed customer satisfaction/feedback?

    It occurred to me that this new era of interweb purchasing, through sites such as Ebay and Amazon are effectively killing normal lines of customer feedback and complaints. For example: I bought some auto parts for a brake job I had to get done at the weekend. I purchased them from a well-known...
  3. I

    ISO9001:2015 9.1.2 - Customer Satisfaction Feedback

    Regarding the requirement for organizations to obtain customer feedback, can this be satisfied by providing the opportunity for customers to provide feedback? I'm wondering of one is considered out of compliance if, for example, only 25% of customers provide feedback through scorecards, etc...
  4. Ed Panek

    Requirement to track and trend positive feedback from customers

    Our auditor claims we need to track and trend positive feedback from customers. Is that correct? To me positive feedback means "don't change anything"
  5. S

    ISO 13485:2016 ¶ 8.2.1 - How can we obtain feedback for production activities?

    Hi everyone, Can somebody give me examples of feedback from production activities? as opposed to post-production? The latter is customer feedback, comments and suggestions. How can we obtain feedback for production activities? Thank you!:thanks:
  6. S

    How to Politely Close out a Nuisance Customer Corrective Action?

    I have a customer that sends over corrective actions for any defect that reaches their process. They certainly fit the Pareto principle, they buy 20% of our production but generate 80% of the returns. Sometimes it makes sense to put a dedicated effort towards improving a process to eliminate...
  7. C

    Customer Satisfaction Process - Audit "Suggestion for Improvement"

    Hello All, I would appreciate any information you may have on a query below. I am a QMS manager for an industrial refrigeration company and we recently had an ISO9001:2008 external audit, the suggestion for improvement below was identified. classification 4 Suggestion for Improvement...
  8. A

    Reporting Corrective Action System Performance Metrics

    We have an internal system used to log and track all action items related to Customer feedback, complaints, Audit findings (CA) internal and external, initiatives, survey feedback, incident action etc. I;d seek your inputs on the Key KPIs to be reported as a dashboard weekly / Monthly.
  9. D

    Alternatives to Customer Feedback Survey in ISO 9001

    I work as the MR of an organization which is a fully owned subsidiary of a UK company in the education domain. We generally don't directly interact with the end customers (teachers in schools). So the customer feedback mechanism set up involved getting feedback from our UK counterparts who...
  10. J

    Looking for a Customer Satisfaction Survey Form

    Dear everyone, anyone can help me how to create a form for me to do customer satisfaction anyone can give me example.. we are producing Disposable medical products. :tg:
  11. R

    Customer Feedback - ISO 13485 Section 8.2.1 - Small Contract Manufacturer

    Hello! I need some help on Section 8.2.1. We are a contract manufacturer; our customer distributes to the end user. We receive no post-production info. We have 2-4 customers total; really 2 - 2 are dormant at this time. We have had no returns, Customer complaints, etc. in over 2 years. What can...
  12. C

    Customer Feedback, Satisfaction, Complaint Procedure and Measurement

    Hi All (Me again) :frust: I am looking to write a Customer Satisfaction Procedure/process/system, in our system at the moment there is a procedure for Customer Complaints handling, but there is nothing about obtaining / measuring other customer feedback, we do have customer questionnaires in...
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