easa part - 145 maintenance organisation approval

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    C of C release with accompanying EASA Form 1 for EASA Part 145

    Hi - we have some units that have been repaired by an approved EASA Part 145 repair station delivered to us on an EASA Form 1. Are we able then to send those parts onto our customer on a C of C but accompanied with the EASA Form 1 from our supplier. Would this enable the customer to use these...
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    EASA Part 145 - The difference between non-certifying staff and Certifying staff

    Hi - can someone explain the difference between non-certifying staff and Certifying staff within a EASA Part 145 repair station - thanks in advance
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    MAG 6 and EASA Part-145 Issue 005.

    I have what may be a stupid question but I simply do not know that answer and am trying to make things as easy as I can. I have been tasked with completing our EASA renewal, by the way we are an FAA repair-station in the USA. My questions is this, when we created out current MOE supplement for...
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    Transport Canada - EASA Part 145 (Bilateral)

    We have a Canadian company (who hold Part 145 through bilateral) looking to subcontract repair work to us in the UK, we presently hold no EASA/CAA etc approvals. Now my question is can we be added under the existing Transport Canada approval or will we require our own individual EASA approval...
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    Calibration and Verification requirement for foreign EASA Part 145

    Hi everyone Greetings I am from a company that repair aircraft engine located in Asia. As per EASA part 14 doc# UG.CAO.00132-001, it’s written the calibration needs to be done by an ISO17025 calibration lab. My question is, the doc# UG.CAO.00132-001 only required to be meet by all foreign...
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    EASA P 145: What mandatory information should on the purchase order of the customer ?

    Hello, I received a purchase order from our customer but he didn't mention the ATA reference. For exemple 72-50-04 On is PO he only mentions S/N P/N and ESN What is mandatory on the PO for EASA PART 145 ? ATA reference ? CSN and TSN ? Can you help me please ? Best...
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    Can an organisation hold an EASA Part 145 approval WITHOUT a QMS

    Can an organisation hold a Part 145 approval WITHOUT a quality management system.
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    A Question on EASA's "Release and Acceptance of Components"

    MAG (MAINTENANCE ANNEX GUIDANCE) Change 4 Section 10 Release and Acceptance of Components paragraph b states: The FAA Form 8130-3 should include the EASA Part-145 release to service certifying statement with the EASA Part-145 Approval Certificate number in block 12, and specify any...
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    Internal Calibration Laboratory Inspection/Approval

    Hi, We are in the process of setting up an internal lab to handle our own inventory (Electrical, Temperature, Pressure, Torque, Mass etc.). As an airline we are EASA 145 approved, however the calibration lab falls outside of the EASA scope. Our quality department want some sort of...
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    Necessary trainings for FAR 145 certification

    hi friends we have just applied to FAA to be a FAR 145 approved repair station. we already have EASA Part 145 approval. In august, we will complete official application. Could you help me for trainings? What kind of trainings i should receive from FAA? Im the quality manager of...
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    Maintenance Man Hour Plan which satisfies EASA Part 145.A.30 (example needed)

    Hi Covers Can anyone help with an example of a Maintenance Man Hour Plan which satisfies EASA Part 145.A.30. We are a small component repair organisation and a new auditor has stated that our existing plan does not address the requirement. Thanks in advance Jim G
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    Lead Auditor and Quality Manager - Conflict of Interest?

    Hi Covers I am currently the business lead auditor for an aerospace company. Our Quality Manager has left very suddenly and I have been asked to take on his role alongside my existing job. This would mean promotion and a large salary increase if I agree. We are an ISO 9100 Rev C, EASA Part...
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    AS9110 Audit Stage 2 - What procedures are required?

    Hi Elsmar Cove Forum, Firstly I would like to congratulate Marc on such a great website. I have found the Forums and the resources a great help to me in my 1st year as a Quality Manager. This is my first dicussion thread, so please excuse me if I have completed any information incorrectly. I...
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    EASA Part 145 / FAA Bilateral Agreement vs. Manufacturing under EASA Part 21

    I have found the Maintenance Annex Guidance (MAG) which appears to apply to EASA Part 145 for the EASA/FAA bilateral agreement, is there a similar document that applies to manufacturing under EASA Part 21 subpart G?
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    EASA Certification Acceptance - The Russian equivalent of EASA Part 145 (Maintenance)

    Does anyone know if the Russian equivalent of EASA part 145 (maintenance) will accept a EASA form 1 authorized release certificate after maintenance?
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    How to write an EASA 145 Quality Manual

    :) Hello, gentlemen My company will apply for the EASA Part 145 certificate. now, our company is writing MOE. Next, we will write quality manual. I want to know whether it is any user guide for writing quality manual? wanglin
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    Example/Sample Part 21J - "Anybody's Design Organisation Exposition"

    Hi guys EASA produce an example exposition for Part145 called, "Anybody's CAME". Does anyone know if a similar document exists for Part 21 Subpart J - ie "Anybody's Design Organisation Exposition"? I don't want to write one from scratch if I don't have to! Cheers, Gaz
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    Error in Technical Publications - How to cover release

    As many of us know in the industry very few if any technical publications are without error. In our Part 145 MRO if we identify an error we raise a form that is then signed by the OEM engineering. This form is then slotted into the CMM until such time as the CMM is next updated where upon we...
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    EASA Part 145 Audit Programme example wanted

    Hi would anyone have an example EASA Part 145 audit programme that they use. Reason is I want to see how many parts are audited during a 12/24 month period and if I can mearge what I do with Part M audit programme. (Trying to cut down on repeat audits). Thanks
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    EASA 145 (145.A.30) Man Hour Plan for Quality Monitoring

    Hi - I am looking for some advice regarding EASA145 (145.A.30) - I am being asked for a Man-Hour plan to demonstrate there is sufficient resource available for compliance monitoring of EASA requirements. I have never been asked for this previously, and neither has the previous quality manager...
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