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electronic components parts assemblies and products

  1. T

    IEC60601-1: Isolation for an applied part with working voltage of 1500Vp.

    How much Isolation voltage will be required if the applied part has a working voltage of 1500Vp. Do I need 7121 RMS (2 MOPP). My device has BF applied part.
  2. P

    Electronic component failure analysis turnaround time

    Hello: Is there an industry standard for the electronic component's (especially semiconductor related) FA turnaround time? (JEDEC??) , or it is something that normally would be captured in a business contract with critical suppliers?? I hope such a standard does exist in the market to avoid...
  3. W

    Part Change Request - Standard (OTS) electronic parts (resistors, capacitors etc.)

    Hello everybody, I have a question... the company I work for (Tier 1) is producing infotainment systems (IS) to cars. My question is...... For IS we are using a tons of standard electronic parts (resistors, capacitors etc.) We are buying these parts for suppliers. We call these parts standard...
  4. A

    How a test flow can be build for a car electronic sunroof control

    Hello dear colleagues! I'm new in reliability testing but I do research on this topic very often. Could you tell me something about how a test flow could be build for a car electronic? Are there any limitation for creating a test flow?
  5. P

    REACH - A few of the hundreds components in my product no longer meet requirement

    How could it impact the business if all of sudden few of the components used in the product ( electronics assembly) are found to have the new restricted substances per the ever-increasing chemical list under REACH? Are we obligated to replace those affected parts, have our customers to...
  6. L

    Inspection Process for Electronic Parts from Brokers

    Hello everyone, As many people know if you work for an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), there is currently a shortage of electronic parts in the market (the parts are literally puffed by the automotive industry). This situation forces us to go and get supplies from brokers. If...
  7. M

    CE / FCC Compliance for components + final product

    I am manufacturing an electronic product that will be installed into a wooden musical instrument (with electrical outputs). If eventually I plan on selling the electronic product separately (as an after-market component), would I have to receive a CE mark & FCC certification for BOTH the...
  8. O

    Receiver Blocking test - EN 301 893/300 328

    Hi, For Receiver Blocking test to be performed per EN 301 893/300 328, can the various channels be scanned serially or do they need to be scanned randomly to test receiver's ability to block unwanted signal? Either of these standards do not specify this. How this to be tested genuinely...
  9. M

    ISO 13485:2016 - IQ/OQ Requirements applicable to Electronic Component Suppliers

    I work for a company that makes wafers for an ISO 13485-certified company, who in turn makes chips that go into medical devices. They are telling me that we MUST do IQs and OQs for our already installed equipment. True? Please detail your responses. Thanks!
  10. M

    Are disposable electrodes in the scope of WEEE Directive?

    The Directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) defines "Electrical and Electronic Equipment" (EEE) as: " which is dependent on electric currents or electromagnetic fields in order to work properly and equipment for the generation, transfer and...
  11. S

    FMEA Revisions - Recommended Actions to Actions Taken

    Hi all, this is my first forum post and I'm sure that we have some experienced Quality Engineers here who can help answer this. I'm working in an IC assembly and manufacturing firm, and I've been recently put in charge of reviewing the Process FMEAs of our company. From what I know, we've been...
  12. D

    7.5.2 Validation of Processes for Production and Service Provision - Distributor

    Hi, Any comments and/or guidance would be appreciated. I have two questions: 1. Are counterfeit detection services for electronic components (e.g. de-cap, x-ray, xrf, electrical testing, scanning electron microscope, etc) considered "special processes"? 2. How do I validate these...
  13. Q

    Conflict Minerals Reporting for Electronics Manufacturing

    All, I searched Elmar Cove and couldn't find a particular thread on this question. We are a small electronics contract manufacturer providing both turnkey and consignment services. We have sent out letter of request to our vendors regarding presence of conflict minerals in parts we purchase...
  14. L

    Is there a Burn-In Test Standard for Electronic Boards

    Hello ! :) Question for you : is there a standard (IPC, MIL or other) to define how long and at what temperature we should so burn in for electronic boards ? As long as I'm concerned, there is either a standard that I don't know of or its a rule of thumb, determined by a reliability...
  15. C

    Restrictions on shipping electronic goods into China

    Hi A colleague believes that there is a legal restriction that prevents foreign manufacturers shipping electronic goods into China. Beyond compliance with standard regs (EMC/wireless, med devices, RoHS etc.) I don't know of anything that would specifically prevent electronic equipment being...
  16. Q

    Class for a Medical Device Electronic Part

    I would like to know to which class belongs a chip that goes in a final marketed device in medical sector ( imaging pillcam ) as per ISO 13845. Is there a standard or some document to be checked??
  17. R

    What is needed for an FAI on off the shelf (OTS) electronic components?

    Hello, first time posting. Love the information provided by this site. I have a question about FAI requirements. What is needed for a First Article Inspection on electronic parts ordered from a distributors catalog? I have a print and C of C from the distributor. Do I need any additional...
  18. H

    How To Validate Electronic Part From Non Authorized Distributor

    :bigwave: Hello Guys, I have an issue of the incoming electronic part. How do to validate of conformity the electronic part that we purchased from non authorized distributor. The point is what should we do to prevent that that component they will supply are not counterfeit, because some case we...
  19. R

    Should Medical Device SIGNAL INPUT/OUTPUT PART be overloaded?

    Hi all, I was recently told that SIGNAL INPUT/OUTPUT PART (e.g. RS232, RJ45, USB port) on the equipment should take into account the overload test. From the engineering standpoint, I could not agree on such point of view. It seems pointless because of the transformer overload test is...
  20. JoCam

    Moisture Control - Receiving Moisture Sensitive Electronic Components

    Hi All, To all electronic contract manufacturers out there: -How do you establish whether components are moisture sensitive prior to receiving them at Goods Inwards, to ensure they are packaged and handled correctly? Also, which department in your Organisation is responsible for this task...
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