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elv - end of life vehicles

  1. smryan

    Compliance Officer Outsourcing? RoHS, REACH, ELV, GADSL, IECSC

    Our SMALL company has RoHS & REACH compliance documentation. We now have a customer requesting compliance/statements for ELV, GADSL, and IECSC too. Trouble is no-one here has any familiarity with these and certainly not the time to do a lot of studying to change that right now (too many hats...
  2. S

    Development of ELV and IMDS in India.

    Is there any directive in India related to elv? How many Indian OEM's are following IMDS for vehicle in India and/or vehicles shipped to other country? Near by any chance to following IMDS for vehicles in Indian road?
  3. R

    Is IMDS required for Shipping cap received from our suppliers

    Hi all, I have one doubt Whether IMDS is required for Shipping cap and desiccant received from our suppliers? We are going to ship the parts to OEM which they will remove and won't be used in Cars. ISO/TS 16949:2009 states the following requirement about IMDS Statutory and...
  4. B

    IEC 61010-1 Certification Requirements, and External Supply/ELV questions

    Dear Cove, I am new to the world of compliance and certification. Over the past few days, I have done a lot of research, met or spoken to representatives from various NRTLs, and scoured this forum for answers. I would first like to express my gratitude, as I have found lots of useful info...
  5. Manix

    ELV - Vehicle Scope (where do agricultural and construction type vehicles fit in?)

    Bit of a dilemma here, need some assistance!! We supply mainly automotive and are fully conversant with the material compliance requirements for passenger vehicles in terms of ELV. Trouble is what about agricultural vehicles and construction type vehicles? We can see they don't fall under...
  6. T

    ELV vs. RoHS - Exemption Comparision between ELV and RoHS

    Does anyone have any comment to the exemption comparision between ELV and RoHS ?
  7. J

    Painted Surfaces - IMDS ELV Declaring Harzardous Substances Program

    Hi Fellow Quality pros, comment on this: how would a painted surface be entered in the IMDS database to comply > with the reportable hazardous substance ELV program. Our company > manufactures steel clips, one side of the steel coil is polyester > painted the other side is PVC coated...
  8. R

    International Material Data Systems (IMDS) and ELV-1 - Looking for Info

    Hi there, So I was recently given the task of looking into IMDS - what it is, what the requirements are, how it impacts the business, etc. I've run a quick search both here and in Google. Here, I didn't find anything. (Maybe I'm not looking in the right place!) On the Web, I found that...
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