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  1. P

    How to have employees buy-in of quality procedures. Best practices?

    I work as a QM in a large organization HQ (300+ people) and we are still struggling to have people complying to QMS procedures. Our flow is pretty standard. We help other functions write the key procedures (mostly interfunctional processes), we publish them in a intranet folder and we audit with...
  2. MarilynJ6354

    Missing Corrective Actions - Workforce does not trigger corrective action requests

    We have an internal corrective action database and another for vendor issues. so far in 2017 the only documented issues were corrective actions from internal audits. Every year it was less and less until now...no one is using it. As the internal auditor, I ask the question each time and I am...
  3. M

    Employee Motivation 7.3.2 & Training including Awareness 7.2.1

    Looking for how others address the employee motivation 7.32. and the training including awareness 7.21 Does anyone have an HR procedure or turtle/ Process map they are willing to share. Thank you
  4. G

    Training Employees about Quality - Philosophy / Mind set

    Hi All. Having recently started work at a large manufacturer I have been asked to train a lot of people on "quality" due to the restructuring of a lot of role on the shop floor. I want to talk about the quality philosophy / mind set in a high level and hopefully different and interactive...
  5. B

    What is your pat answer when a co-worker asks about ISO 9001?

    ISO personification questions like "what does ISO want us to do" or "what do we have to do for ISO"? Thank you
  6. B

    Improving Behaviour Safety through Fun games

    I am looking for some sort of Fun games / Assessment centers to drive home the message on improving behavioral Safety among Workshop Technicians. This need results from the fact that not always organizing trainings and conducting Safety talks help!!
  7. J

    Technical Writing - Help Training Supervisors in the Basics

    One of my tasks is Document control and I am trying to work with our Supervisors and managers to get things properly documented and up to date. Currently, we tend to ask the supervisor to write things out and then we try to turn this into a controlled document. Of course this process has a...
  8. H

    ISO 9001-2008 Violation Tickets

    Hi, I am thinking for starting an ISO violation Tickets to beused daily by appropriate personnel in my organization. My idea is to have few personnel who are very knowledgeable aboutthe ISO 9001-2008 standard requirements and organization internal procedureswrite violation tickets to...
  9. L

    Incentives to Encourage Employee Participation

    Hello everyone! I have to answer a government's questionnaire and in it, we are asked if there are incentives to encourage employee participation in a program, and if so, which ones. The program pertains to security but could be applied to many subjects (health and safety, quality, etc.)...
  10. A

    KPI's for Individuals (Employees)

    I am looking to implement something like this for our site , and I have a general idea on how I'd like it to work. But I wondered if anyone else has experience of this, does it work well, motivate and encourage employees to get the 100%? Sometimes I think this may have a negative impact on...
  11. A

    Assessing/Mapping Employee Attitude during Competency Mapping (Assessment)

    Hi! I've searched on the forum, but couldn't locate "how to assess attitude (willingness to do) of people". Hence starting a new thread. We are ISO/TS16949:2009 certified. (And I know it is not requirement of it to assess attitude.) We've defined generic competencies required specific...
  12. M

    In-Process Quality Control Job Scope

    I am seeking your valuable opinion for the following issue, I have received negative feedback from my Qc team about one of my qc inspector. According to them,they have found that this Qc girl are very often doing task which is not related to her job function. They also informed me that,very...
  13. J

    Employees regard the QA team as the "enemy"

    Hello My name is Josephine I am the Supplier Quality Engineer for a large company. The company has grown exponentially over the past 4 years and although ISO certified, the majority of employees lack the general understanding and importance of the standard and continually regard the QA team as...
  14. M

    General Guidelines on how to start a Quality Campaign

    Hi, Good day to everyone. I am Muhd Firdaus from Malaysia. My company don't have any Quality Department yet. However,my boss requested me to initiate Quality Campaign Need all of you support as to give me idea on how to start this. Some general info about my company Employee :33 people (All...
  15. M

    "Selling" the idea of using Work Orders

    Hello to All, I'm trying to sell the idea of using work orders. We use them in some areas, but not all. I'm getting some resistance because the responsible person is overwhelmed at the thought of issuing them. I'm seeking some input on how to "sell" the idea. Note, we are expected to be...
  16. D

    Employee Motivation and Empowerment - TS 16949 Clause

    Hi, In our surveillance audit we received a minor nonconformity because "the process for providing feedback on how well the internal communication channels are functioning is not fully effective." The position that I tried to take with our auditor was that within our internal audit process...
  17. M

    Boosting a Preventive Action System

    Periodically throughout the year and at the close of each year, I analyze the measures and data collected relative to our overall quality performance. From this information, I try to select a few improvement initiatives to focus on. This year, the data was quite varied and didn?t reflect any...
  18. A

    Call for an Expert Speaker @ QuEST Global

    Good Day to all. We at QuEST Global (http://engineering.quest-global.com) celebrate Global Quality Month during January every year. During this month, various competitions related to quality awareness are conducted to motivate employees along with training's/workshops across the globe. It has...
  19. K

    Recognition of team members in ways other than money?

    I know this is a little of topic for this forum but does anyone know of some good articles on how to give recognition to staff in ways other than money. This about team building in the form of encouraging sharing of knowledge and expereince. I'm aware that in an enivronment the encourages and...
  20. T

    Developing Reward Programs for Employees

    We are looking to develop a reward system for employees who have exhibited an excellent quality rating over the course of a year. I am not sure what this would look like, nor am I sure how to be equitable with it going forward. We have departments operating under the same quality program...
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