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  1. S

    Interesting Topic Threaded ring gage calibration and tendonitis in the elbows

    I'm wondering if y'all are familiar with any increased rate of tendonitis in the elbow from constant threaded ring gage calibration. I'd assumed it was kind of a fluke when my left elbow started hurting when holding the larger set plugs while calibrating. Now my right elbow is hurting and I'm...
  2. A

    ISO 9001 Ergonomics and Manual Handling Requirements

    G'day everyone, newbie to the Forum here. I've been an internal auditor for ISO9001 for around 16 years on and off. We have a surveillance audit coming up. Reading through the last report we have OFI on Manual Handling and Ergonomics of all things....really, are these part of the...
  3. P

    Ergonomics .ppt presentation

    Ergonomics - PPT Regards, Ghulam Mustafa
  4. S

    Problems with the application of EN 62366:2008

    Hello everybody, I'm a french phD student on ergonomics for medical devices. My work is about the new usability standard EN 62366… i'm trying to help people to apply this standard, but i would like first know more about difficulties to apply this standard, please if you have difficulties to...
  5. M

    Sitting vs. Standing for Manual Work

    Hi Cove, In our production line, we have one group of manual processes where the operators are sitting. Currently the labor efficiency for these processes are rather low but my proposal to change from sitting work to standing work is not being agreed by the production bosses. I strongly...
  6. D

    Info for Health and Safety in Software Development companies

    Hi, I could see a lot of useful information in this Forum. Is there something specific for software development companies or BPOs that you can share with me. Since it is not similar to the shop floor... ergonomics, fire safety, periodic breaks away from the computer... is there anything else...
  7. A

    Effectiveness definition wrt ISO 62366:2008

    Hi All, I have ISO (well, BS EN, but same thing) 62366:2008 and under the definition for effectiveness it references "ISO 9241-11:1998, definition 3.2, modified". This ISO 9241 is "Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs) -- Part 11: Guidance on usability"...
  8. V

    Have you any materials for Ergonomics and Motion?

    Sir Any one have the material for Ergonomics and Motion.Pls give me Advace thank you venkat
  9. A

    Ergonomic Evaluation Checklist for our Machine Shop and Engine Assembly Line.

    I have to do the Ergonomic Evaluation of the activities carried out in our Machine Shop and Engine Assembly Line. Does any body have some checksheet/guidline to carryout this evaluation?
  10. V

    Looking for Ergonomics Advice - Operators will run two machines simultaneously

    I'm working on a new layout for an area in my plant in which the operators will run two machines simultaneously. After starting machine one, the operator will then walk over and start machine two's cycle. The machines have a 10 second cycle time so the operator walks back and forth between...
  11. A

    Ergonomics & Time study - Concepts for experiments in above mentioned topics?

    hello, i am a faculty of mechanical engg.we are planning to add some basic experiments for our industrial engg. lab. on topics like method study, time stdy, two hand and man-machine charts , ergonomics & human factors etc. can anyone put suggestions and/or rough skech/concepts for...
  12. sathis

    OHSAS 18001 - Ergonomics in OHSAS implementation

    We had exposure to ergonomics in OHSAS implementation I had attached a PPT file showing the ergonomics while working in computer. Does any one has similar experience? SATHIS :read:
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