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error proofing

  1. D

    Error proofing ideas sheet metal punches

    Hello all! New here though been searching your site for years. Great site. I have searched with little luck trying to get ideas on error proofing (poke yoke) metal cnc punches. Have had some issues with operators loading in parts backwards. We use amada punches. Thanks all
  2. K

    Documented problem solving and documented error-proofing - IATF 16949 10.2.3 & 10.2.4

    Would FMEAs for each part settle the requirements of having a documented problem solving and documented error-proofing process? or is IATF wanting specific documented procedures on these? Thanks for your help!
  3. P

    IATF 16949 Clause 10.2.4 - Error Proofing

    I'd like to discuss text in 10.2.4 Error-proofing: "...test frequencies shall be documented in the control plan. (1) The process shall include the testing of error-proofing devices for failure or simulated failure. (2) My interpretation of the text: 1st testing is testing of a...
  4. optomist1

    Error Mistake Proofing Color Parts

    Good Day To All, Searched the Cove but came up empty handed: Anyone have any experience error/mistake proofing automotive interior parts to insure that the correct parts are approved and shipped. Sounds simple yet in this case it is a matter of distinguishing between different shades of...
  5. O

    Creating a Tool to Track & Verify Mistake Proofing Devices

    My manager has asked me to create a tool to track & verify mistake-proofing devices. I don't know where to start. Any advice? Thanks for your help. :confused:
  6. C

    List Error Proofing in the Process FMEA or the Control Plan

    We are using a shadow boards for kitting many parts at each of the many work stations. The customer wants me to list this as "Error Proofing" but she list this issue under her pfmea complaints for the same ppap and not the control plan portion of the ppap. I'm leaning toward that she made a...
  7. W

    Suggest a Poka Yoke (Mistake Proof) Method for my Product

    What are some of the best ways to make sure the correct number of threaded inserts are installed in a part? The scenario is: manual installation 40 inserts/part , 3 sizes/part, 300 parts. The result is up to 3 parts missing on insert.
  8. F

    Need advise on Root Cause analysis for printing issue

    My department is having a lively discussion about the root cause of the problem and I need some expert advice on how to get over the hump. Here is the situation. We have printing press A that takes printing plates that transfer ink to the paper. When plates are made they require register marks...
  9. T

    Error Proofing / Poka-Yoke Textbook by Productivity Inc

    Someone recommended a book on error-proofing and PokaYoke methods to me which he believed was written by/published by or titled "Productivity Inc." The book is mainly full-page pictures of various before/after examples of error proofing. I found a site named productivityinccom and linked to...
  10. M

    Weld Stud Length Poka Yoke

    My company had a rejection for incorrect stud length in a welded bracket. We use 4 different length weld studs in various brackets, but our generic weld fixtures can't distinguish the lengths. adding sensors to detect the length in the base would work, but would require adjustment each time...
  11. S

    Manufacturing Error-proofing Packers mixing up which 4 Mats go together in a Kit

    Hello all, First time poster, hopefully you can provide some assistance. I work for a company that manufactures floor mats. We are having issues with packers mixing up which 4 mats go together in a kit as well as placing the correct label with the correct kit. I am looking to introduce a...
  12. K

    Poka Yoke for Leaf Spring placement by Operator

    Hello Cove member, I have a toothbrush product which we are going to run. This product are having 5 pcs of leaf spring at neck area to avoid the user from injuries during brushing teeth. So the step is to first arrange 5 pcs of leaf spring into 60 columns on the wooden try. Secondly operator...
  13. M

    Machine Feature: Is it possible to consider it Error Proofing?

    Hi, I am confused whether or not to consider inbuilt machine feature as Error Proofing and identify them as current preventive control ?? :thanx:
  14. B

    Documentation Errors - Documentation that accompanies our Component Products

    Our company has a very manual system using excel spreadsheets for, inventory logs, process monitoring and scheduling. We create our paperwork manually and make a lot of different products, many of which are prototypes, where dimensions and tolerances are never the same. We have a reoccurring...
  15. D

    Error Proofing Workstation FOD (Foreign Objects and Debris)

    During our last internal audit, I inspected some workstations for foreign object debris and noted one had wire fragments and solder flakes. I wrote a finding and a CAR. When I asked the operator why the workstation had FOD, he said he forgot to clean it. I'm trying to help the production...
  16. V

    Is Poka Yoke only applicable for product related activities?

    is poka yoke only applicable for product related activities?:confused: can i claim a idea by which a system non compliance is avoided as a example for poka yoke? (viz., if documents are misplaced, or due dates are missed; a system-automation enables by making document electronic form or...
  17. E

    Error Proofing to prevent Length Short - CNC Turning Process

    Dear All, I always facing length short problem at our manufacturing cnc turning process. Any expert can give us some idea on error proofing method to prevent it, may be e.g. sensor detect in station. Hope get you input. Thanks. Machining Automotive industry in Asia.
  18. M

    Error Proofing Packing Process

    Hello All, I need your guidance or opinions for a simple yet challenging problem that I am currently facing. I was assigned a project recently. As part of the project, I have a scenario where I need to implement mistake proof solution to a problem. Please refer to the attached file, it...
  19. C

    Need help error proofing valve. All ideas welcome.

    The valve in question relieves pressure on a container so the container can be opened for inspection. Employees have forgotten to close the valve after buttoning the container back up. The results have been expensive spills. Any thoughts on how to error-proof this operation? Opening the...
  20. apestate

    Need supplier, error-proof inspection of ID threads present attribute

    Hello everyone We have a situation that may require a goofy step along the path to a solution. We are producing a nut with M8 threads inside. The nut is 17.7 mm long and made from 1/2" hex. The threads are cut threads, as opposed to rolled or formed threads. We need to check these parts...
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