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    GMW 15571 - Flammability

    I am fairly new to plastics and am being told that this specification requires you to have flammability tests performed on each part instead of a test sample as most customers accept. The language is, "All plastic parts located in the vehicle interior must test to GMW3232." Does anyone have...
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    Hazard analysis for our medical device - Hazards seem to overlap

    Hi Experts, I have a question that I believe one of you can help me with. We are working on hazard analysis for our medical device. While drafting the Hazard analysis for the medical device, the listed hazards and causes seem to overlap. How can I avoid this? Or is it acceptable? Kindly...
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    IEC 61010-1 and Flammable Liquids

    Hello everyone, it's my first thread at this forum. :bigwave: I am seeking tips related to IEC/EN 61010-1:2010 standard, clause 9.5 "Requirements for equipment containing or using flammable liquids". The device is an electrical laboratory instrument that measures a property of liquid sample...
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    IEC & UL 60601-1 Plastics Flammability - Guidance on flame-rated plastics usage

    Hi all, We're looking for guidance on flame-rated plastics usage in our power wheelchairs. RESNA standards are our typical go-to, but unfortunately they only address upholstery flammability. I've tried to dig through these two standards for guidance, and I wonder if anyone could just verify...
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    FMVSS 302 Flammability Testing Certification

    Hello, Long time reader first time poster. :) I work in a lab that does Automotive Testing and my manager is asking about testing certification to FMVSS 302 Flammability. What he is looking for is there anyone who comes in and observes the testing and then can certify that we are doing per the...
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    Flammability: Testing Burn Rate with Improper Sample Size fmvss 302

    Hello everyone, I hope i can find an answer to my question. Im working at a testlab and we test the burn rate of plastics according to fmvss 302 and other norms. Can i give our customers a burn rate, if the sample has dimensions like 20mm x 60 mm? If you subtract the first 38 mm, that are not...
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    Flammability Ratings for Internal Battery & Hand-Held ME Equipment

    Hello, All, Our company currently concern on the flammability ratings for EU & USA (including Canada) From IEC 60601-1 section 11.3 Constructional requirements for fire ENCLOSURES, we found that A) Enclosure ( for TRANSPORTABLE ME) need V-2 or above B) PCB need V-2 or above C) Internal wire...
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    Flammability Rating - is FT4 a better rating than FT1?

    Hi, I'm looking for information regarding flammability rating. I have seen that I shall use VW-1 or FT1 or a better rating for the cables in my product. My question is FT4 a better rating than FT1? Best, Lars
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    Should all materials used for ME Equipment have flammability of class V-0 or higher?

    Hi Forum, one question regarding used materials in ME-Equipment. Is it necessary that all used materials have a flammability class V-0 or higher? Have someone experience with this issue? Many thanks in advance DaGusta :bigwave:
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    Medical Device Insulated Wire Flammability Classifications FV-1, VW-1 and FT-1 (CSA)

    Per the 3rd edition (601-1), insulated wire in a device needs to be equivalent FV-1 or better. In the data sheets of the wire I am using, it lists the rating as VW-1 and FT-1 (CSA). How do the two (three?) ratings compare?
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    Enclosure Flammability Rating of Molded-In Custom Color Liquid Concentrates

    Resin suppliers test materials and provide ratings for specific colors or 'all colors' when they provide pre-blended colors to the molder. 'Natural' is another option, allowing the molder to add custom color w/ liquid concentrates. At the point that a concentrate is added, is the resin supplier...
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    Is Fire Safety Testing Required for Operating Room Pads?

    Hello, All- We make pads which are used for surgical tables as well as some of the accessories that are attached to the tables. There is a requirement for flammability testing (CAL-117 or equvalent) for mattresses. Does anyone know if this requirement would apply to OR table pads? Thanks for any...
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    Flammability EN 1021 - Polyurethane Foam that meets EN 1021-1 & 2

    We are looking for polyurethane foam that meets EN 1021-1 & 2 Does anyone know if there is an equivalent or similar USA standard, automotive, airplane etc.? We would like to purchase foam in the US that when tested would meet the EN 1021 standard. Our purchasing department is having a...
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    Cal 133 flammability standard - Medical Devices - Stupid Customer Tricks

    Grrrrr. :bonk: One of our medical device customers is a Very Large Multinational Company. Among other things, we do contract manufacturing for them of a large number of products that are single-use accessories for large capital-equipment medical systems. Yesterday our Quality Department...
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