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  1. Marc

    Inactive Members "Pruned" / Deleted - 3 January 2019

    As most of you know, Elsmar has been online since around 5 January 1996 with the first forums started during 1997. Over the years over 350,000 people registered in the forums. Prior to the 1 October 2018 migration from vBulletin software to Xenforo software, the decision was made to "prune"...
  2. Marc

    Elsmar Server and Forum SSL and related updates - 16 December 2014

    You have probably seen the "Visitor Notice" about a server reboot. You also may have noticed a "1/2" SSL lock (not geen) in your browser URL box. This morning I had a server admin company install an SSL cert. It is technically installed but they did something wrong. It is being worked on...
  3. Marc

    August - September 2013 - Elsmar Stats

    Have any of you noticed that this week we have seen a significant increase in the number of visitors? Numbers to watch: A lot has happened over the years. It is too early to tell if this is significant, but here are some numbers as an FYI - Interpret as you wish. Note that this week's...
  4. Marc

    CloudFlare - NOTICE - DNS Change - 20130321

    NOTICE - DNS Change - 20130321 I have decided to use CloudFlare for security and for CDN cloud services. I have been reading a lot about it. I did the US$20/month "Pro" version. It requires me to change my DNS servers. This shouldn't cause any down time, but years ago DNS changes could take a...
  5. Marc

    BOT Flood - 20120818w Type of User Names

    You may have noticed a number of "visitors" today registering with names like 20120818w. These appear to be bots (automated scripts) which register and then try to exploit old holes (which were patched many months ago) in the vBulletin software. It started this morning at about 6AM EDT US, and...
  6. Marc

    Server Migration Status - Complete - 2 January 2012

    I am in a discussion with Softlayer right now. It appears our plan is to move to a new server. Some of you who have been around for a while may remember what a PITA a total server migration is. I totally *dread* migrations. Unfortunately, to "keep up with the times" it appears to be the smart...
  7. Marc

    Scheduled Network Maintenance and Downtime - 3 July 2010

    Heads Up: Account Id : 99056 Ticket : SoftLayer Scheduled Network Maintenance - GLOBAL - 07/03/2010 (1914440) ====================================== SoftLayer Scheduled Network Maintenance [07/03/2010] Date: Saturday, July 3, 2010 (07/03/2010) Start time (GMT+00:00): 05:00 AM End time...
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