1. S

    Falsified documentation and defective product - Management gone mad

    Hello, I'm new here. Just registered, but I often enjoy the help that can be found reading existing posts. Through no fault of my own I have been railroaded into performing an internal audit at the Company where I work. I have uncovered a major failure in the QMS involving falsified...
  2. hogheavenfarm

    Kobe Steel material data falsification

    Anyone being affected by this yet? Looks like it may cross many lines, defense, automotive, who knows. Bullet trains were built with substandard Kobe Steel parts - Oct. 12, 2017
  3. C

    How to Identify Counterfeit Medications (drugs)?

    Hi, I am a mother of three. When the news of the spread of counterfeit medicines was released, I was literally shocked and I even panicked to the point that I even used herbal medicines for my children in fear of using the wrong drugs. How am I to know which one is a fraud? Can you please help me?
  4. Claes Gefvenberg

    I got a not so lame phishing mail...

    Getting it via Gmail is a dead give away, of course, but this spam/scam was a little too well done for my liking: Yesterday I opened an innocent looking mail and found that I ought to update Skype in order to be able to use the new group discussion gadget as intended. It did not look all that...
  5. Pancho

    "IRS" Request for recertification of foreign status [SCAM]

    YES!! This was in my in-box this morning! I can save some taxes by claiming alien status! Amma send all my personal info ahora.
  6. Wes Bucey

    Doctor owned Medical Device Company Investigation

    FWIW: One of my news alerts dropped this link in my lap today: Justice Dept. investigating doc-owned distributorship The gist of the story is essentially 3 part insider selection of devices price gouging unnecessary operations to use device For us, as quality professionals, the tale is...
  7. Wes Bucey

    Publish or perish? How about fraud?

    Having spent some time in academia with its "publish or perish" mentality, I understand the motivation of some folks to create fake "scientific papers" for submission to "willing journals" always eager for content for the incredible proliferation of dubious scientific journals in the past 20...
  8. M

    Jail Terms for Poly Implant Prothese Executives

    From the New York Times, 2013DEC10:
  9. A

    Dirty Medicine - Long-term criminal fraud at Ranbaxy

    Dirty medicine
  10. D

    Need help and a Specific Regulation relating to 510(k)

    First i want to thank the folks whom helped me with my 510(k) issue a few weeks back. Appreciated Now I have a new dilema. In January the company I currently work for was cited in a 483 for shipping a device without 510(k) approval. (my original thread was to address this problem) We did the...
  11. Q

    Faking Data - Refusing to sign Falsified PPAP Submission package

    I have a serious non-conformance problem and I would like to hear what others think. I have a measurement out of specification on a PPAP and I have discovered that it has been out of specification for years. The parts are out of spec., but have been in use for years and the company decided it...
  12. Q

    Dixon city comptroller ?misappropriated? more than $53 million

    Dixon city comptroller “misappropriated” more than $53 million Has anyone been following this story about the Dixon city comptroller and nationally known quarter horse breeder Rita Crundwell who allegedly “misappropriated” more than $53 million in city funds since 1990 – $3.2 million alone...
  13. Boingo-boingo

    Alleged Case of Corrupt Social Responsibility Auditor - Lawsuit New York, Nov.10,2011 China Labor Watch (CLW) filed a complaint against Intertek Group PLC (Intertek) in the New York County Supreme Court on Nov 8, 2011. The decision to sue Intertek was very difficult for CLW. Intertek is a huge corporation...
  14. Boingo-boingo

    Interpol to Probe Bulgaria for Certification Fraud

    @ Interpol will investigate Bulgaria for issuing fake certificates of compliance with international standards, according to Ivan Savov, Regional Director of Intertek Moody and Chair of the European Federation of Association of Certification...
  15. True Position

    Banks Took $6B in Reinsurance Kickbacks, Investigators Say
  16. P

    What to do when an Auditee Falsifies or Cheated on Records

    I audited the shelf life audit report records of the warehouse department. Monthly audits are required and report filed. I did not find the April and May reports. It is a small department and small office. I gave the 3 staffs 30 minutes to look for it while I looked at something else. They...
  17. P

    Scorecard Data Forged - Ideas Please

    Dear Cove I find myself unsure of how to proceed and hope your wisdom can assist :D. Our company runs a monthly scorecard where we monitor performance of Finances, Client, People, and Service Delivery. We are just in the progress of setting up our QMS in this region so no audits have been...
  18. Ajit Basrur

    I won $ 500,000 :)

    Just received this email - Note ($500,000 USD) Obama's Foundation,have been awarded to you. Contact below email with your Name,Age,****ry and Address sent to mrlarrysmith email: obamafoundation2003 at Hooray :tg:
  19. Marc

    US Taxpayer Dollars at Work!

    Afghan Bank Bailout: U.S. To Prop Up Kabul Bank To Prevent Crisis