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goals (quality environmental and other measureables)

  1. P

    Received a minor for not having good measureables/goals. Need help with KPIs.

    "Top Management shall ensure that quality objectives to meet customer requirements are defined, established and maintained for relevant functions, processes and levels throughout the Organization. " So I recieved a minor on this clause. I need to get some measureables & goals together for...
  2. N

    A Goal without a Plan is just an Idea ... or -

    ... or "that's a great idea, let's start it and then fail to follow up" I know a company that's great at coming up with ideas, and doing the football huddle thing, call out a play, shout something inspiring, then everybody goes off and it's forgotten. If we'd implemented every good idea we...
  3. Sidney Vianna

    The Future of Spaceship Earth - The UN Sustainable Development Goals

    In September 2015, the United Nations adopted the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the year 2030, setting an ambition for a safe and sustainable future for everyone, and especially for the less privileged passengers aboard ‘Spaceship Earth’. The 17 goals provide a global framework...
  4. Q

    Objective and Goals - ISO 9001:2008 Frequency Revision Requirements

    Hi all Could you share your opinion regarding the frequency revision of goals? e.g. Say one objective is quality and my goal is to increase level of quality from 60 to 80. what is the best method to handle this issue? For example if I set my goal to be reached within 6 months, then I...
  5. D

    Is Failure to achieve a Goal a Major Non-Conformance?

    We had a goal to close 85% of all CAR's in less than 30 days. We only reached a level of 75% closure rate. Could an auditor consider this a Major non-conformance?
  6. M

    Process Records requirements for TS16949 standard

    Hi everyone, We are doing the preparation towards TS16949 certification and our consultant said we need to set a goal in each of our process like Quotation issuance, Customer satisfaction process, etc. And we need to keep at least 1 year record for these processes. The consultant is Chinese...
  7. Ajit Basrur

    Medical Devices and Radiological Health FY2015 Program Alignment Action Plan

    The following Medical Devices and Radiological Health FY2015 Action Plan (the Action Plan), developed by the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) and the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) is intended to facilitate increased operational and program alignment as FDA transitions to...
  8. Sean Kelley

    Can Goals be both Efficiency and Effectiveness? TS 16949

    TS requires us to define our goals as effectives or efficiency. Can they be both. Some goals do not seem quite as clear cut as others. The following are some examples: On time delivery - efficiency Capacity utilization - efficiency Sales related claims - effectiveness % off target...
  9. Ajit Basrur

    CDRH 2014 Strategic Priorities

    The Center for Devices and Radiological Health's (CDRH) 2014-2015 Strategic Priorities describe the most important areas that we will focus on because they are critical to reaching our vision. These priorities are: 1. Strengthen the clinical trials enterprise; 2. Strike the right balance...
  10. B

    Quality Goals and Improvements in a Bioanalytical Laboratory Setting

    I need a steer in the right direction. I am the QA Manager in a bioanalytical/forensic laboratory setting that is only 2 years old with not much historical data. I have considerable experience in a manufacturing setting and setting goals reflecting those metrics. However, a laboratory setting is...
  11. G

    Management Review Non-Conformance - Meeting Measurable Goals and Objectives

    Hello Everyone, Last year we received an ISO non-conformance for our "inability to set measurable goals and objectives and follow through with them". Since that time 2 management reviews have taken place and about 80% of the goals and objectives have not been followed up on. Please keep in...
  12. S

    Have you ever "used" an auditor to achieve a goal?

    Have you ever steered an auditor in the direction of a non-conformance that top management is reluctant to address. My example is outdated measuring equipment. It seems like I have battled for many years to obtain state of the art equipment. Thanks to a customer audit, things are changing. ;)
  13. 5

    Missed Annual Business Goals and Objectives

    Been TS compliant for over a year and just passed our audit a couple of months ago. As we move into January we need to update our business goals. Here is the problem. We didn't reach some of our 2011 goals. I am new at this, so I don't know the correct thing to do here. I know we have to...
  14. S

    Objectives and Targets - Assessing a rate of achieving a goal

    Please, Can someone tell me how assessing rate of achieving a goal in the following cases: 1. My target is "number of claims less than 10." and I have registred 15 claims. 2. Target is 0 accident, 8 accidents recorded. Thank's
  15. 0

    Request for QIR & PIR (Quality & Possible Improvement Request) templates

    Hello, Can anyone provide me a template for an "quality improvement request" (QIR) and a "possible improvement request" (PIR) ? Thanks in advance!:thanx:
  16. P

    Quality Metrics (Step Down or Step Up Goals)

    Anyone has a sample of step down or step up goals (Quality Metircs) thanks
  17. E

    8D's: Difference between Team Goals & Team Objectives?

    Hello: Could somebody help me to understand the difference that exist on the 8D's solution format regarding the section: Team Goals: Team Objectives: Thanks a lot
  18. K

    What are the goals for your Quality Department?

    I apologize if this is in the wrong category, Marc, but I wanted to start a thread on goals. Often we use the either business objectives and/or the quality management system to drive improvement. However, I am struggling with goals for inspectors in an inspection for quality environment. Ken
  19. K

    Defining Internal Audit Process Goals & Objectives

    Can anybody help me out in establishing goals & objectives for the internal audit process? So far my boss has; 1) maintain current standard certifications (ISO 9001:2000, AS 9100 & TS 16949), 2) Complete scheduled audits on time, 3) Complete external audit NCN's on time and 4) Complete...
  20. Y

    Goals and Objectives - I am having trouble defining new goals and objectives

    I am having trouble pin pointing new goals and objectives. Currently we are tracking on time,safety/accident ratio, and cost of quality. Need ideas please :thanks: yogurt
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