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human error

  1. T

    Root causes - operator's actions

    Tl:dr What 4 reasons are there for operators to be at fault in a complaint? I'm guessing deliberate action to ignore procedures or sabotage are two, put in better wording obviously. I'd like to put in another root cause related to management supervision but that's shooting myself in both feet...
  2. S. Moore

    Technical or Systemic cause for 8D

    Shipper forgot to put labels on rolls of shipped material; technical or systemic cause? For some reason shipper got distracted after printing labels and forgot to attach them to the rolls. I have never written an 8D and I am trying to teach myself to complete an 8D for a customer and I am...
  3. T

    Human Error vs Technique Root Cause (Categories)

    I don't know if this is the right forum for this thread, so please forgive me if it would fit better elsewhere. In the company I work for, we have about 9 key words for root causes of nonconforming product (to make it possible to filter by root cause for data analysis). So far, every...
  4. K

    Poka-Yoke for Quantity Shortage caused by Human Error

    Hello All, I'm happy to be back again in Elsmar. Well, just want to get some inputs as lately there are quantity shortage issue in carton box detected by OQA. The packing is the will plastics layer to be fill up with parts according to the qty per layer. Layer have empty slots to put...
  5. N

    How to Stop Packaging Choice Mistakes on a Form

    Hello All - We have come across the same "boo-boo" several times where the Logistics Manager circles the wrong packaging container choice on the Order Tracker. Because of this mistake, Production is forced to repack the entire lot when the mistake is finally caught. We use mainly...
  6. N

    Non-conformances due to Human Error

    Hi, I would like to get your opinion regarding this. Recently we receive a complaint regarding packing defect which is-product was packed in different size boxes. We investigate and come to conclusion that it was due to human error when no evidenced from QC & QA records showed that we...
  7. J

    Eliminating Missing Steps In Manual Operations

    I know this may be a difficult issue and probably has been from the beginning of time but here it goes. In our case, not often but once in a while our fabricators miss a weld. I would guess human error is to be expected but our customer simply has no tolerance for it. One solution is 100%...
  8. 9

    Ideas for reducing Human Error during Order Receipt

    OK we are AS9110, FAR 145 Repair Station, our order entry process is the inspector gathers info off of the customer P.O. such as P/N, S/N, P.O. #, Eng. S/N, and workscope and enters it into our system, which then generates all future paperwork regarding the Part. This entry has to be done by...
  9. J

    Corrective Action Process and Human Error

    Hi All! We are a smallish UK based business (around 40 people) running a simple warehouse distribution operation...basically, we buy in, we ship out, hopefully at a profit. We have been ISO9001 certified for a year now, I have been responsible for getting us through but have had very little...
  10. N

    5 or 7 P Concept - Human Error

    Dear All, once in my SIX SIGMA class i gone through one concept knowing as 5P or 7P - which include human to make error as 1) Production Rate 2) Police 3) Payment 4) Premises i am not remembering that all clear can any one explain me all this.:topic:
  11. R

    Responding to a Customer Identified Nonconformance caused by Human Error

    We received a nonconformance from a Customer who requires a Long Term Solution. The issue was not detected by the Operator, Lead Hand and QA. We have processes in place to avoid nonconformance. i.e. The Operators are given print specifications and have Work instructions indicating tolerances...
  12. M

    Sampling and Sample Size to reflect the Population

    Dear how to assure the sample took from the population reflect the population i collect the data of human error from production line, every month production dep. make a report with the total amount of human error for this month so as example Jan:100 times Feb:115 times Mar:114 times...
  13. C

    Understanding Design Decisions relating to Safety and Usability

    Dear forum, we are conducting research aiming to improve the usability and safety of interactive medical devices, such as infusion pumps (the CHI+MED project). We need to learn from the forum in order to establish how device developers consider the design of the interaction between users and...
  14. C

    Need help error proofing valve. All ideas welcome.

    The valve in question relieves pressure on a container so the container can be opened for inspection. Employees have forgotten to close the valve after buttoning the container back up. The results have been expensive spills. Any thoughts on how to error-proof this operation? Opening the...
  15. C

    Guidance for avoiding human error

    Hi everyone, The number of problems or the severity of problems due to human error has been increasing recently in my organisation. In order to help mitigate / prevent the impact of human error in the future, I have prepared the attached brief guidance document, which is based, in part, on some...
  16. C

    Nonconformity Caused by Human Error - How to make a Corrective Action?

    Dear all, During the recent audit, the auditor detected that the personnel record of one of our employees was not updated the trainings taken though all the training certificates were filed as per our procedure. The root cause is that the HR Manager really forget and the corrective proposed...
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