iatf 16949:2016

  1. xfngrs

    How similar or different are IATF 16949 Vs. ISO 13485

    Has anyone worked in or is familiar with both the automotive and the medical quality management systems? I am familiar with the automotive and am wondering how similar or different they are? Also who has to be certified to the medical standard? And are there government standards you would...
  2. S

    IATF 16949 Audit MSA

    Hi Guys, Our annual IATF audit will be happening in a couple of weeks. I am new to the company so this will be my first experience with an audit like this. I carry out all the MSA's and am just curious about what kind of questions to expect from the auditor? I am afraid I will be asked...
  3. R

    IATF ADP - How to proceed for new auditor qualification

    I just got IATF ADP credentials to log in. There are different options available on ADP dashboard which includes modules and assessments. I have completed Intro modules. Now a bit confused. Can someone guide me where to go now? Which module should be studied first? Regards RS
  4. J

    Calibration/Verification Records (IATF 16949

    Morning all, I have a query regarding the IATF 16949 cause (Calibration/Verification Records). I've been helping out a sister site of ours (same business entity, just a different site down the country) in getting a measurement gauge ordered for a new project we are starting. The...
  5. M

    IATF Clause - What procedures does this apply to?

    Hello, I am new to automotive internal auditing and I would like to know which procedures clause statutory and regulatory requirements would apply to and where or whom I may get the information or evidence from in an automotive tier 1 supplier. Would clause statutory and...
  6. J

    IATF 16949 software verification

    The organization shall ensure that calibration/verification activities and records shall include the following details: g) verification that the software version used for product and process control is as specified; i) production-related software verification used for product and process control...
  7. P

    Received a minor for not having good measureables/goals. Need help with KPIs.

    "Top Management shall ensure that quality objectives to meet customer requirements are defined, established and maintained for relevant functions, processes and levels throughout the Organization. " So I recieved a minor on this clause. I need to get some measureables & goals together for...
  8. S

    Recurring Natural Disasters in Contingency Plans - What's the point?

    How does the IATF standard expect you to continue production when a disaster such as a cat 5 hurricane decides to tear through your area of production? Not only could your plant be damaged beyond repair, but there are going to be utility, infrastructural, human and supply disruptions...good...
  9. V

    MAQMSR Checklist Wanted

    Does anyone have, or can direct me to an MAQMSR (Minimum Automotive Quality Management System Requirements for Sub-Tier Suppliers) checklist? I have the standard but am trying to not recreate a checklist if possible.
  10. B

    IATF 16949 - Different Registrars for remote and manufacturing sites?

    I am looking to change registrars for IATF16949. Does anyone know if is it possible to have different registrars for remote sites versus the manufacturing sites? I don't have time to reschedule the remote site but I do have time for the manufacturing site. I am trying to avoid multiple audits if...
  11. A

    IATF 16949 Clause - Lessons Learned and Risk Analysis

    The clause The organization shall include in its risk analysis, at a minimum, lessons learned from product recalls, product audits, field returns and repairs, complaints, scrap, and rework. This mean that we should include the lessons learned from product recalls, also lessons...
  12. S

    Risk analysis 6.1 and contingency plans, are they related?

    In IATF 16949 clause 6.1, which is the same as in ISO 9001, we need to conduct a risk analysis and then plan actions to mitigate such risks. Then the contingency plan clause, mentions the risks analysis and risk mitigation activity again. What is the difference between 6.1...
  13. W

    Purchased Part Control Plan (IATF 16949)

    In order to comply with IATF 16949 who is responsible for developing the component or purchased part control plan? Is it the vendor or the plant that bought the component? I say our QE's are trying to weasel out of doing the work!:argue:
  14. M

    IATF 16949 - Who should be assigned as the Product Safety Officer?

    About product Safety Officer requirement, who is better to be nominated in this role is it the Product Designer under from Engineering Department or The Quality Manager? and why? For me , it's better to appoint the Product Designer since he's more expert in design so risk for product safety...
  15. J

    IATF 16949 CAR - Internal Auditor Requirements

    Hi to everyone in Cove from the heart of California. I'm new to this group and I just want to say I am blessed to be able to utilize this website to go through my IATF audit with 8 minor NC. I have less than 1 year of experience in this field, Quality in general, that's how useful this forum...
  16. Anerol C

    Becoming an IATF 16949 Third Party Auditor

    Good afternoon, I have 16 years of quality background, most of them working as QMS administrator, my last job was as Quality Manager, I would like to try as 3rd Party auditor. I have applied lately but I have not received a response back. My last job was ISO 9001, so I have not taken a formal...
  17. E

    What is the general time line to prepare for IATF Letter of Conformance?

    We're opening a new site on a different country than our mother site which is already certified on IATF. We as a new site are looking for the Letter of conformance. One particular requirement concerns me: Complete internal audits cycle. Does the audits cycle means auditing all the...
  18. J

    IATF 16949 registration - Major Nonconformance Finding

    Last year was our re-registration year, as we prepared for that audit our Lead Auditor reminded us that we could lose our certification. We had some majors and the auditor came back 2 months later, looked at our corrective actions, closed out the majors, and updated our registration. As we...
  19. W

    Product Audit - It must be a separate and distinct activity (IATF 16949)

    The recent release of FAQs and SIs for IATF 16949 along with training for our CBs auditing staff forces me to take another look at Product Audits. For the last 15 years or so, I've always been able to demonstrate through various audits that the intent of product auditing was met. My CB says...
  20. D

    Customer Specific Requirements / Distributors (IATF 16949)

    Hello All! I haven't posted here in a while but we're preparing for our ITAF 16949 certification and I have a question regarding customer specific requirements or CSRs and how they relate to distributors. We have a dozen or more direct automotive customers but we also sell quite a few...