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implementing iso 17025

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    ISO 17025:2017 Clause 7.7 Ensuring the Validity of Calibration Results

    Hi and Greetings, Can anybody explain to me on the new requirement of Clause 7.7. Previous ISO 17025:2005 has 5 requirement on monitoring validity of calibration, while current version requires 12. I don't really understand on Clause 7.7.1: b) use of alternative instrumentation that has been...
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    Implementing ISO 17025 in a Calibration Laboratory

    Hi all, Currently, I'm working on a cal lab who are aiming to get an ISO 17025 accreditation. I'm the one assign it implementing the 17025. Where should i start? how would i start? will i audit clause per clause? Any suggestions?:confused::confused:
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    Understanding and implementing ISO 17025

    Hello everyone, I hope it is the right sub-forum, Since I’m new here, I’ll introduce my situation a little bit first. I’m a newbie on quality systems but somehow I got hired to implement a ISO 17025 standard for this company that does 3D scanning, measuring of complicated organic and geometric...
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    My company wants me to implement ISO 17025 in our laboratory

    I am Assistant to QMR, with good knowledge of ISO 9001 and 14001. Now the problem is that my company want me to implement ISO 17025 in our lab. I have gone through its standards, found many similar clauses in 17025 as in 9001. Problem is I couldnt understand the Measurment of...
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    Implementation of ISO/IEC 17025 Requirement for our Test Laboratory

    Hi, I am Rizwan. I have been assigned with responsibilities for implementation of ISO/IEC 17025 Requirement for our Test Lab. I am in process to prepare the Manual but I need sample of related documents which can be used for my purpose for all applicable clauses. Please if you have some...
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    Example of ISO/IEC 17025 Implementation Project Plan

    Hello coleagues, I got the task to prepare ISO/IEC 17025 implementation project plan. Unfortunately lack of experiance is the main cause why I'm disappointed at the moment. Could somebody share with me exampe of mentioned above plan or at least link me to some resources with detailed...
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