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improvement suggestions

  1. E

    ISO 9001:2105 - Are OFI or Corrective actions required?

    Hi All, Our continual improvement processes cover our Corrective Action processes/records, but we have no processes in regards to Corrections or OFI (Opportunities For Improvement). We're a small company with limited resources and are relatively new to ISO so are trying to walk before we run...
  2. LeonelAguilar352

    Material Requisition Process - Improvement Needed

    Hi! I'm currently trying to improve the process that we have to request material from warehouse; the company I work for makes electronic switches, so we have very small components and production have a tendency to destroy them or mess up, so we find ourselves with many material requisitions...
  3. M

    Reducing Cost of Poor Quality - Your opinion requested

    Hello All, I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback to the question below. In your opinion, what is the one most valuable task, strategy or methodology that a quality assurance team can apply and drive in their organization to support their organization in achieving consistent reduction...
  4. T

    Re-Energizing a Culture of Quality

    Hello, I am looking for ways to re-enegize, re-introduce the meaning of what quality means to our manufacturing staff and supervisors. We are trending poorly with far too many non-conformances and customer credits for the last 18-20 months. I would like to start with the supervisors -...
  5. S

    Can you help improve assembly process?

    Hello Fellow Quality Geeks, I work for a company that makes assemblies and guess what? We don't always assemble them correctly! This annoys our customer who often pay a lot of money for these assemblies, and just hate it when they are wrong or late. I'm looking for suggestions for improvement...
  6. T

    First Pass Yield - Welding Process Improvement

    hi all, this is my first discussion in this great forum and I hope to learn much from you all. I'm working on implementing FPY project in one of our cells. we had FPY of 54% in Welding process which is ver very low and affecting our CoQ. any Idea how to improve the welding process? My...
  7. Q

    Please suggest how to improve Cosmetic Visual Inspections

    I find it very often that our production operators are not very efficient in doing visual cosmetic inspection. The usual CA done is by showing the rejected part to them and alerting them to the defect and I find it rather reactive response. Of course we have put up photos of common reject to...
  8. L

    Where to Start to Completely overhaul a QMS

    Hi all, First off - What a gold mine this site is! I'm pretty new on here but what I have already read and knowledge gained is amazing, thanks to everyone actively involved! So the task at hand - I've recently taken the position of QM at a manufacturing Engineering company (trying to be as...
  9. H

    How to make the Design Review Process Effective

    Hello! I tried to search for similar topics but couldn't find anything that serves our purposes. We are project organization and we don't have our own production. We deliver power plants by turnkey deliveries. You understand that we have a lot of designing to do and a lot to purchasing to do...
  10. M

    Improving Quality in an Extrusion Blow Molding Company

    Hello everyone , I am new to the forum and give my greetings to everyone. I have been looking few things about Extrusion Blow molding for months but am not satisfied with my result. We have an old extrusion blow molding factory , old but small and very struggling for better margin...
  11. L

    Improving the Quality of Work

    I am trying to improve the quality of work being done at our company. I recommended an incentive program to the president to motivate employees. I was asked to make a statement/form for employees to sign and put in their record that they will strive and adhere to the company quality standards...
  12. J

    Free Improvement Guide provided by USCG

    Please review this guidebook produced by the Leadership Development Center at the US Coast Guard. Feel free to download as needed. This system will not allow me to post a link but you can find it by doing a google search for Performance Improvement Guide. I posted the guide at several places...
  13. MarilynJ6354

    Improvement Suggestion vs. Preventive Action - Clear Definitions and Differences

    Can anyone tell me how to clearly and simply explain the difference between an improvement suggestion and a preventive action? There seems to be a lot of confusion here and I have given up!
  14. Claes Gefvenberg

    Seeking Tips: Office Improvement - Best Practices

    Here I go again... I'd like you to consider this angle: Most of the time we try to improve the workshops, but how about ourselves? We have been discussing continual improvement and preventive action to fare the well.. How about our own desks (I presume that most of us have one), bookshelves...
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