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    In-house device calibration record - Actual values obtained required?

    Hi all, My first post on the Cove... Are actual values obtained during device calibration required on the in-house calibration record or are reference to standards used in calibration and traceablity to NIST sufficient? Thanks Rick
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    In house Calibration? Measurement equipment traceability requirements - ISO9001

    For measurement traceability the ISO9001 states "calibrated or verified at specific intervals to international or national measurement standard." Can a common sense approach using verified standards be used to verify tape measures, scales, calipers etc. Paying an out side firm $30 to have a...
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    Calibration and Verification requirement for foreign EASA Part 145

    Hi everyone Greetings I am from a company that repair aircraft engine located in Asia. As per EASA part 14 doc# UG.CAO.00132-001, it’s written the calibration needs to be done by an ISO17025 calibration lab. My question is, the doc# UG.CAO.00132-001 only required to be meet by all foreign...
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    Calibration of a Power Meter Model Hm8115-2 (Hameg)

    Hi anyone, please help me, i'm a testing enginer on my company. usually for Power meter we send it to supplier for calibration it. but my boss suddenly order me to find way to calibration it inhouse. Power Meter Model Hm8115-2 (Hameg) we have Multimeter Fluke 45 for measure the Voltage and...
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    ISO 17025 Requirements for Environmental Conditions for In-House Calibration

    Hi all under ISO 17025, is there any requirements to maintain enviromental conditions to certain temperature and humidity? or we could maintain within a certain range and keep a record of it will do? for incoming items, do we have to condition for certain days before we are allow to start...
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    Looking for a copy or template of a In House Calibration Report for a Dial Indicator

    I am looking for a copy or template of a in house calibration report for a dial indicator. Thanks:(
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    Flow Meter Calibration - Outside Calibration Service vs. In-House Calibration

    Recently, it was suggested that we start calibrating our own Flow-meters. We have 22 of them. The suggest-er felt that it isn't difficult, would save money, etc. The suggest-ee was not comfortable with the idea and said so. I tend to agree with the suggest-ee because 1) At our ISO audit...
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    Temperature Requirements for an In-House Calibration Laboratory

    Good day, Was trying to find where to get information on the temperature and humidity requirements for a Calibration Lab. I realize there are specifics for what is being tested, but I have a "multi-purpose" lab where I do in house testing for our manufacturing facility. Need some...
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    In-House Calibration of Thread Plugs/Rings to achieve a 4:1 Ratio there anyone who can tell me what tools would be needed to calibrate threadplugs/rings so i would have a 4:1 result?
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    Is Uncertainty Calculation Mandatory

    We are having a very small in-house calibration lab. During one of our inspection, observation has given to calculate the uncertainty. Even though it is good to calculate measurement uncertainty, is it mandatory to calculate uncertainties for the in-house calibrated equipments? (like...
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    In-House Calibration Facility Requirements - Setting up a new in-house laboratory

    Dear Covers, At present we are calibrating our instruments at external agencies. Now we wanted to set up the in-house calibration laboratory. I am interested to know about : What are the basic infrastructures that should be taken care (including the compliance part during the...
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    Hands-On training on calibrating equipment

    Hi friends, We are in process of calibrating gages in house instead of sending them out to a lab. Is there any lab or training institute that provides training {practical training} on calibrating equipments? Appreciate all the help. thanks
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    Developing In-House Calibration Capacities

    I am in the investigating stages of looking at setting up a calibration program internal to our company. Currently we outsource the calibration of such instruments as calipers, indicators, mics, ring and thread gages and gage blocks. I would like to set up an internal program where we have our...
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    Gauge Block Grade recommended use for in house calibration

    What is the type or grade recommended use for in house calibration? As far as a gauge block set.
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    TS 16949 In-House Calibration Requirements - Certification Required?

    I recently had a question asked of me that I have never had before. WE use an outside calibration service for our hardness testers and our furnace controllers. This outside service is 17025 certified. Our Quality Manager wanted to know if we could calibrate our devices in-house and what...
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    Is it possible to calibrate multimeters in house?

    My company is looking into calibrating all of our multimeters in house, instead of out sourcing. Is it possible to calibrate multimeters in-house? If so, what type of equipment and training is necessary? Any information given will be greatly appreciated.
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    Temperature / Pressure / Vacuum training - In-House Calibrations to save money

    I have asked to reduce our calibration cost by doing some of the calibrations internally. Does anyone know of a trainging provider for temp / pressure / vaccum training? I have quotes on the equipment I need but cannot find training. thank you
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    Gage Block In-House Calibration - Blocks lost and users keep exchanging blocks

    I'm running into the same situation everytime gage blocks in the plant need to be calibrated, we use them in different areas, but the area am having problems is where they use the gages to verify or adjust dyers as the users measures the part before working on it, there are about 15 booths so 15...
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    Is permission from Registrar needed for deciding on in-house calibration?

    hi we are going to start the in-house calibration with the help of the calibration software and i wanted to know is it needed to seek permission from the registrar to use the software, we are also planning to use the shop software for process management, please suggest
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    Validating a gage/fixture in-house under TS 16949 - Need information

    I am wanting to know if it is possable to validate a gage/fixture in house, under TS 16949 and not have to mess with 17025? If so, let me know how. Please help.
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