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    Conflicting dimensions on customer print

    I am looking for some help with Customer related issue. I have a part drawing with a dimension for a hole. The part is a stamped metal part. The dimension is called out as a range, not a plus-minus tolerance on the drawing. There is a supplementary specification which does include a nominal...
  2. L

    Inspection Plan for Microscope Objective Lens

    Hello, The question that I have related to Microscope Objective Lens. We ordered microscope objective lens from Nikon, lately, these parts came in with pieces of dirt/lint inside the objective lens. I tried to contact Nikon but has no luck. Does anyone have an idea on how to inspect objective...
  3. B

    AS9102 FAI & Lower Level Drawings - How should we perform the FAI?

    Hi, question on AS9102 FAIs.... My company purchases an assembly (a kit of several components and a paper guide) and due to a mistake 5 years ago the AS9102 FAI requirement was not rolled down to suppliers in any shape or form. This means that all purchased parts and assemblies have FAIs done...
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    Poka Yoke Inspection Retaining Ring (C-Clip)

    Hello, I want to find a poka yoke solution for checking if a C-Clip is properly sitting in its groove. The C-Clip is currently being checked by a gauge pin which has a 2.5 mm diameter. Is there any possibility to check this in another way which is 100% safe. The gap opening (inner diameter)...
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    Dock Audits - Isn't waiting to do an audit when the product is "supposed" to ship a little late?

    I just started at a new company. They utilized dock audits. The part numbers were chosen from the last quarters customer complaints. Isnt waiting to do an audit when the product is "supposed" to ship a little late?
  6. Z

    Inspection Form With Pass/Fail Formula

    I need help setting up an inspection form with a pass/fail result column. I would like to be able to enter the actual dimension after measuring the part then have the pass/fail column turn green for with word "pass" or turn red for with the word "fail". I've included the tolerance used as well...
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    How to Control Temporary Inspections

    ISO 9001:2015 address change a lot, but one particular area my company and more specifically, department struggles with is controlling temporary inspections. My department is primarily final inspection, and we tend to be fairly fluid with adding inspections on the fly based on customer or...
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    Inspection method for T10 Hex driver

    Can anyone recommend inspection method for T10 Hex driver? We are trying to make a gage for it, however the manufacturer said that it will be tight, and we maybe rejecting good parts. Any recommendations? Thank you in advanced.
  9. A

    Trimming the Inspection Report - Deciding which are the CTF dimensions

    Hello Guys, In our Organisation, Designer gives the Inprocess Inspection report along with Part drawing. In that, all the dimensions will be mentioned (Both critical & Non-Critical to Function dimensions). But during Manufacturing it is difficult to Inspect all those dimension for about 50...
  10. L

    From z1.4/z1.9 to Dodge-Romig

    Hello! I'm trying to work in the AOQ, AOQL, IOQ, RQL, LPTD, OC Curve, Dodge-Romings, when to use the ATI and AOQ curves, ASN and its curve, etc. into a one-stop-shopping, common-speak short notes that I can teach to my 9-year old. Over-simplifying is good. I started it, but then found...
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    How to boost morale of Inspection Department

    In a world of do more with less, I'm confronted with the tasking of keeping my inspectors morale up. After sitting down as a team, their big complaint is they don't feel like they ever make progress as the list continues to grow and people insist their parts should take priority. So they are...
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    Inspection Protocol Validation for a Medical Device Customer

    We are doing a validation for a medical device customer we need to send the protocol out for inspection... I am not comfortable with this as I believe the validation inspection should be done on our own equipment to keep with the nature and intent of the validation process. However, I am not...
  13. V

    Inspection of Initial Importer/ Distributor Products and Materials

    Hello, I work for a dental medical device company who is currently going for ISO13485 and CE certifications. I have a question regarding the Receiving, Inspection and release of products from initial importers/distributors. Are there any suggestions in the receiving and inspection process...
  14. Q

    Where to place a Down Stream Gage Inspection on an FMEA

    We have a little debate regarding where to place a down stream gage inspection on a FMEA. Hypothetically lets say you add a final inspection gage check (detection) 2 process steps down from where the feature is created. Would you place the inspection step in the section of the FMEA where it is...
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    100% Final Inspection Requirements of Active Medical Devices (MDD or IEC Standards?)

    Request the experts to advise me, where does the MDD or IEC standards mention that Active Medical Devices have to undergo 100% Final quality inspection. Or is it possible to perform sample inspection (Final quality inspection)
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    Inspection Test Plan

    According to ISO9001:2015, when organization translating customer voice into their internal process, the organization shall consider the customer voice tranlsation process under its context and interest parties' interests. Currently our company plan to have one internal ITP and one external ITP...
  17. Marc

    RQL = Rejectable Quality Level

    RQL = Rejectable Quality Level Rejectable quality level (RQL, also called lot tolerance percent defective, LTPD, and limiting quality, LQ) is the poorest level of quality that the consumer is willing to tolerate in an independent lot.
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    Checking flatness with Go and No Go Jig

    I have a part with flatness spec max 0.1mm and want to fabricate a go and no go jig to perform 100% on line checking. May i know what spec and tolerance should be the go and no go jig so that the part with max 0.1mm flatness can go through the jig? By the way, is it a good method to use go and...
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    Magnetic Particle Inspection Non-Destructive Testing Procedure

    This is a rush job. I just find out this morning that our company will be starting a new Magnetic particle non-destructive testing process. There is pressure to get it ready as soon as possible as we may be in a race against one of our competitors.:mg: My company will be getting an MT-Tech...
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    Incoming Inspection Plans under Design Control (part of DMR)?

    Hi Folks. There is a debate (of which I am a part) as to whether Incoming Inspection plans should be a part of the DMR. I was wondering how others are handling this and under what rationale? I have my opinion on the matter but in the spirit of objectivity I'd like to hear all sides. Thanks...
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