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  1. L

    ISO 17025 Para. 5.4.5 - Method (Calibration Procedure) Validation Requirements

    My company asked me to put together a quality manual according to ISO17025. I'm trying to understand the validation of methods and what a method is. Example: Customer send us a voltmeter. I will calibrate this voltmeter using manufacturer's specifications. I write a procedure in Met/Cal that...
  2. N

    Laboratory Audit Nonconformance - Maintenance of Standards

    Hi all, during my recent audit, the auditors found out a NC for my lab. the NC stated that "we did not do intermediate check of its standard or statistic control for maintenance of standards." our lab did inter-lab comparison program but according to the auditors, it was not sufficient. Can...
  3. F

    Cost of hiring ISO 17025 Consultant to Build Laboratory From Scratch

    First of all, I would like to thank all the members of this lovely community for their valuable input. I have been a long time lurker of these boards. I work for a company that sells test kits to other laboratories. We also operate an ISO 17025 accredited lab. We have a company that is...
  4. C

    ISO17025 for In-House Calibration Labs: Is it required?

    I work for a company that has it's own internal calibration lab. We calibrate about 88% of the in house equipment, with the rest going out to calibration vendors. During an external audit, the auditor asked if we are accredited to ISO17025. Our answer was no we are not. Here is what we...
  5. D

    ISO 17025 5.10.2(e) - Test Method

    Hi everyone We've got a condition in a recent ISO 17025 audit because we did not reference the test method as it appears on our scope of accreditation. The test method in question is AS 1391 (Tensile Test) - which appears on our scope of accreditation. However the client requests testing in...
  6. C

    Reagent tracking in an ISO 17025 laboratory

    What is your opinion as to whether a reagent needs to be tracked (for traceability) if it does not get added to a sample. The reagent is used as an instrument flush in between samples. Thank you for your input.
  7. J

    ISO 17025 testing laboratory - Receiving lab supplies - What really needs a C of A?

    We are an ISO17025 accredited testing laboratory with a very robust vendor approval process that is driven by our corporate purchasing team. We are also limited as to what we can purchase from the vendor by are corporate system. Currently, when we receive lab supplies; anything from reference...
  8. Jerry Eldred

    ISO17025 Accreditation Not Required For Compliance

    Interesting point. I was just reading a new article in NCSLI news magazine, and one sentence was interesting .... "...Labs do not have to be accredited to claim compliance to the standard..." So as an ISO17025 Accredited lab, does this mean that for example, if there is a high accuracy...
  9. I

    ISO 17025 Job Descriptions - People who have mutiple roles

    Hello once again ALL! I have run into what should not be an issue, but I just want to get it dialed in right. I am QM of a small laboratory and setting up the Job Descriptions. As many of us know, I do not have any desire for the descriptions to be too "descriptive" if you catch my drift, but...
  10. B

    Measurement Uncertainty using Minitab

    Greetings all! Our management team is mandating the use of Minitab for all of our Gage R&R and Attribute studies. This is not a problem, but our lab guys accredited to ISO17025 were wondering if anyone has had experience using Minitab for their uncertainty studies? My knowledge of measurement...
  11. Raffy

    No standards exist for 7.6a of ISO 17025

    Hi everyone, :bigwave: Good day! Please enlightened me on clause 7.6a)...where no such standards exist, the basis used for calibration or verification shall be recorded. Correct me if I'm wrong on my understanding, example, 1. if I calibrate an instrument or machine and the equipment I used...
  12. J

    Outsourced CMM Measurement Inspection Service and ISO 17025

    Hello, Do you know if a metrology lab has to be 17025 certified to offer third party CMM measurement services? Thank you!
  13. M

    ISO17025 Testing Laboratory Equipment Calibration Requirements

    Our company is registered to ISO9001 and AS9100 with our TestLab also accredited to ISO17025. To date, all testing done by our lab has been on our product only – no external requests,submissions, orders. With respect to testand measurement equipment used in our Test Lab, it has basically been...
  14. P

    Can internal ISO 17025 Auditor conduct ISO 9001 Audit

    Hi everyone, Can an internal ISO 17025 auditor conduct internal ISO 9001 Audit? Are all the sections of ISO 9001 covered in ISO 17025 so they can perform the audit? We have very few internal auditors and wanted to see if we can use the ISO 17025 team to audit 9001 as well. Please advise...
  15. S

    Advice for ISO17025 First Round of Internal Audits

    I have created an ISO17025 Manual and QMS for the company I work for, we are applying for accreditation. I now need to start auditing the system, before I start can anyone advise on which sections to start auditing from or any particular order to carry this out? Was thinking of starting of...
  16. M

    ILAC Regulations - Expression of Units on the Calibration Certificate

    Hello We have been given the task of investigating all matters relating to the ISO 17025 accreditation of ourcalibration laboratory and in conversation with some other colleagues a doubt has arisen. Is there any ILAC regulation stating that results of measurement on a Calibration Certificate...
  17. E

    ISO 17025 Compliant Laboratory Layout

    This concerns plans for a testing lab to be built in California. Does anyone know of any special requirements for the layout of a testing lab that derive from clauses of 17025? There is one provision for keeping incompatible activities separate. Has anyone encountered any others? Thanks for...
  18. Crusader

    Calibration Source not ISO 17025 accredited

    I have a Colorimeter that is sent back to the manufacturer for calibration. The manufacturer states that they "satisfy the requirements of MIL-I-45208A, MIL-STD-45662A, ISO-IED Guide 25, and ANSI/NCSL-Z540-1." They do mention traceability to NIST, though. The manufacturer has their own...
  19. P

    Very cheap Hardness Blocks unfortunately without Traceability

    We are an ISO 17025 Nata laboratory and all our hardness blocks are supplied by an NVLAP Accredited laboratories.. The most used blocks are currently running out of space for indentations and just found out a company in China ( ISO 9001 certified ) that makes several hardness tester and...
  20. H

    ISO 17025 - How to define a "Test Equipment" ?

    In a test lab- is the definition of test equipment the equipment used to control the test? The standard appears to call out three types of equipment- sampling equipment, measurement equipment, and test equipment. 5.5 Equipment 5.5.1 The laboratory shall be furnished with all items of...
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