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  1. Richard Regalado

    ISO 31000:2018 is now published!

    Damage to reputation or brand, cyber crime, political risk and terrorism are some of the risks that private and public organizations of all types and sizes around the world must face with increasing frequency. The latest version of ISO 31000 has just been unveiled to help manage the uncertainty...
  2. Q

    Is it worth the effort to implement ISO 31000 Risk based on ISO 9001:2015?

    Hi everybody I´m somewhat confused regarding what to implement as risk in ISO 9001 2015. It is not an obligation to use ISO 31000/31010, according to 9001 2015 requirements, but some people recommend to use it. My point is, if we take as a reference the 31000 we also have to consider...
  3. S

    Integrating ISO 20000 and ISO 31000 with ISO 9001

    hi, our company is iso-9001 certified company and recently we have got ISO-27001 certificate also. now our company is interested in going for ISO-20000 certification and ISO-31000 (implementation). before certification my boss want me to come up with a framework to integrate both iso-20000 and...
  4. Marc

    Are you looking for ISO 31000 - Risk Management Principles and Generic Guidelines?

    ISO 31000 - Risk Management Principles and Generic Guidelines
  5. Marc

    Are you looking for ISO 14971 - Medical Device Risk Management?

    ISO 14971 - Medical Device Risk Management
  6. L

    Needed ISO 31000 And ISO 22301 Checklist

    Hello Everyone, I need ISO 31000 And ISO 22301 Audit Checklist with Questionnaire. Please Help me, Thanks In advance and Best Regards - Luis Ribas
  7. WCHorn

    Informational How the addition of "Risk" will affect ISO 9001:2015

    Here is a link to a Quality Digest article that discusses the draft and "risk." I love the quote at the end of the article; "risk analysis is by definition a risky business."
  8. J

    Risk Management - Risk of injury to a specific sport

    Hello I am in dire need of feedback on a topic regarding risk of injury to a specific sport. I am trying to apply risk management to this event, however because it is a thesis I need resources, references that are almost non existent for the sport in question. So there is some difficulty in how...
  9. Jen Kirley

    Does ISO plan to sponsor certification to ISO 31000 soon?

    A local Information Systems Security group has asked me to submit proposals for subjects I can teach at the May 2013 "Excellence in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance" conference in Portland Maine. Of course I am proposing an introduction to ISO 31000, but I was interested to notice...
  10. Y

    ISO 31004 - Risk Management Implementation Guidance

    Hi :bigwave: Does anybody have a copy of the draft working document ISO 31004 they could share with little me? ttfn Ben
  11. R

    Comparison Chart of ISO 9001 vs. ISO 31000

    Can anyone advise where I can find a comparison chart ISO 9001 vs ISO 31000 please?
  12. C

    ISO14001, ISO 31000 & ASNZS4801 (OSHAS18001) Certification - HELP!

    Hello All, I have recently taken an appointment and been requested to develop an Implimentation Plan to gain Certification in ISO14001, ISO31000 & ASNZS4801 (OSHAS18001). I have identified that a 'Gap Analysis' is required and was needing some assistance if anyone has any templates for the...
  13. Sidney Vianna

    Another ISO & IAF inconsistency? "Banning" certification against guidance standards!

    ISO and IAF have come forward, VEHEMENTLY voicing their opposition against (accredited or otherwise) certification against ISO 26000, asking for cases of ISO 26000 misuse to be reported to the ISO Secretariat. I applaud them for doing that. What puzzles me is the fact that certificates being...
  14. K

    Risk Management (ISO 31000) and AS9100C - Gap Analysis Template Needed

    We are adding Risk Management (ISO 31000) to our quality manual, while updating from AS9100B to AS9100C. Any helpful suggestions appreciated.
  15. K

    ISO 31000 - Implementing Risk Management in the Construction Industry?

    Good afternoon I have been searching throughout the elsmar site for advice on how to setup my risk management system basing it from the ISO 31000 but I cannot find any examples or templates on the procedures on certain clauses? Can anyone direct me to any information that I can use as a guide...
  16. B

    ISO 9001:2008 and Risk Management

    Is risk assessment or risk management requirement in standard ISO 9001:2008? Thank you.
  17. P

    ISO 31000 vs. ISO 14971 - Differences and similarities

    Does anyone know if there is any similarity between ISO 31000 and ISO 14971? Are these standards able to co-exist within a medical device industry? Will ISO 31000 be applicable for all MD manufacturers, next to ISO 14971?
  18. Antonio Vieira

    ISO 31000 Guidelines for Principles and Implementation of Risk Management information

    Hi! What about the new ISO 31000 "General guidelines for principles and implementation of risk management" that should be released in 30.06.2009? Any information related? I heard it will be similar to AS/NZ 4360:2004... AV:bigwave: Meanwhile I found this that seems to be...
  19. Sidney Vianna

    ISO 31000 - Enterprise Risk Management Standard

    Most organizations have a very diversified risk portfolio. Unknown by most Covers, ISO 31000 is being developed to address a comprehensive and holistic approach to Risk Management. Scheduled for a 2009 release.
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