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    ISO 50001 - Manual and instructions

    Hi, I need some advice. Our company is currently implementing ISO 50001, we already have ISO 14001, an ISO/TS 16949. We are working with a consultant to do this. We have so far a manual, an related work instructions from the other 2 management systems which we are reviewing accordingly. But...
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    [Thermal Power plant KOSTOLAC, SERBIA] Sucessfully certified to ISO 50001

    Dear friends! I would proudly like to inform you that my company (Thermal Power Plant Kostolac, Serbia) certified to ISO 50001:2011, few months ago. The certification body was SGS Bulgaria. They presented positive attitude during visits. Their findings and suggestions were priceless to...
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    ISO 50001 Awareness Training Requirements

    Hello there I can find anything on this, but we are going for ISO 50001 certification by the end of June. I am trying to sort out awareness training. The issue is we are simply an office environment, so whilst I have to meet this requirement I do not want a boring session about telling...
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    What is ISO 50001 (energy management systems)?

    I am new to ISO 50001. I would like to know detail about ISO 50001 and where it can used for?
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    Integration of ISO 14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO50001 Management System

    hi all, i will integrate in my company ISO 14001,OHSAS18001 and ISO50001 we already have ISO TS 16949 but not need to integrated with previous standards. my question is: i want to take one procedure from ISO TS with its documentation coding of forms and records to be only integrated with...
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    Combined Quality Manual for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001

    Hello all!!! I am currently work in a maritime company with a fleet of bulk carriers. As per relevant regulations we have a safety management system based to ISM code and now I want to go the system a step forward through the production of a combine system which will include ISM ISO 9001...
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    ISO 50001 Implementation Documentation Required

    Dear ALL, KIndly provide me the sample documents related to ISO 50001 implementation such as Manual, Procedure, Templates, policy, objectives etc. It would be great help... Thanks Ashish
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    How to approach ISO 50001 Legal Requirements

    Hi All, I am a quality manager for a German owned company operating in Ireland and have recently been drafted onto to our "Energy Team" to help document a EnMS for our upcoming stage 1 assessment. I am struggling with legal requirements section and I am looking for hints, advice or examples on...
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    Energy Baseline in ISO 50001:2011

    Hi All, Clause 4.4.4 Energy Baseline : Anybody explain or post some examples to clarify the requirement. Thanks in advance. Regards, Riyazahmad
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    Auditor Man-Day table for ISO 50001 (Energy Management Systems)

    I'm looking for document CB use to estimate the number of auditor days like "IAF MD 5: 2013 IAF Mandatory Document for Duration of QMS and EMS Audits" but can't find ISO 50001. Please help me to find Relationship between effective number of personnel complexity and audit duration for Energy...
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    What is the future of ISO 50001 EnMS (Energy Management Systems)?

    Dear Forum Users Just curious about ISo 50001 EnMS..What is the future..any idea how many organizations in US/Canada got certified or planning to have there any chance it will become a requirement for was the case with QS 9000...TS 16949...
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    Six months data enough for ISO 50001 implementation?

    This might seem to be foolish question, with an obvious answer...anyway, would like to have your inputs. Can any co, go for an ISO 50001 certification with 6 months of raw data. BY raw I mean, they only have data on energy consumptions in different sections. But they havent really got into the...
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    Is ISO 50001 Certification useful for an Auto Components Manufacturer?

    Hi Friends, after a long time, I am initiating a new thread:o We are 16949/14001/27001 certified company. Now I am going to launch the project for 50001 certification in my company. Please give me your valuable feedback as this is a new standard. Would it be useful for the company? We are auto...
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    Is a Stage 1 Audit required for ISO 50001 Certification?

    Sidney, please let me know whether the newly introduced ISO 50001 also requires stage-1 audit. We are going for it this year and the CB, in addition to usual certification and periodic audits, has also quoted for stage-1 audit. Thanks.
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    Energy and Environmental Legal and other requirements in Canada

    Organizations are required to identify and have access to the applicable legal requirements related to environments aspects / energy use, consumption and efficiency (ISO 14001 4.3.2 / ISO 50001 4.4.2). In my recent interview, I was asked "Do I know the legal requirements applicable to...
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    ISO Certification for One-man organization

    I need advise regarding one-man organization Management System for 9001, 14001 & 50001. The owner gets job done by contractors and no one works full time except the owner. The following requirement are needed to be addressed. 1. Management Rep: Can this requirement to be skipped. 2. Internal...
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    ISO 50001 Certification News - DNV
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    ISO 50001 Energy Management Lead Auditor Training

    Does anybody know of any lead auditor training out there? Only see a few and the seem to begin in July, and none seem to be Local Southeast US.
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    Free Webinars on ISO 50001 Energy Management - 2011 and 2012

    Just recieved these email from QMI SAI Global on a free webinar for ISO 50001 Energy Management: Changing the Global Mindset-Connect Energy Efficiency with Financial Gains
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