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  1. Q

    Have you ever "excluded" certain job descriptions from the QMS?

    In order to fill gaps in our Training, I assigned relevant procedures for each Job Description at our company. I created this matrix based on on the documented job description and the extent to which I felt that position was involved with the documents/procedures. My Controlled threw a fit...
  2. N

    I updated my Job Description - Critiques Appreciated

    NOTE: UPDATED DRAFT AT THE END OF PAGE 2 THREAD Turnover in HR generated churn, and I became aware of a lame document appended to my file. I mentioned the gap between reality and the job description and was asked to update it. Below is my latest draft, nearly ready to share with my boss and...
  3. J

    Configuration Manager's Duties - AS9110 or AS9100

    We are pursuing AS9110 certification, similar to AS9100 but for aircraft maintenance, repair, & overhaul. At this time configuration management is accomplished by various individuals in different departments. As we develop a configuration management system/process, we would like to establish the...
  4. I

    ISO 17025 Job Descriptions - People who have mutiple roles

    Hello once again ALL! I have run into what should not be an issue, but I just want to get it dialed in right. I am QM of a small laboratory and setting up the Job Descriptions. As many of us know, I do not have any desire for the descriptions to be too "descriptive" if you catch my drift, but...
  5. H

    Job Descriptions to comply with ISO Standards

    Hi everyone, I need help on creating Job descriptions for all the employees in my current company. There is no HR department in the company & I was hired to be the Management Representative. As part of the role, I will also be handling HR job which I don't have any background. I can actually...
  6. E

    Quality Techucuan (Technician) in Electronics - Defining Postion Requirements

    Hello. I'm Quality Manager and my main field is mechanical. I have to hire Quality Technician for Electronic section of the department. I have general knowledge in electronic, but would like to have community input. Can somebody help me with position requirements for Quality Technician in...
  7. R

    Should the CEO Need a Job Description?

    Hello, For the past several months i've taken on the task of redesigning our entire training program. As part of this effort, job descriptions have been created to define the roles and responsibilities and competency requirements for each job position. Our CEO has stated that he does...
  8. 0

    Quality Jobs, Titles and Job Descriptions

    Hi all, In my company they hired me as a quality officer, however like my previous job there is no job description. Now I get a permanent contract and I requested a defined job description to get mutual clearity on the content and authority within the job. Since our company is in a...
  9. M

    Education - Jobs Requiring a College Degree

    I am in the middle of writing up 'official job descriptions' for our company as we are getting ready for AS9100 and I noticed something a bit unusual: I am using the internet for ideas on how to phrase different job descriptions. I noticed that (on the internet) most management positions...
  10. S

    R&D Documentation Manager Responsibilities Job Description

    Hi Please give the sample of R&D (research and development) Documentation manager Job profile and responsibility in Power Electronics industry Kind Regards, sen :thanks:
  11. X

    Are defined roles and responsibilities mandatory for ISO 9001?

    Hi Can anyone kindly confirm if the defining of resource (people) roles and responsibilities is mandatory for ISO 9001 certification? Thank you Mike
  12. N

    Need Help Preparing for Medical Device Quality Engineer Interview

    Hello! I have an interview for the position of Medical Device Quality Engineer, next week. This is my first interview in a long time (I graduated a year ago and have been unemployed for a while) and I would really love to do well in this interview. I have been browsing the various threads on...
  13. S

    Job Descriptions for a two-man company

    Currently I'm doing an internship at a small service company with only 2 owners and a few people who occasionally do some work. During this internship i'm preparing the QMS for an ISO 9001 certificate. For the last couple of days I've been reading a lot of threads on this website and found...
  14. JodiB

    Structure and Content of Job Descriptions

    ISO/IEC 17025 is different from ISO 9001 because it specifically requires job descriptions and a Note lists specific topics to include in the job description. Our typical job descriptions for HR purposes ( to post a position, etc.) are fairly generic. Lab Analyst, Chemist, etc. We may ask...
  15. drgnrider

    Job descriptions (4.4.1): Management Rep, Document Author, Document Approver

    Looking for clarification on the following role definitions, mainly on how an auditor will view them... - Document Author ? Person who will have direct responsibility for this process/procedure via implementation and/or oversight - Approving authority - someone who has ?technically reviewed...
  16. S

    Minor Nonconformity for Lack of Job Descriptions in ISO 9001

    Hi, i am new to the forum. I have seen the question asked before, but let me take a step further....My interpretation of the standard is that job descriptions are not required. Question is this, how would some of you handle an auditor that has given you a minor nonconformance for not having job...
  17. A

    Difference between Regulatory Affairs and Regulatory Compliances

    Dear All, Can anyone advise me what is the different between medical device Regulatory Affairs and medical device Regulatory Compliances in term of job scopes and roles they play? Best regards, Arnthor
  18. M

    New appointment as Quality Assurance Executive - Job Scope

    I will be joining a new company as Quality Assurance Executive. The company that i will join have no quality system such as ISO or Safety. The company is the leading provider of pallet, container and crate pooling services for many of the world?s largest supply chains. I attached herewith my...
  19. D

    Director vs. Manager - Roles in RA in a Medical Device Company

    So I've been looking through some Quality Manuals to get familiar with my new role in RA in a Medical device company. I've been tasked with cleaning up a ISO 13485 QM that has several job responsibilities/descriptions listed in the manual. What is the difference between Manager and Director...
  20. 5

    5S Coordinator (Long-winded) Job Title

    Hello everyone, I have been a long time reader through college but now that I have finally entered the field this is my first time posting. I am working for a manufacturing company who recently created the position of "5S coordinator". STOP Don't shoot me! lol, just kidding. I have...
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