key performance indicators (kpi)

  1. M

    QMS Efficiency KPI as a Manager.

    I am a Quality Manager, using COPQ as a means of monitoring my QMS Effectiveness but the KPI I am using for QMS Efficiency is weak... Can someone provide examples of Quality Department or QMS Efficiency they use ?
  2. J

    KPI Software - Our weakness is in KPI's

    Hello, We are a new manufacturing company ( January 2018) however we are not new to the business, sold a previous machine shop couple years ago. Although are "home grown", learned what we needed at the time. We were ISO certified and knew how to pass the audits but did not work it or use it...
  3. P

    Received a minor for not having good measureables/goals. Need help with KPIs.

    "Top Management shall ensure that quality objectives to meet customer requirements are defined, established and maintained for relevant functions, processes and levels throughout the Organization. " So I recieved a minor on this clause. I need to get some measureables & goals together for...
  4. D

    KPI's Data for Customer Service

    Just completed my AS9100D recertification audit. One of my auditors was ok with my metrics for the Customer Service Process. We were measuring OTD to the customer. The LEAD auditor flatly refused to allow OTD as a measurable because "it is not a top-line metric and it can be influenced by other...
  5. K

    IATF16949 inputs/outputs & KPIs

    Hello, We are undergoing preparation for an IATF16949 certification audit, we are currently certified to TS16949:2009. I had a question to do with inputs/outputs. ISO 9001 4.4.1 requires inputs/outputs as well as performance indicators to be identified and maintained for each...
  6. S

    AS9100 Customer KPI Log

    Hello all and I am finally glad to be registered here rather than just lurking and reading. Recently became the QM Rep for the company I work at and just completed Audit to REVD. I was hit with a NCR for: The organizations process for nonconformity and corrective action are not fully...
  7. C

    Compliance Near Misses

    Since I have started this position, there as been a program in place to record what they call, compliance near misses. This would be things such as missed sign-offs on reports, missing paperwork, GDP issues, training, expirations dates, ect. Each operator records the finding, then hands it to...
  8. R

    ISO 9001:2015 - KPI (Key Performance Indicators) vs. Objectives

    Hi all I'm confused about the following An auditor once mentioned a few months ago that in the new ISO standard (ISO 9001:2015) we should not only have objectives but also have KPI Im still confused about the above ? Aren't Objectives based on KPI ? Please if someone can clarify...
  9. J

    KPI's for AS9100 Cl. 8.2/8.5 - Bids/Contract Review/Order Entry

    During our Stage 1 Audit, the auditor stated we needed to add KPI's to our core processes, and we looked at them and decided that the following were our Core Processes: 8.2/8.5 Bids/Contract Review/Order Entry, 8.4 Purchasing, 8.5 Manufacturing, and 10.2 Corrective Action. I have come up with...
  10. A

    IATF 16949 - Non-conformity on Process effectiveness and efficiency

    Hello everyone, We have recently passed an IATF transition audit with a lot of minor NC and a few major NC as well. One of the minors strikes me a bit awkward as I believe it is at the discretion of our management and leadership to chose what to measure and what not. Of course, there`s a...
  11. K

    Further Analysis of Departmental KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

    Hi Team, A friend of mine referred me to these forums because I seem to have hit a small snag in my Black Belt Project. Before I break it down, the samples I am using are broken down into quarterly chunks, i.e. monthly shipment data for January-March would be sample 1, April-June sample 2...
  12. A

    KPI for Quality Assurance Team in a Service Oriented Industry

    We are Quality Assurance team in a Service-oriented industry, where our primary role is to detect defects in types of services delivered (tickets/calls) as per the client specification and/or internal guidelines.In addition, we do complaint/feedback analysis from any of the customer touchpoints...
  13. Q

    Additional KPI to Top Management beside Quality Objectives

    Hi everybody I´m planning the new quality objectives in ISO 9001 2008 For example: We Have defined them with the help of the General Director 1. Scrap Reduce all scrap by 10% 2. Product rejections Not to exceed 2 % 3 Customer complaints Reduce by 5% 4.Customer returns of all...
  14. 1killercls

    KPI Dashboard Template in Excel Format wanted

    Need some help, Does anyone have a KPI Dashboard template in Excel Format? :thanx: In advance!
  15. Q

    Is KPI in Process Valid if not supported by Procedures?

    Hello to all In redefining kpis for HR process in Iso 9001 2008. Is it valid to set as kpi absenteeism or staff turnover even if in procedures it is only mentioned the competence and training? When set,it would be useful for the monitoring of the personnel, however how to relate these...
  16. Q

    Corrective Action - Assigning KPIs to Non-Guilty Processes

    Hello all How do you manage CA's assignement, like this: In an external audit the delivery process resulted with on NC, because delivered product to client lately and didnt complied with goal. Goal was set to max 5 late deliveries at month. But this process complied very well, the...
  17. B

    IATF 16949 Cl. - Management Review Inputs - Process Effectiveness and Efficie

    IATF 16949 section requires inputs into management reviews for process effectiveness and process efficiency. Could anyone share some examples of metrics that they are using for each of these?
  18. Q

    Suggested KPIs for a Manufacturing Production Business

    Please advice on the next. In a production business In your experience what kpis culd be better for the next processes? Production manager Production data analysis, strategic planning and driving the production area Planner To plan the work orders, having control of the order, delivery date...
  19. Q

    How to align a Business Strategy to Operative KPIs

    Hi everybody While tunning kpis in a manufacturing plant, trying to make it more productive (that kpis really be tied to profits and margin)s, several doubts came up. Starting.. In my case, defined the policy, the objectives, and for objectives, several kpis for all the processes, but...
  20. M

    What do you do for ISO 9001 clause 9.1? Key Performance Indicators

    hi all im interested in finding out what other firms do in their orgnisation to satisfy clause 9.1 - not 9.1.2 as im content with our efforts on customer feedback, a bit of background. we have one main performance measure which is daily turnover. this is reported by the sales team on a...
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