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lean manufacturing

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    Lean MFG (manufacturing) process and Work order templates

    Hi, my name is Johnnie, supervisor at a small but rapidly growing mfg/engineering company. I recently became supervisor in our NPI department to control the flow of the floor. My new manager wanted to run in a lean process or six sigma. New to my company and not much experienced personnel here...
  2. B

    Looking for Lean Manufacturing Articles in Spanish

    Does anyone have at least one or two articles about lean manufacturing written in Spanish that they could send me? Ideally articles that concentrate on "flow" and the barriers typically encountered that block flow (e.g. set-up, lack of quality, unbalanced cycle times). Doesn't have to get...
  3. 0

    Suggest a Lean Book for Upper Management

    Hi there, I had a request from my manager to check for a book on Lean. The purpose of it is to make the senior management aware on what Lean can do for the organisation and what it means in broad lines. Me myself I only have in depth handbooks. It must NOT be a book that is obvious "for...
  4. E

    Lean Manufacturing in Oil & Gas Industry

    Hello my name is Dike Ebi. I've been working as a piping Field Service Engineer within the Oil & Gas services industry. Most of my assignments are project based, but I have come to realize that I can benefit from other methodologies other than the ones normally used for projects. After some...
  5. O

    Lean Tools in Labour Intensive Manual Manufacturing

    Could you please recommend which Lean tools are best to use in the start up of labour intensive manual electronic industry besides 5S ? What would be your Lean road map with emphasizes on lean tools in other words? Orion
  6. O

    Takt Time Calculation for Long Runner Product

    Hello, I have question regarding takt time calculation for long runner product. I want to calculate the takt time for specific product A that makes 60 % of entire products in terms of production units. Takt time = Available time (Product A) / Customer Demand (Product A). Total available...
  7. F

    Looking for some type of training on Lean Manufacturing video or web training

    Looking for some type of training on Lean Manufacturing video or web training?
  8. S

    How to Capture Low Volume Process Info?

    Production Tracking Form, Boards or ... ? I'm looking to get some sort of production process information for a company that makes lots of small batches. They do mostly prototypes and small production batches, but will work into larger and larger batches over time. These include: Samples...
  9. C

    Availability of Lean Manufacturing Training The Woodlands TX

    Hi Covers, My company wants to send me to Lean Manufacturing training in The Woodlands TX. Does anybody know where should I take the training from? Thanks.
  10. O

    Lean Manufacturing Implementation

    I am a recent university graduate and at my current work place i have been tasked with implement a TQM/Lean Manufacturing system to improve turnaround times, quality, decrease wastes/buffers and most importantly improve profits. Previously I studied Lean and the various tools at college, but...
  11. D

    When you're not Lean enough for JIT (Just In Time)

    First off, I'm a product design engineer thinking about big quality / production concepts, so please forgive me if I'm running the buzzwords wrong. But this stuff is much more than buzzwords so I'm hoping to find guidance here. My company makes custom assemblies of machinery. Obviously we...
  12. Z

    A 5S (Workplace Organization Methodology) Christmas Poem

    Thought you guys might enjoy this fun poem we wrote for our monthly newsletter. ?Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the plant Machines were not running; production was scant. We?d been forced to shut down and were incurring large fees, Cause one of the workers dropped a wrench...
  13. L

    How Lean Can Manufacturing Get?

    Hello Everyone, I am a new poster on this site and, as an "Old Manufacturing/Operations Guy", I have a question to pose. Please allow me to preface my question by explaining that I was trained in TPS by Toyota and am a SSBB. With 40+ years of manufacturing and operations experience, I feel I...
  14. M

    Evaluating Vendor (Supplier) Products using SQC

    Hello to one and all. :bigwave: I’ve been a frequent visitor of the forum to learn about various lean manufacturing principles and to study various examples posted by the forum members. I have to learn something new and this is my first post in the forum. :D I would really appreciate your...
  15. J

    Line Balance Study and maybe Takt Time and Cycle Time

    I have a question about line balancing and maybe Takt time and Cycle time play into this as well. The main question I have if you’re trying to conduct a line balancing study, do include queue times. For example if I have a primer that has to set for 10 minutes before adding adhesive do I...
  16. N

    How to start Lean and Six Sigma in an Organization

    I have joined a EMS company which maufacture electronic devices for automobile company and we are planned for LEAN & SIX SIGMA how we must start please help on this.....
  17. C

    Lean Sigma Manufacturing Handoff Package Contents

    Hello all, I am in a new role which will focus heavily on manufacturing scale-ups. I'd like to define some sort of handoff package to close the project on my end. This will include the PFMEA and Control Plan, but I'm looking for ideas of other things to include. Any suggestions will be...
  18. A

    Lean Manufacturing in the Food Industry

    dear all, can you all sharing your knowledge on Lean for food manufaturing, is that some articles? or ist need special software for lean ? thanks AS Nur
  19. K

    Lean Implementation for Injection Moulding Company

    Please throw some light if any one has past experience in dealing with lean implementation for injection moulding company. The company had 24 different type of materials in stores, quantity varying from 4Metric Ton to 25 kg as max stock and 140 moulds to run on 12 machines. They have to cater to...
  20. E

    Product Owner in a Lean Organization

    Do not know if this question fits this group. We develop and produce manufacturing equipment and now are changing the organization as part of our "lean initiative." It does not work so well on our technical department, in that no one has direct responsibility for a design after it began...
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