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    QMS Template Help - Small machine shop/job shop

    I am looking for a template for a QSM for a small machine shop/job shop
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    EN 10204 3.1 Inspection Certificate - Machine Shop

    I have read various threads on this forum in regards to EN 10204 3.1 certificates. With the information that I have read, I just wanted to make sure I understand the process correctly. If a customer specifies that an Inspection Certificate in accordance to EN 10204 3.1 is required for a...
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    Interesting Topic Murder mystery and mission creep - Challenged to eliminate scrap

    Only a slight exaggeration - maybe - the guy who hired me died before my first day. And now I've been given the mission of eliminating scrap. I am to make a presentation to management in a couple of weeks. This is a small specialty machine shop - further deponent sayeth not at this writing. PM...
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    IMDS for machining - Can my customer request a IMDS number for a part?

    Can my customer request a IMDS number for a part that we only supply the machining service? We use their purchased raw material.
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    ISO 9001:2015 for a Small Machine Shop need Resources

    Hi guys. I've been very thankful to have this forum as a resource the past few months. I have a small (15 person) machine shop that manufactures small arms, defense related small parts that I'm having to plan and implement ISO 9001:2015 certification for in the next few months. I'm 6 months new...
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    AS9100 - Working Outside of Scope of Certification

    We are a small machine shop that is AS9100 certified. We also recently began performing fabrication work. However, fabrication is not listed under our scope. As long as we do not state that our fabrication work is AS9100 certified, there should be no problems when the auditor comes around...
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    We don't have enough Corrective action entries

    I work in a small AS9100D certified machine shop/plastic production shop, and our work is pretty consistent and basic. We don't encounter too many problems and things generally run smoothly. Because of this, we do not have many entries into our corrective action system (27 over the course of...
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    Need Resource for Industry Data - standard metrics for machine shops

    I am looking for a resource that can show me industry standard metrics for machine shops. In particular, I would like to see how our shop stands up against other shops in regards to: 1. Sales Dollars per person 2. Scrap % 3. Rework % 4. OTD, etc. Can anyone point me in the right...
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    Unique ID Required for Thread Gage Replacements?

    I'm in my first machine shop where they use a lot of thread plug and thread ring gages. As they will now and then, a gage goes out of calibration. It may be either the "Go" or "No-Go" member of a thread plug gage, or one of the thread ring gages. To keep them as a set before I came to the...
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    Industry Standards - Sheet Metal a Machine Shop

    Hi, I am new to this forum :bigwave: My company is in the developing stages of implementing a machine shop. We will be bending and shaping metal as well as CNC machine custom parts. We are in the aerospace industry. I am currently looking for industry standard acceptance criteria for cosmetic...
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    Adding a new Company - ISO 9001 Design Exclusion

    Happy long weekend everyone, I work as Quality manager for a small machine shop(call it company 1). We are currently changing to ISO 9001:2015 from 2008 with design excluded, and we do not wish to include design. Our owner has just purchased another small company (company 2) that...
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    Organization Treating One Business as an Internal Supplier

    Good Day all, I will try and explain this as comprehensively as I can. Hopefully it won't become to convoluted. I need insight on the requirements for AS9100D and from the industry on how to treat an organization that is primarily a machine shop but has a weld shop under a different...
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    Suggestions on Inadequate Resources in a Small Machine Shop

    I work in a 35 person machine shop who is currently certified to AS9100C. During our last audit we had a number of NCR's issued. My top management relies on mostly me (Quality Mgr/Magmt rep) to take care of ALL activities related to being certified. I submitted on a couple of them that the...
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    AS9100 8.2.1 (C) or 9.1.2 (D) Customer Satisfaction - KPI's

    I am the MR of a small machine shop and have just completed our Re-Registration audit. One of our findings was that we did not have any objective or metrics for customer complaints or requests for CA. We track OTD and Quality and have good metrics and objectives for those, but I am struggling...
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    AS9100 Clause Production Run Verification

    We are a machine shop currently ISO9001:2008 registered. We plan to have our AS9100D audit this September. In our machine shop, we have 25+ CNC machines. The machines can be grouped in work centers, or types: 3-axis, 5-axis, horizontal, lathe. Our machines are made by the same manufacturer...
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    API Monogram License for a Small Machine Shop

    We are a small machine shop that machine wellhead components per API 6A for large oil companies, such as FMC & Cameron. We are currently AS9100 certified and would like to Monogram components to 6A. Need help understanding what I will have to change in our QMS to comply with API Q1, also where...
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    Cleanliness and Contamination question (Medical Device Component Manufacturer)

    Sorry for a new post on the same question but some how the title was not posted correctly. We are a device component manufacturer not a food manufacturer. We work with stainless steels and Nitinols in a machine shop environment (ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered) and we do not...
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    QMS and ISO 9001 for a Single Person Machine Shop

    Hello, this is my first post, sorry for the immediate questions. I own a small machine shop, where its just been me as the only employee, for 16 years. A main customer of mine is in the process of getting ISO certification. I've been doing machining work for them for 15 years and now I may...
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    AS9100 Re-Cert Audit - Auditor concerned with OSHA regulations

    Let me start by saying this is my 1st post. Love ... Love...Love ... this site. I've learned sooooo much!! I need a little help..... I work for a small machine shop in NJ; mostly defense work. I've been the Compliance Manager for roughly 14yrs. I've never had an issue with...
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    API SPEC 7-1, 7-2 and 5 CT implementation

    HI experts I was recently assigned in apposition to implement the API SPEC 7-1, 7-2 and 5 CT in our machine shop, I'm not familiar with these standards as I'm coming from operation side. could you please help me on what are the steps that have to follow in order to make the machine shop...
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