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measurement (general)

  1. Ron Rompen

    Measurement Method Challenge - Measure feature #91

    I have an exceptionally difficult measurement task, and am hoping that someone here will have some suggestions as to how to solve my problem. On the print extract shown below, I need to measure feature #91. As you can see, this is not as easy as it first looks. My current method is to measure...
  2. K

    First Article Inspection (FAI) - Equipment used - Dimensions vs. Go/No-Go

    Hi all, I have a customer who have rejected FAIRs because there maybe a dimension, e.g. Ø1.001/1.003", where I have put down a Plug Gauge as a measuring equipment. Obviously the part conforms to the plug gauges that were used. They have said that they WANT dimensions results written and all...
  3. R

    Pls help --- Need expert advice on Video Measurement

    Can any smartscope expert advise on how to measure this angle 45.2 degree? See the pic attached. By using protractor target or gage ball/ gage diameter function? How to get the point tangent to the circle? Thanks in advance.
  4. G

    Measuring customer parts on a CMM - How many decimals to report to the customer?

    We are getting ready to be a 17025 measuring lab. When we measure a part for a customer on our CMM, the CMM resolution is 0.002mm. If we measure the part 3 times and get; 50.000, 50.000, 50.002mm, is it ok to report 50.0007mm (along with the associated uncertainty)?
  5. R

    Measurement - Center Points not taken into account

    Hi everyone, I am new to minitab, pleas forgive any obiously stupid Questions: I have done a 2-factorial DOE with center Points with three factors. Looking at my effects diagram, it Looks like the Center point is not taken into account: there is just a straight line between the low and the high...
  6. B

    True Position Measurement

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to GD& T and trying to wrap my head around measuring position tolerances. I understand how to measure the tolerance if given an x,y dimension but how would I check the position callout highlighted on this print clip? A is a threaded hole but for the sake of simplicity...
  7. S

    Gauge R and R - Product - Conveyor belt with threads that goes on Sprocket

    Hello Everyone, Product - Conveyor belt with threads that goes on Sprocket I have to find best way to measure pitch of the threads on the conveyor belt.( By using Variable Gauges or attribute gauges) And also prepare plan for Gauge R and R for that Measurement method. Could you please share your...
  8. E

    Conflicting dimensions on customer print

    I am looking for some help with Customer related issue. I have a part drawing with a dimension for a hole. The part is a stamped metal part. The dimension is called out as a range, not a plus-minus tolerance on the drawing. There is a supplementary specification which does include a nominal...
  9. S

    Measurement Terms - How do I say this in Inches?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here Could someone tell me how I would say the below in Inches .000085" (Is this eighty five millionths?) .00012" (Is this one tenth and 2 millionths?) Thanks with any help on this Stan
  10. I

    Flatness - Rectangular part using the three jack method

    I have always used the three screw method of flatness measurement. I encountered a rectangular part which using the three jack method displayed a flatness .105. Upon attempting to reject this as it was grossly OOT, I received instruction to try a different method which seemed like a problem...
  11. apestate

    Inexpensive Gage Blocks for small aerospace startup shop

    Hello all I am wondering if anyone knows of options for getting a set of gage blocks with an accredited calibration cheaply. Many years ago, I was able to get a Shars AS-1 81pc gage block set that was already calibrated by an A2LA, 17025 lab. I can't remember if we drop shipped the set to...
  12. G

    Uncertainty of staging a short line scale standard on longer measuring machine?

    I have a measuring machine that measures up to 1000mm in length, but my traceable standard is only 400mm long. When I calibrate I align the standard parallel , start at the left side and measure every 10mm to check for accuracy deviations. I then move the scale to the right, overlapping approx...
  13. S

    Requirements for Interval Measurement test & Frequency Response test clarification

    Dear all, In the "Requirements of Interval Measurements Test" in IEC 60601-2-25. The table 201.104 contains PQ-interval measurement. However, In the Reference measurement values of individual CAL waveforms. The PQ-interval is absent and PR interval has been provided. Is it a typo error in...
  14. G

    Gear Profile & Lead Report

    Help needed. Got a gear report from a customer showing profile and lead(report attached). Its AGMA 2000, on the result sheet its showing Vphi(profile & Vpsi)Lead. Is this Total profile(Fa) & Lead(Fb). Not seen this before, any help appreciated. .
  15. U

    Measuring a Golf Club Face/Grip/Shaft Rotation

    is there any small device that could measure club face/grip/shaft rotation of the golfclub? needs to be able to measure at high speed
  16. P

    Romer Arm - Profile of a Surface Changing

    Hello, Thanks for all future help with this question. I have a Romer Arm and I am using Polyworks as my inspection software. The problem I am getting is after I scan the entire part and start to get my dimensions... I got my Profile of a Surface of 1 edge...And it is at about 3mm. I then got...
  17. P

    True Position vs X and Y Dimensions

    Hello All, This is my first post on Elsmar so please bare with me. I am measuring a part using my Romer Arm and Polyworks. The problem I am getting is the the X dimension is in tolerance (Basic), the Y dimension is in tolerance (Basic), but then the true position is 14mm out of tolerance. I...
  18. D

    Can a Mill be used as a CMM?

    Good afternoon, I have a question that may be a bit silly. Can a mill (machining operation) be used to (1) make a part and (2) inspect / certify the part? I am not as familiar with the whole machining and V&V discussion, but I'm used to the "make a part on machine X and test the part...
  19. M

    Methods of reducing/eliminating the systematic component of error

    Hello everyone! Tell me please, what methods of reducing / eliminating the systematic component of error of measuring instruments. As I know, some of them - the use of feedback (inverse transformation), exemplary measures (exemplary signals). Can someone already use these methods when...
  20. M

    Effectiveness Measuring and Efficiency Measuring In ISO 9001:2015

    Our auditor told us to include these 2 assessments into our ISO practices. Any tips?
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