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  1. D

    Asterix when pasting a column of values from Excel into Minitab (V17)

    Hi. I have an issue where if I copy a column of values from Excel into Minitab (V17), there is a asterix inserted as a new row in between every value. I have tried formatting etc bit to no avail. Any ideas / experience of this at all? Thx
  2. Y

    Excel Automation - Printing Word Documents from within Excel

    We at work have quite unique problem. We have 12 word docs out of which few (basic requirements) need to be printed for every job. Can anyone help to create excel sheet / or guide so that those word documents can be printed from excel itself and each having unique sequential number and date...
  3. Ajit Basrur

    Need help in Conditional Formatting for the entire row

    Hello, Need help with conditional formatting. I have attached this spreadsheet where I have applied Conditional Formatting in the column, "Supplier Status". The colors change in the cell but how can I have the conditional formatting colors across the entire row? Also how can I have white...
  4. M

    Medical Device Process validation, Validation of excel spreadsheets used for process

    Hi I have been trying to figure out the depths i should delve into excel spreadsheet validation. I want to know if I should be validating the excel spreadsheets that we used to conduct process validation. This seems like a never ending exercise, however the risk to process and design...
  5. C

    Excel date format from Denmark to USA

    I hope someone can help. We use Q-Pulse and it resides on a server in Denmark. When we pull data from it the date format is in Danish D/M/Y. When bring into excel in USA this column changes into 2 layout. One is M/D/Y and the other is D-M-Y. Is there a simple way to get all this into the...
  6. N

    Where I can find an Excel sample/template for recording Delivery Time and Cost

    Hello, I am very now with Excel and Minitab. Although I am watching videos from Lynda, I am here for some help. Dose any one know where I can find a sample/template of an excel for recoding delivery Time and cost. Example : Order Placed | Ship date | Pickup date | delivery Date and more...
  7. D

    How do I go about creating document logs and registers with the MS Excel

    hi my name is john, I am currently in Construction Industry as a document control coordinator (DCC) i'm new to document controlling so i'd really appreciate all the advice and help i can get. quick one: how do i go about creating up logs and registers with the MS EXcel to control documents...
  8. rob73

    EU Medical Device Classification Spreadsheet

    Would someone like to break my classification spreadsheet? I've had a go but so far is works! If anyone is interested I'll post the unprotected version.
  9. D

    Microsoft Excel database to Stand-alone software

    So.... I have been hard at work. Coincidentally, unpaid work. I have written software completely replacing my Microsoft excel based calibration records. It supports all that the excel version did, plus a LOT of extras. The last thing I have to do, is implement an ANOVA Gauge R&R, and an...
  10. QSM_Rick

    Controlling Multi-Tab Microsoft Excel Forms

    I found an inconsistency in our document control scheme. Some of our Excel forms are multiple tabs. These different tabs are essentially a packet. One tab is one portion of the form, another performs a different task, so on. Is it a requirement that, since each tab performs a different sub-task...
  11. B

    Zeiss CMM Calypso output to Excel or CSV file Help

    Hi all. I am oh so glad this forum is up again! Anyways I am trying to get a Zeiss CMM using Calypso software to out put measurement data to an excel or CSV file so I can upload it into an SPC program. I have done this before on Mitutoyo CMMs and Brown-n-Sharp CMMs. All the programmer needed...
  12. S

    VDA 5 Variables Data GR&R Spreadsheet wanted

    Does anyone have an excel template to do a variable GRR using VDA 5 formulae?
  13. M

    IATF Tool for Leadership and Planning - 2017

    Been cruising this site for many years and have appreciated all the help that people have provided. Hopefully some of you will find this tool helpful for laying the foundations of your IATF16949 management system. .
  14. N

    Gantt Chart / Time Tracker in Excel - Combining Tasks on the Same Line

    Good morning folks, I have been asked to put together a time tracking tool to monitor activities in the QC Lab that I manage. My boss and I are in a bit of a debate as to whether I need more resources or if my folks are just inefficient. :rolleyes: I started with a Gantt Chart template...
  15. M

    Preventive Maintenance Spreadsheet in Excel

    Hi all, In our company we do not have the access program, but I would need to create a preventive maintenance plan in excel (I do not Like paper :bonk:). Is there a model for starting, possibly free? Thanks a lot, Michela
  16. 1

    KPI Dashboard Template in Excel Format wanted

    Need some help, Does anyone have a KPI Dashboard template in Excel Format? :thanx: In advance!
  17. Ajit Basrur

    MS Excel to study Correlation between Humidity & Differential Pressure

    I need help with MS Excel spreadsheet to study a correlation between Humidity values and Differential Pressure in a cleanroom. In the attached Excel spreadsheet, I am interested to see if the Humidity in ambient manufacturing area (column D) and Humidity in cleanroom (column K) had any...
  18. D

    Gage Calibration Tracking in MS Excel

    Hello, I have developed a gage control solution in excel. I built it over the course of a year. It supports embedding external images, for fast load times. I would like to submit it for other people to use and reference. The code for the macros is a bit rough, I would like help on...
  19. T

    Where can I get a PPAP workbook in Excel .xls with links?

    Morning guys. Where can I get a PPAP workbook in Excel with links. One place to fill in the data and links allocate it to the appropriate location. Please help guys. We need to update +-150 documents.
  20. L

    Excel Template for Cgk Study wanted (Capability Gauges Study)

    Dear all, Please can anybody share with me an Excel file of Capability Gauges study = CGK study (MSA stage 1) !! and describe me the methodology of Its implementation!! Thank you in advance :)
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