msa (measurement system analysis)

  1. N

    MSA Study for a Leak Testing Device

    Hello dear Forum members, I would need your help/advice regarding Measurement System Analysis of a leak testing device. I come from automotive industry - assembly process, production of plastic pipelines and systems - SCR lines. Since I am on beginning of a project, I have a PPAP requirement...
  2. N

    Justifications for not performing MSA (Measurement System Analysis)

    Has anyone specified in their companies MSA procedures that certain devices such as rulers, micrometers, etc. were low risk due to all inspectors being certified quality technicians and therefore GR&R's would not be required for measurements made using said devices? Or specified GR&R's where...
  3. D

    Do I need part variation while doing Destructive Variable Gage R&R MSA study

    Hello guys, Can anybody give some insights regarding part to part variation during variable destructive MSA study Do I really need to take parts covering my entire specification range or I can just randomly select parts from a single lot
  4. F

    Gauge R&R & Calibration Intervals

    Hello All, In aim to reduce the workloads in our Metrology Lab, I'm introducing Gauge R&R and Calibration procedures to standardise an efficient method of working. However, one question I cannot find through our customer CSR's (Automotive) and IATF/ISO documents is how often these should be...
  5. Prashant G

    MSA Study - AS 9100 and and our customer want us to do MSA study for their parts dimension

    Hello Gentlemen, Can some one advice how we can read across MSA study. AS 9100 and and our customer want us to do MSA study for their parts dimension, Is there any chance that we can read across MSA study instead of doing it on dimension basis.
  6. D

    Compression Spring Force MSA

    I have a PPAP from a supplier where the compression spring force MSA is not for the actual spring, the supplier said they used a 'stable spring' as this validates the force measuring system rather than the variation in using the actual part number being PPAP'd. I have requested the MSA on the...
  7. T

    MSE for dynamic balance measurement?

    We have a new 2 plane, dynamic balance tester and have questions about doing a measurement system evaluation. We seem to get a decent GR&R using the traditional AIAG format on one plane, but the other plane is not good at all... First of all, I do not like the AIAG GR&R format as much as I...
  8. L

    Gage R&R for test precision or uncertainty prediction?

    I work in a testing lab with daily tasks of receiving inspection of our incoming raw material. We were asked to perform a gage R&R study on some of our tests. Since we are not sampling randomly from a process and just doing incoming inspection, the variation between samples are not large. But I...
  9. Marc

    Free Miner's MSA "Blog" Series 0.99 circa 2009-2012

    This is Miner's Blog series which were imported from the old vBulletin forum "Blogs". Thank You @Miner . Please click the orangeish "Download" button (Upper Right).
  10. S

    IATF 16949 Audit MSA

    Hi Guys, Our annual IATF audit will be happening in a couple of weeks. I am new to the company so this will be my first experience with an audit like this. I carry out all the MSA's and am just curious about what kind of questions to expect from the auditor? I am afraid I will be asked...
  11. Bev D

    ASQ Lean Six Sigma Conference March 4-5, 2019

    I will be presenting at the 2019 ASQ Lean Six Sigma Conference March 4-5. My presentation topic is Measurement Systems Analysis. Please join me at one of the best conferences of the year!
  12. O

    MSA Study for a steel ruler

    Hello all, I have a question of a specific device to complete an MSA study. I hope you guys with more experience could help me. I need to conduct MSA studies for all of my lab devices (calipers, micrometers, CMM, etc.) for an IATF mayor NC. But I have several steel rules that just have its...
  13. P

    IATF 16949 MSA Studies for CMM machines

    Hello Gentlemen/Ladies. I have some question about MSA (G R&R) studies for CMM Machines. So, we have 5 types CMM machines in our company and on each machine we are measuring this same parts on different JIGS/Fixtures. Should we prepare for each machine and for each part MSA, or we can prepare...
  14. B MSA for inline dimension vision inspection equipment

    Our plant is highly automated, and we have vision systems that make dimensional judgements at various stages of our process. Would calibration records and equipment specifications suffice to cover the MSA requirements for these vision systems? The calibration frequencies and requirements are...
  15. G

    MSA on a Counting System

    Greetings, Trying to determine how to provide capability on a vision system that counts parts. Essentially, the system will photograph a stack of material, and then say how many pieces are in the stack. There is some variability in photo quality, but even so, the device is surprisingly...
  16. johnny johnson

    New measuring equipment selection (Cg/Cgk)

    Hello everyone. I have a question regarding a new tool selection. There's a dimension (10 ±0.1) and a new device that we bought to check it - it's a sensor with a resolution 0.01. I chose the resolution by comparing it to the dimension's tolerance (according to the MSA Manual it's 10% of the...
  17. Howard Atkins

    MSAs are now required on every feature of the control plan - IATF 16949

    What do you mean by feature This was always required for all equipment in the control plan and is still so. The word feature is not present
  18. C

    AIAG's IATF 16949 section - Torque MSA Requirement

    I know there has been many different threads discussing this topic, but I don't think there has been any resolution. What steps can an organization take to satisfy the following requirement in AIAG as it relates to torque? IATF 16949, section Measurement System Analysis...
  19. A

    Does an attribute study (Go/NoGo pin gage) need two studies (1 for each pin)

    Hi, I need to clarify something. When performing an attribute study on a Go/NoGo pin gage. Do I need to do 1 study or 2 studies(1 for the Go pin and a separate study for the NoGo pin)? Thanks!
  20. E

    Measurement System Analysis/validation to new factory

    Hi, our factory is moving to new location, in regarding to metrology CNC equipment, Besides the calibration – how to prove the metrology methods have not changed and still validation? Thanks Eric
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