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  1. S

    Script of R software to conduct Nested GRR for Destructive Testing

    Hello All, can anybody provide the script of R software to conduct nested GRR for distructive testing.
  2. J

    Nested Gage RR Accounting for Process Variation

    Hello, I have been tasked with performing a nested gage RR for a process wherein a very small volume of fluid is dispensed onto a plastic base. The size of the dispense is assessed by an automated inspection system. The fluid evaporates from the base rapidly enough that it cannot be inspected...
  3. alonFAI

    Gauge R&R for a Peel Tester (tensile tester)

    Hello Guys, I am thinking about performing a Gauge R&R for a tensile tester (peel tester). to the best of my understanding I should perform a nested Gauge R&R for a destructive measurement system. 1. should I perform a variable Gauge R&R? the peel tester yields variable data. 2. what is the...
  4. S

    GRR (Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility) for Material Strength Tester

    Folks, I knew there are many discussion about non-repeatable GRR or destructive GRR, one of the classic way is use so-called "NESTED" way e.g. in Minitab. Other than that, I try to get the help from you guys whether we can only monitor the stablity of test equipment over time with standard...
  5. M

    Experimental Design at Nested Gage R&R using Minitab 16

    Hello Guys, I'm new in this Forum. I have to do a destructive Gage R&R respectively a nested Gage R&R and now I need to develop a experimental design. I have: 2 Operators 4 configurations with each 8 parts I'm using Minitab 16 but i can't find any option to create such a...
  6. A

    Destructive Attribute (Crossed) Gage R&R - Need Help!

    Hi forum users, I'm trying to design a Gage R&R Study for Attribute (Pass/Fail) data, where the test is a destructive (HiPot Voltage test). The tester is an automated tester, so there is no Operator component. My questions are: 1) If the "Fail" rate is low (~2-4%), what should the...
  7. C

    Gage R&R Minitab 'crossed' confusing results

    The results of this GRR have me puzzled. The GRR % is 98% of study variation. However the numbers do not vary very much and if you put them in a Capablity Analysis the Ppk is 3.08. The high value of the GRR has me concerned of course. Am I doing things correctly with Minitab? I used the...
  8. G

    Crossed and Nested MSA - Determining Components of Variation

    I need to determine components of variation for the following msa 3 sites 2 inspectors nested within each of the sites, 6 unique inspectors total. 2 gauges, crossed with operator and site, they will be sent from site to site 20 samples crossed with gauges, inspectors and sites, sent from site to...
  9. optomist1

    Nested Gage R & R One Operator One Sided Spec

    Hi To Everyone, Here is my dilemma; as part of a larger electrical harness project, I am attempting to conduct an MSA (if not at least provide rational as to why one cannot or should not be conducted), with Minitab and the following parameters: One Operator Destructive Testing - Tensile Test...
  10. optomist1

    MSA Gage R&R - Destructive Test with One Sided Specification and One Operator

    Hi To All, I've read several great postings especially Intro To MSA of Continuous Data, yet I do not find an answer to my dilemma; I previously posted a open question regarding this process; I am conducting the following test/inspection at the beginning and middle of each day or batch: 20AWG...
  11. Rameshwar25

    GRR (Gage R&R) Nested Anova Method Example

    Dear All Pl find attached excel sheet for calculating GRR using Anova method for Nested Study. The attached file contains two sheets-one for 5 Parts, 3 App and 2 trials and second sheet for10 parts, 3 App and 3 trials. The result for sheet1 have been verified using Minitab 16 and Minitab result...
  12. T

    Simulated Use Cardiac Catheter Test Fixture Gage R&R

    We have a simulated use test fixture for a cardiac catheter. A simulated procedure is performed with the assistance of some mechanical guides to reduce operator variation. A number of function check are performed during the test procedure. These are attribute tests that are pass/fail. We are...
  13. 7

    Gage R&R Study (Nested) - Feedback and Comments appreciated

    Hi all, I have done one Gage R&R Study as attached. It's a destructive testing where the parts were measured only once by one operator on 2 different machine - Instron and Lloyd. I did this study to see if the 2 machines are any different. I'm not sure which data to look at. I'm interpreting...
  14. Rameshwar25

    Gage R&R Anova - With Interaction or without Interaction?

    1. When to use 'without interaction' and when to use 'with interaction' study in GRR-Anova? 2. What is difference in Nested and crossed methods? Are formulas different in both cases?
  15. C

    What is a Nested GR&R and Crossed GR&R (Gage R&R)

    Hello everyone, I have come acrossed with the term "Nested GR&R" & "Crossed GR&R". What are they? Can the experts on this board please explain. Thanks and God bless.
  16. J

    Nested Gage R&R - Studies on Crimp Fastener Tools

    I am new to this and I am in trainging for my green belt. I want to use some tools I have learned. So this is my question, in our shop we have many tools that crimp fastons and we do a destruction test before each job to make sure the tool is meeting our standards. I would like to do some...
  17. B

    Minitab 15 Gage R&R Study Nested understanding

    Hi all, Got a question using the Gage R&R nested study. I know this feature used a Nested ANOVA analysis with better graphing. The question I have is when I inputed data the text output screen puts a value of p = 0 for sample numbe (analyst). I thought there was no interaction with nested...
  18. P

    Nested vs. Crossed Gage R&R Models for Destructive Tests

    Hi, I've been looking at the AIAG's white paper "non-replicable GRR Case study", and I am confused as to why it uses a nested ANOVA model. The study seems to be set up such that the assumption can be made that each appraiser measures the same 10 parts, hence surely a crossed ANOVA model would...
  19. Miner

    Intro to MSA of Continuous Data – Part 6: R&R for Non-Replicable Measurements

    This is the sixth in a series of articles about MSA. The focus of this article will be on measurement repeatability and reproducibility for non-replicable measurement systems, commonly called a destructive test. Okay, what exactly is a non-replicable measurement system and why is it not...
  20. C

    Sample Size of GR&R (Gage R&R) on Nested Anova

    Hello, Any one could give me explanation how many sample size to take in destructive test when we use ANOVA Study GR&R (Nested)? Thank you in advance, Ceplox
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