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new employee orientation

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    Quality System Induction Training for New Employees

    Hi All, Im looking at improving our current "9001/14001 Induction Training" for new employees. The current induction thats being done is very dull and need to be spiced up a bit, to make it more attractive to the new employee. Does anybody have a template or even slide show i can use to adapt...
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    How to introduce new employees to ISO 9001

    In the past when we have hired new employees we have given a verbal background of the importance of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. This is very ineffective and unprofessional. I would like to find out how others introduce ISO 9001 or any other Quality System to new hires. My reason for...
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    Branding Management Systems - New Employee Orientation

    Anyone else get the deer in the headlights look any time you say "management systems" to new employees during training? Our management systems include environmental (ISO14001), safety (not ISO), and quality (not ISO). "Management" and "Systems" just don't come off as very inviting. We're...
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