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  1. A

    PFMEA English language question

    Hi all, I work in a fastener cold forming company in Japan and I am currently working on a major revision of English translations of PFMEAs. There is just this tiny detail where I am stuck with, which is the machine's "feeder" (where an unprocessed product is fed into machine) and the...
  2. karinca

    PFMEA (Process FMEA) - Can be common for 3000 products?

    Hello all, We're producing plastic injection parts (nearly 3000 different types of products) and it's impossible to track their PFMEA and Control plan. So, I'd like to know if it's possible to make a common PFMEA for every step of process, such as; 1. Receiving Inspection FMEA 2. Material...
  3. N

    PFMEA repetitive failure modes in subsecuent stations.

    Hi greetings, Hi coming across with a PFMEA , it had some failure modes causes by incorrect assembly operation by production operators, all with its correspondent controls, the thing is that this particular cell had a tester station that checks the precise result of what the operator has...
  4. M

    Dynamic Control Plan Draft - need review

    Hey, We are starting to work on creating Dynamic Control Plans for our current state processes. I have attached a piece of one which is for a process family. We would love some harsh yet helpful critique. We lack a bit of experience in this category. We have looked around but have not...
  5. Jimmy123

    Process disturbances and the repair - How do you handle this risk in your company?

    If we create the P-FMEA the PFC is our input. In our process flow, we donˋt describe process disturbances and the repair. How do you handle this risk in your company? Is there a clear recommendation, how this could be covered, or should this excluded from the risk analysis? Thanks for your replay!
  6. T

    DFMEA/PFMEA and SCCAF alignment

    Hello everybody, I work as a quality engineer for the past year and I am very much interested in DFMEA/PFMEA and SCCAF The engineers where I work are unable to tell me the following: 1 ) should DFMEA and PFMEA be aligned in terms of SC and CC (Significant and Critical Characteristics). When I...
  7. N

    Control plan evaluation methods - Which methods should be carried over from the PFMEA?

    Hi greetings!! I'm new to control plans and I haven't had much luck finding good literature about it. So I have this question: In the evaluation methods column which methods should be carried over from the PFMEA? The detection methods or the prevention methods? also, can this column have...
  8. A

    PFMEA - How long should the recommended actions remain in the recommended actions column?

    How long should the recommended actions remain in the recommended actions column? The person who updates our PFMEA's doesn't ever want to remove them. So there are actions listed from 2 years ago. We are doing an annual validation PPAP and he's updated the PFMEA but he wants to keep it there...
  9. Ashok sunder

    Is it possible to reduce FMEA Occurrence and Detection Ranking after corrective action taken for customer complaints?

    sir, I have small clarification on PFMEA detection & occurrence rating .If customer complaint arises we have take corrective action and the same action will be included in PFMEA. continuously six months the corrective action was monitored. Its is possibility to reduce the occurrence and...
  10. S

    How to fulfill PFMEA "requirement" column?

    Dear good people, I'm looking for your opinion. We are doing a review in our PFMEA and Control Plan, we want to ensure all PFMEA and Control Plan have a linkage. What we understand are 1. "Requirement" in PFMEA may be become "Product Characteristic" in control plan. and "Cause" in PFMEA may...
  11. N

    Process Flow diagram steps for inspection and packaging

    Hi greetings. I'm currently revising a Process flow for a assembly process in the automotive industry as a tier 1. I have looked for guidelines or an official manual but I haven't found any, just a brief mention of it in the aiag ppap manual, is there any one you have found and you...
  12. T

    Informational Family or Baseline PFMEA Rules

    Can anyone help me to understand the proper use of a family or baseline PFMEA? I'm in a very heated debate on the proper use of a family or baseline PFMEA with my Quality Engineer and Quality Manager. We had an internal auditor (3rd party) tell us it's ok to submit a "family process FMEA" that...
  13. A

    PFMEA severity score different applications

    Hi All, how to manage multi customer applications for the same process in terms of severity scoring. E.g The product produced may go into a safety critical application and score a severity of 9 or a non safety application and would score eg 4. The product goes down the same process but multi end...
  14. C

    Sequence of Process Steps not Respected

    How would you use FMEA to ensure proper sequence of steps? At the moment PFMEA studies the failure modes associated with each steps, but we found ourselves confused when somebody did the steps perfectly, just not in the right order. How would you tackle this? Let's imagine a station in which...
  15. M

    Control Method correspondence between PFMEA and CP

    Hi everyone, I am looking forward for your input. It is said (as per AIAG) that there should be correspondence between the PFMEA and CP in regards of the "control methods" for all characteristics (which has failure modes, effects and causes associated). Before expressing my approach, I want to...
  16. N

    In-Process Production Test Stations in PFMEA (Process FMEA)

    Hi all greetings. Working in one of my first PFMEAs I come across with tester stations. My question is how are these stations treated? They are part of the process but no operation is being made, or modifications are being made to the product they are just testing some characteristics of...
  17. C

    Electrical Power Plant Supply failure in PFMEAs

    Hello all, Say we have a plant in Mexico, and once in a while there is power outage. Must that be taken into consideration in PFMEAs? Or is it enough to cover it in contingency plans? Thanks a lot! Manuel
  18. W

    Is the RPN (risk priority number) in the PFMEA really a RPN without the detectability

    Hi all. I am working in a company in the medical field. The company is located on two continents. The one I am working for is the contract manufacturer, the other is the distributor. Some time ago our colleagues from abroad were audited. No critical remarks were found during the audit but the...
  19. I

    Making a process PFMEA, no DFMEA (non-automotive toll manufacturer)

    Hello, We are a toll manufacturer (I like to describe similar to a car wash); we do not design our product. I have set up a group to make a process PFMEA for one of our lines...intent is to learn more about it and ID failure modes at each process section to help us anticipate our problems...
  20. Proud Liberal

    DFMEA / PFMEA linkage - Where in the standards do I find it?

    Is there any requirement (current or upcoming) for suppliers to have access to customer's DFMEA in order to complete their PFMEA? I know it's a "best practice", but not all customers are willing to share them. If so, where in the standards do I find it?
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