1. J0anne

    Implantable Devices - The effects of surgical scaffold implanted into the human body

    This video illustrates the effects of surgical scaffold implanted into the human body to reinforce tissue during surgical procedures Please discuss
  2. L

    Cytotoxicity at the end of life-time

    We have recently changed the supplier of our polypropylene and are preparing the bioloical evaluation for the new one. Material characterization and cytotoxicity tests were passed. And now we are planning to perform cytotoxicity at the end of life time, which is one year. Does anyone know a...
  3. R

    Polypropylene Packaging for Food items

    I own a small restaurant in front of my house “Hot&Spicy”, we are going to bring our service at your foot step through home delivery (recommended by our customer). Our website is not live now, but it will be activated within weeks. Everything is set but needed some advice regarding the package...
  4. C

    Measurement System Artificially Creates a Skewed Distribution

    Hi All, I have a question... I received in a new component for the 1st time and "Goods In" did their inspection. On a batch of 3500, 75 samples were inspected. A dimension was not out of spec but failed to meet the inspection criteria according to ASQ/ANSI Z1.9 2003. Spec is 0.65-0.75 mm...
  5. S

    PP (Polypropylene) Plastic part becomes brittle after 2-3 days

    hello all we produced plastic part by PP, we found the part becomes to brittle after 2 or 3 days later but the flexility is ok when part out of tooling. someone can tell me why and how to improve? thanks very much
  6. A

    Batch Processing Record for Medical Devices - Disposable Plastic Syringes

    Dear forum Members, We are the manufacturer of Disposable Plastic Syringes (3ml, 5ml) and Disposable Infusion Giving Sets. We are developing our batch processing / manufacturing record for syringes and I.V. infusion giving sets. The system for allocating batch number is little bit...
  7. R

    Quality acceptance program for injected molded plastic parts

    Quality acceptance program for injected molded plastic parts I need help developing a QC acceptance/rejection criteria for polypro injected molded parts for new or existing supplier. The company that I am working for doesn’t have any QC program in place for a very important product that we...
  8. B

    Allergic reactions complaints for a protective apparel (impervious gown)

    Several months ago, we received a few allergic reaction complaints for a protective apparel (impervious gown) made with PE laminated SPP (Polypropylene) fabric. This is the only material used in this gown. No thread, latex elastic...etc. is used on this gown. The customers complainted about...
  9. G

    Plastic Flexibilty - Polypropylene H1500 material

    Hi everybody This is a specific case that I am trying to explain, although I know it is impossible, I hope someone can give me a scientific or technical answer We have used injection molding to produce a long, thin object which is the shape of half a U and is roughly 10cm long. It is made of...
  10. F

    Polypropylene Sterilization with Heat Autoclave

    Hello, I have some questions about polyprolene sterilization with heat autoclave. During the sterilization, I have seen that the polypropylene is expanding and deforming. The issue is that it doesn't come back to the original form at the end. Any idea on how to fix this? Thanks!
  11. T

    Standards that exist regarding Sterilization of Polypropylene?

    Hello! I am looking for some information on any standards that are in existance concerning acceptable and effectiveness of sterilization of polypropylene material. We produce a very simple (but Class IIa according to the EU) dental device called an HVE tip- it is used to attach to the suction...
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