ppap (production part approval process)

  1. Crimpshrine13

    PPAPs (How far down the tiers are we supposed to get PPAPs)?

    Perhaps someone can help me with this. We're a tier 2 supplier, and we never had customer requirements to get PPAPs from our suppliers (material supplier and platers) in the past, but this discussion came up during the last IATF 16949 surveillance audit. Is it a mandatory requirement to get a...
  2. F

    PPAP Documentation Control

    Hello, After an in depth PPAP review which lasted days, we have been hit with a rejection on the final step. 7.5.3 - Documentation Control. The customer has demanded we meet the following criteria before the PSW be signed: Full contents page which every document listed Every page to be...
  3. K

    PPAP Phases Vs PPAP Levels

    Hello Everyone, Could you please help me to understand the difference between "PPAP (Phase 0,1,2,3)" & "PPAP (Level 1,2,3,4,5)". Waiting your feedbacks, Thank you in advance. Kind Regards,
  4. T

    Final process capability results - What I am supposed to present? Cp and CpK?

    Hello everybody, I will try to be short and to the point. In 2 weeks FORD customer is coming to sign PPAP 3 for electrical distribution system wiring harnesses. Today I got the agenda and I have to speak half an hour about <final process capability results> as part of PPAP I guess. My manager...
  5. G

    First Article Submission (Destruction of parts)

    Good morning, I have been working on a customer version of a PPAP. There is one feature on the part that is impossible to measure (with current resources) without destroying the part, we generally do this at the start of each run (we do FAI for each part) and do it periodically during our...
  6. G

    Do You Chase Your PSW signed warrants?

    So PPAP has become a standard practice these days. So every time someone breaths, we need to do an updated PPAP. However, customers are really bad at returning a signed warrant. So do you chase them down for a signature? Or just file it and wait. Note: This question refers to subsequent...
  7. G

    Job interview - So I have to do a presentation on PPAP

    Hi all, Been lurking for a little while now. Some great info on here. I’d like to pick a few brains for a second job interview I have coming up. So I have to do a presentation. One of the selections is based around PPAP. I do not have expanded knowledge of PPAP as my current employer does not...
  8. J

    AIAG PPAP: Acceptance Criteria for Initial Study (page 9, 4th edition)

    Level 3 PPAP Can somebody please explain "initial study'? Does this include annual PPAP where we submit Cpk? Does it include anytime a PPAP is submitted - that Cpk must be met not matter what? My interpretation is that Cpk must be met and if the PPAP is going to be late because Cpk cannot be...
  9. M

    Level 3 PPAP submission of intentional defective parts

    A customer is requesting a Level 3 submission of machined piece parts. They state it is necessary to submit actual defective samples. i.e. parts outside of tolerance limits, visual dings, thread errors. Has anyone ever experienced this? Any basis for this in industry specifications? I have...
  10. eule del ayre

    List of Level 3 PPAP requirements for automotive suppliers

    Good Morning Guys, can someone tell me or educate me about the PPAP level 3 list of requirements for automotive? Please and Thank you guys.
  11. A

    New Supplier implementation - PPAP vs APQP

    Hello, I have situation in company, where Buyers would like to implement new Supplier to deliver one of the parts to already existing project. The purpose of this change is that the current Supplier does not meet our requirements and presents very poor quality. New Supplier will have to submit...
  12. E

    Nissan (Renault) PPAP Acronyms (DNote , KFD, IR)

    Need help confirming these Acronyms /Abbreviations : Nissan (Renault) PPAP Acronyms DNote = ? KFD = ? IR =?
  13. N

    How to deal with catalog parts suppliers who refuse to submit PPAP documents?

    Some of our Catalog Parts Suppliers are also our competitors. We find it difficult to ask them to submit PPAP documents especially those confidential on their side (FMEA, Control Plans). May I ask from you guys what can be our alternative activities to ensure the compliance of our catalog...
  14. N

    PPAP material certificate date

    Hi Can anyone please comment on a sticking point we have, we need to close out a query that we have as we are under the opinion that a component from a supplier on a PPAP submission has to have a material certificate to be less than one year old to gain full approval
  15. P

    Paint shop vs PPAP requirements

    Dear Colleagues, from few days I'm figting with our suppliers regarding to PPAP requirements, that's why I'd like to ask you for support. We are a paint shops - for automotive industry - wet, powder and electrophoretic (KTL). Our paintshops are IATF Certified, but our suppliers (mainly) not...
  16. Sidney Vianna

    AS9100 News PPAP in the Aerospace Sector - What is it? AS9145 - Requirements for Advanced Product Quality Planning and Production Part Approval Process

    The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), originally devised for the Automotive Sector has also been rolled out, as part of the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) protocol in the Aviation, Space & Defense Industry, and codified via the AS9145 Standard. The attached document, available...
  17. D

    PPAP a Rebranded Purchased Product (we don't manufacture)

    Hi, Our customer has asked our organization to provide a PPAP for an automotive fluid product we sell them that is a rebrand of a fluid we purchase from our supplier. We have an agreement with our supplier to sell this automotive fluid under our company name. This is quite common within the...
  18. E

    Solder thermal profiles for PPAP - Automotive

    Hello all: Looking for advice. I work for a Tier 1 automotive supplier that manufactures shifter assemblies and electronic transmission pump controls. Our OEM customer is now requiring solder thermal profiles from out process and from our suppliers that supplier PCBAs. This used to be...
  19. P

    Automotive Customer asking PPAP for catalogue parts

    Here my problem description. My company produces both catalogue and customer specific design parts. It happens that a catalogue one could fit the needs of the automotive customer application. Catalogue, since made in mass production for open market, are cheaper than an equivalent customer...
  20. V

    PPAP documentation - Submission required in English

    Hello, Does anyone know if it is specified somewhere that PPAP documentation must be in English? I know that Flow Chart/Control Plan must be in English. I know that checking aids (control docs) can be in native language. But i don't remember where/if this is specified in any norm/requirement...
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