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  1. GoKats78

    Callout on Surface Finish

    On one of our drawings there is a call-out on the symbol in position c of SPBR. We are at a loss of what this abbrevation means That part is a thin stamped part (0.15 mm)
  2. S

    Difference between Surface Finish (Ra) and Flatness (GD&T)

    These both seem like they would be very similar measures.. Can anyone shed some light- preferably with a drawing example on the difference between them? Is it an obvious difference or are these terms used somewhat incorrectly in practice?
  3. E

    Conflicting dimensions on customer print

    I am looking for some help with Customer related issue. I have a part drawing with a dimension for a hole. The part is a stamped metal part. The dimension is called out as a range, not a plus-minus tolerance on the drawing. There is a supplementary specification which does include a nominal...
  4. Roberticus

    Negative corner radius (per ISO 1101)?

    Good afternoon all. Hoping to get a bit of help understanding a callout on a print. Don't really comprehend per my GD&T exposure. Corner/edge callout, not tied to any detail or section of the overall part. Specified as a negative 0.1. Used to a minimum edge radius but not a negative value...
  5. S

    What the difference is between Stub Acme & Acme thread?

    Hello Everyone, Can someone tell me briefly what the difference is between Stub Acme & Acme thread? I'm asking because I just molded a internal thread that has a flat root but a rounded crest. (The print is calling out a Acme thread) Now I haven't been dealing with Acme threads long at all, but...
  6. 2

    ASTM or ISO Specifications on Prints

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a specification or standard that requires ASTM or ISO standards for stainless steels to be referenced on manufacturer prints for medical devices. For instance, I have several prints that call out the material such as 301 SS or 18-8 SS but...
  7. B

    Counterbore - Hole or feature?

    I have a drawing that the block tolerances for a .XXX "feature" is +/- .005" and the block tolerance for a .XXX "hole" is +.003/-.001. Which is the correct tolerance to use for a counterbore, feature or hole? Thanks.
  8. O

    What does "Gap" and "Flush" in ASME Y14.5 mean?

    Hello Guys, I have seen a lot of times the terms "GAP and FLUSH" in GD&T drawings, but I have been looking for that terminology in the ASME Y14.5 Standard and I have not found anything. Do you know what is the meaning of these two terms? Thanks in advance, Regards.
  9. G

    Decimal places on Drawing (Print) Callouts

    What is the ruling on decimal places on drawings and what number of decimals do you measure them to? If a diameter is 35.0mm +/-0.1 Measured with digital micrometer 35.11 on display, is this a failed part? My colleague is claiming that is is not due to the drawing only states 1 decimal...
  10. S

    Basic Dimension W/O using FCF

  11. E

    European Weld Callouts - Confused with the "/C" and the "a2" portions

    Hi Covers! I need some help with some European weld callouts. I used to have a link that was very good at explaining the callouts, but I no longer have it and can't find it with searches. I've attached a photo of the part in question - it is a flat plate with a large nut that is to be...
  12. T

    Establishing -F- datum - need advice

    Having some disagreements on how to establish this -F- datum on a machining print. The circle through the hole is determined by the location of two other boltholes on this casting. Question is: Two lines on the outside of boss (cast surface) establish a center point between them and place it on...
  13. M

    True Position / GD&T - I'm staring at this drawing and I'm lost

    Hi, I'm in desperate need of help regarding true position. I included a picture that i drew to help (attached below). I apologize for the lack of quality and i did my best with confidentiality restrictions. Ok, so here it goes, I was thrown into a project at work and I barely have any...
  14. E

    Print only has Reference Dimensions

    Suppling a product to tier 2 assembler in automotive market. The print only has (Reference Dimensions) on it. The print also has tolerance in the Title block. And we have the CAD drawing from the customer, although, I can only have a cad viewer to see the overall shape and not pull of...
  15. R

    Location Interpretation on Drawing - Hole to Hole?

    Please help me out here. The attached drawing has a 2.0958" dimension. I know the answer but how would you interpret this dimension from the hole at the bottom of the drawing straight up along the vertical axis or would you interpret as the distance directly between the two holes? The seems to...
  16. E

    Position of a milled hex - Print Callout

    I am wondering if my interpretation on this call out is correct. Please see attachment. Is it stating that the milled hex surfaces are to be between two parallel planes that are .010 apart relative to datums B and A?
  17. Kchnwtch

    Thread callout - M22 x 1.0-6H 0.100R Thread

    Hello, Have any of you ever seen a thread callout on a print that looks like this: M22 x 1.0-6H 0.100R Thread (We're wondering what they mean by 0.100R.) We've contacted several of the tech people related to the job, and they've given us the runaround, finally telling us that we can...
  18. D

    Multiple Features With Only One Toleranced on the Print

    I am so glad this forum is back. I have been getting information from this site throughout most of my quality career. Sorry off topic... Ok I have a question, I have a print with three separate although identical slots and on this print they only section cut and dimension one of them. It does...
  19. J

    Deformation specification not defined in print

    Hi Attached part is a weld part. critical dimension .900+0/-.001 inch with in spec measured by mirco meter or CMM(single side plane to 6 random points). but if measured a co-plane (two side planes) this plane flatness is .005-.006inch. or measured both side .900 center line not a strightness...
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