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problem solving

  1. K

    Does anyone have a copy of a GM 5 Phase Problem solving form

    Looking for a Copy of a General Motors 5 Phase Problem solving form
  2. G

    When preventative action is prohibited by cost in 8D problem solving

    Dealing with two customers on non critical cosmetic flaws. Both very small percentage of orders 1. 9 of 50000 total value .21 cents. requesting C&P action . 2. 9 of 10000 PCS total value $36.00 requesting 8D C&P action in this case it is a raw material issue that cannot be detected in our...
  3. A

    Overkill? Using the 3L5W tool on non-conformities

    I have recently been working on some "non-conformities" of the Quality Management System using the 3L5W tool. After much wrestling, it seems to me that, unlike other forms of corrective action and root cause analysis tools, this one is like a sledge hammer to crack a nut. Anyone got any thoughts...
  4. H

    5 why's and fishbone diagrams

    Hi everyone, I'm doing a junior role in quality so I sometimes attend root cause analysis meetings, I have noticed that my company's 'problem solving form' has the 5 whys before the Fishbone diagram. The senior quality person leading the meeting, started by explaining that we should do our 5...
  5. A

    5Why vs. 8D - Problem Solving

    Hello All, I would like to ask about root-cause analysis in 8D reports, namely if we have in D4 sections: root-cause for occurence & root-cause for non-detection and also to the 8D template is attached tab with 5Why to fulfill, and for instance this 5Why is resolved in full 5 steps --> which...
  6. S. Moore

    Technical or Systemic cause for 8D

    Shipper forgot to put labels on rolls of shipped material; technical or systemic cause? For some reason shipper got distracted after printing labels and forgot to attach them to the rolls. I have never written an 8D and I am trying to teach myself to complete an 8D for a customer and I am...
  7. J

    5 why's in 3 categories

    Hello, I've been asked to fill out a 5 why's form. Until now I've only seen the normal 5 whys but this time, the format is divided in 3 categories: occurrence: use this path for why the specific non conformance occured detection: use this path to investigate why the problem was not...
  8. W

    Root Cause Analysis Requirements per TS 16949:2009

    Does there need to be written evidence to show how a root cause was determined, such as a "5 why", in the problem solving methodology to satisfy ISO/TS 16949:2009 requirements? Thanks in advance. :thanx:
  9. W

    Documented Problem-Solving for Automotive

    Is anybody aware of a requirement that the problem-solving method of a supplier be documented? I'm hearing from my registrar that the IAOB requires it but the IAOB website says nothing.
  10. G

    FRACAS Tools

    Hi guys There are many bespoke FRACAS tools on the market, and even more packages that can be used for FRACAS even if it isn't its prime purpose. Does anyone know if any formal comparative studies have been done on what's out there? Or, if not, maybe there is some anecdotal 'guidance' on the...
  11. L

    First Time Completing a 5 Why/RootCause Failure Analysis

    Please any and all feed back is appreciated I am struggling with it. Know one here is trained and my manager was placed into QA roll. Please review and let me know what verbiage and how it should really be . its been along week and a half.:bonk:
  12. I

    3 legged 5 Why - Hole diameter Oversize caused by Gauging

    Hello Folks, We had an issue with a stamped part in which the hole diameter was oversize. We found out that the gauge we are using to verify the hole was giving us false readings. We found this out by taking a 3 point Mauser bore gauge and measuring the hole diameter vs the two point bore...
  13. I

    What's special about your RCAs (Root Cause Analysis)?

    Hi All, I approach Root Cause Analysis (RCA) in a particular way due to my industry. I'm trying to learn more about how others do RCA. So, I'm curious... what makes the way your industry does RCA different? What industry or domain is the setting for your RCA efforts? For what kinds of issues...
  14. Q

    Problem Solving Techniques - 5 why or Fishbone diagram ?

    Hi everybody Does anybody can share experiences regarding solving problems techniques. when is better to use 5 why or fishbone. I have read info on the net, but still have some doubts, I raised this question here because I see lot of users that over the years have used all these...
  15. S

    Problem Solving Database for Each Machine

    As I have mentioned in other posts I work in a industrial enviroment. We have 6 different types of main machines including turners, curing oven and honing-machines, apart from that we also have several transportsystems, washers and such. Everyone take part on all machines wich means it is hard...
  16. D

    Thoughts on the Implementation and Effectiveness of A3 methodology

    Has anyone have experience implementing A3 at their companies or have you worked at companies where it is utilized effectively? What are your thought son this method?
  17. J

    Root Cause Determination Training for Production Managers

    I have been asked to train production managers on how to perform root cause/corrective action for manufacturing defects. I know about creating a team and identifying the problem but in our case, we our a small company and the team may consist of one person (the responsible Department Manager)...
  18. M

    Failure Analysis on Cracking SMT Capacitors

    I work for a small Electronics Company and for as long as I can remember we have had problems with surface mount capacitors cracking. For the longest time we have just accepted this as an inevitability; however, this year we (quality) have been tasked to research reasoning for it and prevention...
  19. J

    What Practices Undermine the Effectiveness of the A3 Process?

    I have seen a lot of articles on "how to" implement the A3 process, but "how not to" tends to be handled as the occasional aside to "how to," if at all. I would like to hear from those of you who have experience with the process about any practices you think are likely to undermine the...
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