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  1. Ashok sunder

    ISO 45001:2018 Documentation template

    Dear All, could you Pls provide the ISO 45001:2018 Documentation template?
  2. P

    Procedure for maintaining Confidentiality And Impartiality in a Laboratory

    Hi I would like to know anyone one have a procedure for maintaining CONFIDENTIALITY AND IMPARTIALITY in the laboratory as per 17025:2017. Plz Share Thanking you
  3. J

    Nonconforming product procedures SOP help :)

    Looking for some good Nonconforming product procedures for examples. Thanks
  4. A

    Critical Supplier/Quality Agreement Procedure

    Does anyone have an example of a procedure for determining a critical supplier and an example of a Quality Agreement that would be used for different types of Critical Suppliers. I would think a Quality Agreement for a component supplier would be different than a supplier of services or for an...
  5. Q

    AS9100D Corrective Action Procedure needed

    QA Pros: Can some one share an AS 9100D corrective action procedure? thank you
  6. S

    13485:2016 procedure sample

    Hi everyone, Does somebody have a sample procedure based on the new standard using the risk-based approach? Thanks.
  7. S

    Usability procedure - looking for a template

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for templates to write usability procedure. Can anyone share? Thanks in advance, Sheemah
  8. V

    Paint batch approval procedure for automotive industry

    Hi, Can anyone help me to get Paint batch colour approval procedure for automotive industry? Thanks, Vivkrish.
  9. E

    Ask for supplier control procedure which conforms to IATF16949

    Could anyone share me a supplier control procedure which conforms to IATF16949? Thank you in advance.
  10. R

    Clinical evaluation Meddev (2.7.1 revision 4) - Example or Template

    Hi I'm a trainee in regulatiuon and quality management system. I'm asked to do the clinical evaluation for a medical device Does any one have an exemple or template of (regarding to the recommendation of the Meddev 2.7/1 révision 4 and new EU regulation) : - a clinical investigation...
  11. J

    IATF 16949 Product Safety

    Hello, I am new at creating documents and Iam very lost. We are being audited to the new standard and we do not have a Product Safety procedure written. Because of the nature of our business, we do not have any products that fall in this category at the moment. Does anyone have a procedure we...
  12. A

    Technical File Procedure (for Company) - Example wanted

    hi -does anybody have a sample Technical File SOP they can share (feel free to redact) thanks so much
  13. S

    Looking for ISO Class 8 Cleanroom Cleaning Procedure example

    Can any one share the procedure of ISO Class 8 cleanroom cleaning ? Much appreciated.
  14. C

    Example Work Instruction/Procedure for AQL (Acceptable Quality Level)

    Hi all, I was wanting to know if you guys had a example work instruction/procedure for AQL. Also seen that you could use criticality's like critical and major. Thanks for the help.
  15. W

    Seeking Returned Merchandise Procedure

    Please help
  16. J

    Calibration Recall - Lost Gages procedure example wanted

    We have a calibration recall system in place. Sometimes, personnel are unable to locate the gages on recall and they are presumed lost until they turn up. Of course they do not always turn up. How should I address lost gages in the recall. Does anyone have a lost gage procedure? I was just...
  17. D

    Design and Development Procedure example and Template wanted - AS9100 Rev D

    HI, I need just to somebody explain me about procedure Design and Development according to AS9100D? I just start to write procedure for whole company. We are small company, and here on std. part 8.3 Im block :D. For design and development I need document for planing? That document must be...
  18. K

    Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) - Vacuum Furnace

    Can anyone help please, I am looking for guidance or an example of a procedure for TUS on a vacuum furnace in preparation for NADCAP. ? Thanks in advance.
  19. S

    FMEA for CNC Manufacturing

    I am in the process of creating FMEA for all the process in CNC manufacturing like production/planning, QA, receiving, shipping, purchasing, sales/quotation, accounting, health & safety. Please advise where I can find samples related to all above processes.
  20. D

    Seeking Corrective Action Process Examples

    I am seeking examples of Corrective Action Processes in the form of procedures or process maps or other formats. I downloaded some examples from the web and Elsmar. Just wanted to put up a request looking for any new examples.
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