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  1. V

    Selecting System Precision Criteria - System Suitability

    Before analysing the samples on the instrument, it is recommended to evaluate the repeatability/sensitivity specific to the method-parameters. this requirement could be more relevant&specific for pharmaceutical industry as it handles little more complex samples. (this is in addition to the...
  2. M

    Repeatability issue in Gage R&R study for inner diameter of a bushing

    Dear cove members, Sorry for my baby english and i kindly request your valuable comments for My company has a discussion with supplier regarding a gage issue. this supplier provides us bushings. Tolerance is 0,009 µm. As a customer, we request from them to control this feature with a...
  3. B

    How to Demonstrate Stability and Repeatability in very Short Run Process

    Hi all! Its been a while since I last logged in. I am performing a FAI for an aerospace company. The company is requiring us to demonstrate process stability and repeatability per AS9102. Problem is we are only producing 5 molded plastic parts per the P.O. We ran a small lot back in 2003 on...
  4. D

    Number of Manufacturing Lots for Process Validation

    Hi all, I am looking for some suggestions as to answer the following question I received from Manufacturing Engineering, who is looking to validate a manufacturing process currently being developed in R&D. We are going to do a production run or runs and perform cpk analysis on key measurement...
  5. R

    Repeatability in MSA - Is repeatability a measure of Location Error

    Dear All, I saw the question in an article, "is repeatability a measure of Location Error"? Say True or False. If False Please correct the Statement? Pl. help me whether the above is True or False. Also what is the meaning of Location here? Thanks Prabhakar
  6. T

    Method Repeatability for MU (Measurement Uncertainty)

    Accordig to VIM repeatability is described as given ?Repeatability conditon of measurement refers to measurements being made on portions of the same materials by a single analyst , using the same procedure, under the same operating condition over a short time period.? So if one wants to get...
  7. J

    MSA For Solder Paste Inspection Machines

    All, This is my first post and I've done alot of reading through these forums and posts for something even remotely similar. Sorry if I missed anything. Anyways, here is my situation. When trying to verify the capability of an inspection machine the customers typically run their own GRR...
  8. B

    Repeatability vs. Instrument Specifications

    I use specifications for a measuring instruments as a Type-B standard uncertainties in uncertainty calculations per GUM. Some external standards (such as ISO 17025 via A2LA) seem to require specific values for repeatability as Type-A standard uncertainties. I feel that the repeatability of the...
  9. Jerry Eldred

    New ILAC Requirements Regarding Repeatability - Your thoughts on this please

    Okay, I have precious little time to spend on this topic, and I must confess that I am not an MU expert. I am reading the new ILAC document (P14:12/2010) regarding new clarified requirements for uncertainty. On the one hand, it requires including repeatability and suggests reproducibility...
  10. T

    Value of K1, K2, K3 in GR&R - I want to measure Repeatability and Reproducibility

    Hey There, What should be the value of K1, K2 and K3 if I want to measure Repeatability and Reproducibility for more than 3 trials, more than 3 Appraisers and more than 10 parts? Thanks in advance. :confused:
  11. H

    Gage R&R - No Repeats - Parts measured by my company and an outside supplier

    My company measured some parts then sent the same parts to an outside vendor. They'd like to check the results are comparable. I can run 2 sample t-tests and other hypothesis tests to check the basics. But I'd like to be able to look at it like a GR&R, while skipping the influence of...
  12. S

    Weld Cell Repeatability Studies - Origin - The 'drilled hole panel' Methodology

    Hi, all! I was wondering if anyone knows of the origins of formally testing for weld cell repeatability using the 'drilled hole panel' methodology wherein: 1) Parts are laid upon the fixture and holes, say 5mm diameter, are drilled in significant points in each of 3 axis. 2) Clamps are then...
  13. Miner

    Intro to MSA of Continuous Data – Part 7: R&R using Wheeler’s Honest Gage Study

    This is the seventh in a series of articles about MSA. The focus of this article will be on alternative approaches to evaluating the repeatability and reproducibility (R&R) of a measurement system. The de facto standard for R&R studies has been the approach documented in the AIAG MSA...
  14. Miner

    Intro to MSA of Continuous Data – Part 6: R&R for Non-Replicable Measurements

    This is the sixth in a series of articles about MSA. The focus of this article will be on measurement repeatability and reproducibility for non-replicable measurement systems, commonly called a destructive test. Okay, what exactly is a non-replicable measurement system and why is it not...
  15. K

    Repeatability after CMM repair work

    Currently my company will perform a huge R&R study after repair work to a CMM. This is very time and money consuming. We would like to go to a shortened "repeatablility" test just to verify that the repairs did not affect measurment of product. Any suggestions on sample size, trials...
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