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  1. Claes Gefvenberg

    Publication of ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety - Further delays?

    Publication of ISO 45001 appears likely to be delayed until well into 2017 after participating members “disapproved” the draft circulated in January (I found no official info from ISO/PC 283 at the ISO site, however).
  2. G

    Insights into the 2016 Version of TS16949 (IATF 16949)

    Anybody have any insight to the new 2016 version. I know they had a big powwow in April. But the revisions seem to be some big secret.
  3. I

    Document Control - Document Revision History Question

    I've been reading threads for a while but haven't really come across the answer I am looking for. We are implementing our ISO QMS. For "Control of Documents" we have "to ensure that changes and the current revision status of documents are identified." Most SOP and Work Instruction examples...
  4. O

    Regulatory Notification for IVD IFU Instructions Revision

    Hi all, We are updating an instructions for use pamphlet that goes out with one of our IVD tests. The revision is in response to published findings on acceptable sample collection methods- there are more than the 1 currently defined sample collection apparatus' that will work for our test...
  5. M

    Making Amendments to a Quality Manual

    We have an uncontrolled copy of Issue 1 of our Quality Manual; when making amendments should these be typed and then Issue 1 reprinted? Many thanks
  6. M

    Automated Revision Updates - Notifications of new revisions for ISO's to subscribers

    I'm wondering if any websites give automated notifications of new revisions for ISO's to subscribers. Or better yet if anyone knows a website with a subscriber service that will send out updated standards, that'd be great. Here's an example for clarity. Let's say I need ISO:13485 and...
  7. I

    Tracking changes in ISO Standards

    Hello, I'm trying to determine the changes to a number of ISO standards to determine what changes we need to comply to. Is there a service that provides a list of changes? If not, how can I go about determining what has changed between the previous version of these standards and the current...
  8. L

    The proposed changes to ISO 14001: Better or just bigger?

    In a recent Globescan survey, ISO 14001 came up last on a list of the top 7 drivers of industry progress towards sustainability over the next 5 years. Will the proposed changes propel ISO 14001 higher or take it off the list? This is just one of the points we’ll cover on June 24th in a webinar...
  9. A

    Is it mandatory to revise MSDS every three years?

    Is it mandatory to revise MSDS every three years? if yes pl give reference where it is mentioned that MSDS to revise every three years
  10. W

    New list of MDD Harmonized Standards

    A new list of MDD Harmonized Standards has been published in the gazette of the EU - OJ C 149 of 16/05/2014 EN 980:2008 - labelling - is listed again.
  11. R

    Questions about editing a form because no one is signing it.

    Hi all, first time questioner here, so please do inform me if there's anything I should do differently. I have a question about a specific form we're using, but it affects our QMS as a whole, if this ever comes up again. As far as background, we are in the process of becoming ISO 9001...
  12. H

    Listing the gaps between EN ISO 14630:2012 and recent vesions

    Hello all, Can anyone assist listing the gaps between EN ISO 14630:2012 and recent vesions? Thanking you in advance! Eyal
  13. B

    Did UL 60601-1 change when the IEC 60601-1 standard changed to the 3rd edition?

    When the IEC 60601-1 standard changed to the 3rd edition, did the UL standard change too? How should the standards be referenced in the compliance section of my products manual?
  14. Frankie11

    Setting up a New QMS for Certification when ISO 9001 is about to Change

    I thought it might be an interesting discussion. If you've got a company looking to be certified to ISO 9001 in the next 6-12 months, as the quality manager what do you do? If you work for a CB, what would you be recommending? Anyone else in this position now or previously? I've been asked to...
  15. B

    Revision history for FDA's CFR 21

    As I checked, FDA CFR21 will be revised on April of each calendar year, I would like to know what change on the regulation content, but I can't find any revision history. Is anyone with idea about how to know the revision content? If have any suggestion, please reply me. Thanks in advance !
  16. T

    Software that will overlay Old Revision and New Revision Print and Compare

    I'm looking for software that will overlay old revision and new revision blueprints, make them transparent and allow me to line them up to see what changed. We use inspectionxpert and it works well but the main function of that software is ballooning prints. I would love to find software that...
  17. F

    ISO 13485 Revision Questions - November 2013

    thanks mr :marcelo i have question about iso 13485 update if i can obtain the update version thanks farag
  18. rob73

    When will BS EN ISO 15223-1:2012 replace EN 980

    Back to this old chestnut again, does anyone have any further news on the replacement of EN 980 with 15223? I see neither are listed in the harmonised standards listing STILL!!!!!!
  19. R

    Does anyone know when AS9102 Rev B will be released?

    The revision to AS9102 FAI has been in the pipeline for a while. Does anyone know when it will be released?
  20. K

    EN 13640:2002 number changed to EN ISO 23640:2011

    All: Does anyone know why EN 13640:2002 was given a new number, EN ISO 23640:2011? I saw in another post that the standard was reintroduced, but found no information about why the number changed from 13640 to 23640. Thanks!
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