1. A

    Creating a policy to evaluate the Third Party Security

    Hi Group. Good day. As part of policy creation am creating a policy to Evaluate the Third Party security. Can anyone share any templates or provide the inputs what needs to be considered to evaluate the Third Party Security? Regards Ajay
  2. R

    Security Standard referred to as TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association)

    Has anybody ever heard of a security standard referred to as "TAPA". I may have the spelling wrong but we have a potential electronics customer that inquired about this. I'm getting the information third hand so I'm kinda shooting in the dark but I figured if it existed then somebody here...
  3. R

    Who is regulating Security Alarm Codes?

    One of the early risers that works here came in and attempted to turn off the company's security alarm as he usually does. He has done this successfully many times before only today the alarm would not disarm. Soon there were policemen at the door. Turns out that HR changed the security code...
  4. T

    Has anyone done both Quality and Facility Security Officer (FSO) roles ?

    The company I work for just got into government contracts and is required to increase the security and hire a certified FSO. The current ITAR person is a friend of mine and they pitched to the owners that I should be the FSO (Facility Security Officer) although I do not currently have the...
  5. Ajit Basrur

    Google detects fake website ID certificate threat Web browser makers have rushed to fix a security lapse that could have allowed cyber thieves to impersonate Google+ The loophole involved an exploit of ID credentials that browsers use to ensure a website is who it claims to be. By using...
  6. S

    Security Gap Assessment Methodology based on ISO 27001 or COBIT

    Hi guys, Do any of you have a methodology for security gap assessement that base on 27001 or COBIT ? I have the template for gap analaysis but not on the methodology portion. Thanks,
  7. B

    Security Officer Resources, Tasks and Responsibilities

    Hi dear I am looking for a site, document that will help the new security office to do know his tasks or duties.. cheers.
  8. S

    ISO/IEC 24745:2011 - New Standard for Biometric Information Security

    It is still hot :)
  9. C

    FDA Requirements and Cyber Information Security

    Hi all, We have received last week an additional information request from the FDA about the Cybersecurity aspects of our device: Confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability, with respect to communications features and associated software They never requested such information...
  10. D

    ITAR and FAA Repair Station Security Planning - Visitors

    My company had been granted certification as an FAA Repair Station. We are trying to get a security plan in place. We are trying to find out if the ITAR regulations have anything in them regarding visitors, visitor logs, how long we are to keep logs, etc.. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks...
  11. Jim Wynne

    "Massive" Epsilon Interactive Commercial Email Breach

    On Friday I got the following message from my bank: Just now I received another message, this one from an online bookseller: This sent me off to the Google, where I found this article on the PC World website: Massive Epsilon E-Mail Breach Hits Citi, Chase, Many More. It appears at this point...
  12. R

    Newbie, SME, non existent QMS going for ISO 9001:2008

    Hi All I have been reading threads and files on the cove for the past few months trying to get my head around implementing a QMS in our organisation. There is so much great stuff on here!!! I have been tasked with the implementation of ISO 9001:2008 in our company and have been on a ISO...
  13. BradM

    The need for Strong Passwords

    Ever wonder why IT departments and such are so insistent on building the "super" passwords? Maybe this article will shed some light: One part in particular:
  14. K

    Social Networking - Share, Care But Review & Control

    As Freeman Dyson explained ; - “Life is defined as a material system that can acquire, store, process, and use information to organize its activities. In this broad view, the essence of life is information, but information is not synonymous with life. To be alive, a system must not only hold...
  15. X

    Anyone w/experience - Internal part Chem Labels in a Sensitive Info. environment?

    Newbie Poster. 1st off THANKS to Marc & those of you who share your vast and hard earned wisdom! In a bit of a pickle: Client in Classified/Top Secret space...seeking ISO/AS/QS certification. Deals with chemicals as process components that hit 3's on all three NFPA sectors (HAZMAT) Has to...
  16. Wes Bucey

    New warning with updated firefox?

    I have recently installed the latest update of Firefox web browser and decided to check up on an "odd" character who used to post frequently on a lot of different Forums related to Quality issues. His posts were often well-written, frequently funny, but always with an agenda against anybody or...
  17. O

    Does anyone know the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) Americas

    Good Day Elsmarians! :) A couple of days ago I was told about the Technology Asset Protection Association (TAPA) Americas and immediately visited the TAPA at Just out of my curiousity, does anyone know the TAPA assessment scheme...
  18. Marc

    The FBI Wants to Tap the Net - 2001 to 2014

    FBI wants to tap the net. Makes carnivore look like a baby monitor since this tracks all packets, and would be placed at key locations on the net From (Former link) article/0,3658,s%3D605%26a%253D16678,00.asp October 18, 2001 Beyond Carnivore: FBI Eyes Packet Taps...
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