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spc (statistical process control)

  1. L

    SPC: Methods to collect data

    My company has NC with the following content: "the sample size is 4 pcs/ group, but current the PIC (inspector) take 4 pcs from a shot (including 4 cavities) instead 4 pcs per each cavity from 4 consecutive shots" But SPC Manual (page 162) Method 1: Subgrouping by column (Cycle). Can help me...
  2. Marc

    Free Steve Prevette's Statistical Process Control (SPC) "Library" 2017 - 2019

    Free to All Forum Visitors! Steve Prevette's Statistical Process Control Library Over the years Steve has helped a lot of people here with links to his various presentations and other information. Many of the old links to places he had material hosted are "dead" as the places that once hosted...
  3. I

    Can subgroup size change daily? (X-bar & R)

    One of our manufacturing facilities asked me to review their SPC X-Bar & R chart for them, and I happened to notice that they are not taking a consistent # of samples per day; therefore the "n" is different for each day. So when their Range is being calculated, apparently it...
  4. A

    SPC for Eddy Current Testing

    Hi,i would like to ask your opinions/advices on some matter, We are producing cold drawn steel bars. And one of the steps of the production is crack control operation (Eddy current). During the 3. party audit (IATF 16949), auditor told that we should be doing process control using data gathered...
  5. S

    SPC (Statistical Process Control) for Unilateral Tolerance - Questions

    Dear Sir , Mysefl Shivashankar from India , i have atatched few problem in excell shet which contains SPC quentioneries and request anyone can solve and send me back.
  6. Marc

    Free Bob Doering's Blog Post Series 1.0

    Bob Doering's Blog Post Series mainly related to SPC in Precision Machining. Included Blog Entry Categories: SPC GENERAL GENERAL STATISTICS METROLOGY GENERAL QUALITY CONCEPTS A Trusted Resource! Please click the orangeish "Download" button.
  7. J

    Recommendations on Inspection/SPC Software

    Hello, I am looking for recommendations on Inspection/SPC software. I'm looking to automate my inspection reporting and be able to do SPC. Would like ease of use and be able to grow with us at a reasonable price. I have looked at Mitutoyo Measurlink, price tag for 5 modules is about 5K, not...
  8. Q

    Real Time Electronic SPC/Control Charting

    Hello, Recently there is a direction to move away from paper based SPC and do electronic charting of the control charts. Can some one wiht the experience explain an easy way to do this. We have tensile testers which uses a MTS software. The software saves a file that is printed and a...
  9. Rameshwar25

    Other types of Control Charts described in Chapter II of SPC Manual

    Dear all So far, I have been using all control charts described in chaper II of SPC manual. Apart from these, in chapter III, there are other types of control charts viz.Spotlight Control, CUSUM, EWMA, Regression control charts, Zone chart etc. Can someone send me a link to any post on...
  10. A

    Electric terminal crimping machines - Is SPC appropriate for this process?

    G'day all, We use electric terminal crimping machines in production, crimping small automotive style terminals/pins to wires, e.g. 20 awg. Typically no more than 100 crimps per day per machine. Every morning, and each time a terminal reel is changed, each machine is verified and calibrated...
  11. J

    Properly understanding SPC - Newbie SPC questions

    Hi all First post and relatively newbie to properly understanding SPC. I hope I am using the correct forum. I am trying to establish whether a new filling machine is capable to deliver consistent weights across a varying range of different weights and filling materials. The company I work...
  12. bobdoering

    Handy training tip for SPC - the Check Engine Light Analogy

    Looking for a way to help shop floor people understand SPC? Try the check engine light analogy: Has anyone seen a check engine light turn on in their car? Ever wonder how that happens? The computer in the car has an idea - or mathematical "model" - of how the engine is supposed to behave...
  13. Miner

    Intro to MSA of Continuous Data – Part 8: Comparison of Two Gages

    This is the eighth in a series of articles about MSA. The focus of this article will be on assessing the measurement reproducibility between two measurement systems that must measure the same characteristic. Does the following scenario seem familiar? An operator performs an online test...
  14. K

    Please Help! what is ARL for the range and standard deviation

    hi friends hope you doing right by next Monday i will have an exam on SPC my question is 1. what is the ARL formula for the range and standard deviation (Xbar-R and Xbar-S) and the same question for the Beta RISK 2. what are the condition to use the probabilities control chart and...
  15. Marc

    SPC based Dashboards - By Steve Prevette (November 2017)

    I noticed that Steve posted "SPC based Dashboards" in the Deming LinkedIn group and wanted to share here: I also want to Thank Steve for all the help Steve has given people here in the Elsmar Cove forum over the years.
  16. hiepyeuh

    SPC Work Instructions (WI)

    Dear all. I am sorry if this topic was duplicated with another one in the past. I tried to hit the search button and input some keywords but it seems not work. Currently, I need to complete a WI for SPC job. I made a description work flow for this (below flow). Do you have any comments or...
  17. soundhararajan

    Doubts about SPC taken in Machining - Part has +-0.01 Tolerance

    I have doubt on spc taking in cnc machine.part have tol +-0.01 when running part on cnc target value was set.after produced 8 or 10 parts insert gets wear out..evalute proceess need to produced 40 nos. In spc studies offset given in cnc is correct or wrong..if offset given means what action...
  18. S

    Setting up the process - First piece inspections

    First piece inspections are intended to give us some assurance that our process is set up correctly. Typically one part is measured from each tool cavity, if each part is within spec there is a quality sign off and the machine operator is off and running. I've often wondered whether there is a...
  19. A

    Statistical Process Control and Inspection in Footwear Production

    Hi all, I am a footwear quality inspector struggling to come up with a proving equation that I can use to determine if a batch produced over an 1 hour period is deemed as conform or non conform. The footwear industry uses the AQL standard to assess the quality of a product. Within a produced...
  20. hiepyeuh

    How to define Root Cause when some points are out of control chart

    Hi there, Currently, I am working for an automotive company and trying to control all characteristics by SPC. But I am facing a problem: After finding some points out of Control (till satisfy USL and LSL) but we don't know where should we start to investigate? Do you guys have any ideas for...
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