1. Hershal


    I had this as a series until couple years back. Anyway, now playoffs! Who should be in?
  2. Hershal

    First ever college football playoff? 2014

    Actually, the new playoffs do not fit the description. However, if stated the first ever for Div IA, then it would be true. Div IAA, and Divs II and III have had playoffs for years! OK, now, who will win each semi-final and why, and who will win the championship and why? My Thoughts...
  3. Hershal


    OK, folks it is that time again! For me, the two most exciting conferences to watch are the SEC and the ACC! ACC: FSU and Miami are both scary fast! More importantly, FSU now has a lot of experience, and maybe more importantly, confidence! I look for them to take both Florida and Miami...
  4. K

    Australia's Melbourne Cup - 2013

    Just wondering if anyone on the cove watched or saw reports of Australia's 'Melbourne Cup' which is run on the second Tuesday of November every year and billed as 'the horse race that stops the nation.' Apparently it's broadcast to a number of countries. cheers
  5. J

    Risk Management - Risk of injury to a specific sport

    Hello I am in dire need of feedback on a topic regarding risk of injury to a specific sport. I am trying to apply risk management to this event, however because it is a thesis I need resources, references that are almost non existent for the sport in question. So there is some difficulty in how...
  6. Ajit Basrur

    Andy Murray wins Wimbledon, ends 77-year British drought! No need to chin up, England. Wimbledon is yours again. On a brilliantly sunny Sunday afternoon, No. 2 Andy Murray knocked off top-ranked Novak Djokovic 6-4, 7-5, 6-4...
  7. Hershal

    College FOOTBALL 2013

    The 2012 season was interesting. Yes, Alabama won again, and will be looking for number 16. The SEC continues to be strong. The SEC East may get more interesting than the SEC West though, as three teams right now already have their sights on going to Atlanta to take on the SEC West Champion...
  8. Randy

    It's only 97 days until the 2013 DAYTONA 500

    It's only 97 days until the DAYTONA 500!!!! (27 Feb 2013):drool:
  9. Hershal


    I thought I started this thread earlier, seems I did not. It is coming to close of 2nd week. Texas A&M and Mizzou had SEC openers. Watched both games, both games good. Well, Mizzou/GA good in early 2nd quarter. 1st week, USC (So Cal) took apart Hawaii. Realize, Hawaii. Alabama destroyed...
  10. A

    Drugmakers fight against sport-enhancing ingredients

    GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) invested $31 million for anti-doping ads & a doping detection lab used after the Olympics for biomarker research. Then the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) & BIO join efforts to fight the problem. And World Anti-Doping...
  11. J

    Baseball Predictions - Just past the all Star Break...

    Hey guys - long time no talk....:notme: Things have been just sort of going along for us. Too much time on my hands I guess...Hence my question here.... So - Any baseball fans out there want to make predictions?? :popcorn: Who will take the divisions? League titles? Series...
  12. J

    Euro Soccer (Football) 2012 Finals

    I am plagued with being the only soccer (football) fan in my company of 50+ employees, so I figured I would see if somebody else in the Cove would share my love for the game. Euro finals are on Sunday July 1st between Italy and Spain. As much as I'd like to see a different team take the Euro...
  13. S

    Your guess for who will be in the 2012 World Series

    Major League Baseball has officially begun for 2012. What teams do you think will be in the World Series? My guess is Tigers & Phillies.
  14. Hershal

    College FOOTBALL - 2012

    OK, all college football fans, time to start this thread and get to discussing. NFL should have its own thread. Let's look at this. The Big East is now almost Nationwide, Texas A&M left the Big 12 and wen to the SEC, which is no a 13 team conference. USC (the other one, in CA) is finally...
  15. P

    Who will win the Super Bowl?

    Ok folks, let's see what the general consensus is in the cove as to who is the favorite....... :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  16. Chennaiite

    Grand 'Slam' already for Marcos

    That's Grand 'Slam' for you
  17. Claes Gefvenberg

    Finnish underwater fun - Fishing under ice

    Interesting, isn't it? It may take you a few moments to figure out what is going on. /Claes
  18. Stijloor

    Mountain Bike Ride in Austria...

    Friends, Here is a video of a very daring mountain bike ride in Austria. Enjoy! cFGb7tDoWtI Stijloor.
  19. A

    Have you seen the Green Bay Packers play?

    It's 2011 or is it 1966? Just watch a game or two of the Green Bay Packers play, and you will see what I mean. It's actually an art form, the way the QB passes to over 9 different receivers or hand offs the ball to at least 3 different running backs. And right now, the Packers are averaging...
  20. K

    Soccer Game: Philippine Azkals vs LA Galaxy.

    Watch out... Philippine Azkals vs LA Galaxy.
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