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    IEC 60601 Defibrillation protection test - Metal foil

    Hi, I am looking at doing some in-house testing (pre-compliance) with a 5KV defibrillator tester to test against the effect of defibrillation. Part of the test requires metal foil to be in close contact with the enclosure during these tests. In one of these tests, the HV test pulse is applied...
  2. F

    Test Equipment for IEC 60601-2-27 related to the picture 201.105

    Does someone have any experience with test equipment related to the picture 201.105 of the IEC 60601-2-27:2011 (or picture 201.106 of IEC 60601-2-25:2011, is the same). Is there any appropriate test equipment commercially available? Or is there any other quick solution available/possible how to...
  3. K

    CE Mark in Material Testing Machines sold to Europe from the US

    Hi everyone, My company manufactures material testing systems in the US. Our primary customer base is located in the States but we also receive inquiries from Europe. Is a CE mark required for all testing systems sold to European countries? Is this requirement set by EU customs or by each...
  4. M

    Example Internal Audit Schedule wanted

    I am looking for a sample internal audit schedule if anyone has one they can share. I don't want to recreate the wheel. thank you
  5. S

    MSA (measurement system analysis) on Flammability tester?

    need your help... I have a supplier conducting Flammability test for our products. The lab has their equipment calibrated by an authorized company (A2LA). However, I requested an MSA study and they told me that the only evidence is the calibration reports of the tester. Different people...
  6. M

    Analytical Test Instruments Used in V&V

    Hello all, We are interested in running a test to demonstrate repeated use of our product does not increase temperature beyond some threshold. We purchased a FLIR camera to take the thermal measurements. What if any responsibility do we have to demonstrate the thermal camera is working...
  7. H

    ISO 17025 - How to define a "Test Equipment" ?

    In a test lab- is the definition of test equipment the equipment used to control the test? The standard appears to call out three types of equipment- sampling equipment, measurement equipment, and test equipment. 5.5 Equipment 5.5.1 The laboratory shall be furnished with all items of...
  8. E

    Looking for an alternative to a decade box that is unavailable everywhere right now.

    Hi there. I'm looking to purchase a decade box that is like one I already have because the one I have is unavailable everywhere I've checked so far. I've been searching for an alternative that meets my needs, but thus far I've come up empty. I can find one with the right accuracy, but not one...
  9. S

    GR&R for an "R" value instrument installed on my 10K Horizontal Tester

    I am required to do GR&R on an "R" value instrument installed on my 10K Horizontal Tester, not sure quite how to set up the testing, does anyone do this for automotive Big 3?
  10. L

    Building your own Leakage Current Tester IEC60990

    Hello, Have anyone built thier own Leakage current tester according to IEC 60990 and have some tips and inputs by doing this?
  11. N

    Need Calibration Service for Mechanical Tester - Zwick Roell

    Hello All - I am in search of a calibration service provider - which would be willing to travel to Maine to calibrate our Zwick / Roell Z010 Mechanical Tester. The load cells and torque will need calibration in the next few months. We use this machine to test plastics - tensile psi...
  12. S

    Calibration of Equipment used for Development

    I build the QMS in a small start-up company. We have implemented a Calibration procedure for the measuring devices we have (thermometers, Calipers etc.). In addition to these, we have testing tools that were developed in house to test the device we develop. These tools have "embedded" gauges...
  13. T

    Is Testing Equipment Re-Validation required if the Test Equipment is Relocated?

    Hi mates, One of the re-validation are required for all machines (for production use) if these machine are re-located. Is these also applied for testing equipment? As this is happened due to the functions re-location from 1st floor to 3rd floor, this testing equipment were re-locate, any...
  14. Geoff Cotton

    Measurement Uncertainty (MU) of HR-150A Rockwell Hardness Tester

    Hi All, Any of you folks know the measurement uncertainty of the Rockwell Hardness Tester model HR-150A?
  15. B

    Surface Roughness Tester Acceptance Criteria

    Dear All, We have calibrated our Master of our surface roughness tester. We use Mitutoyo SJ 201. & the master is Ra 2.94 Our calibrated readings are 2.930, 2.944 I Just want to know that what is the acceptance criteria for the master & the observed raedings are within the limit...
  16. C

    Test Correlation - Moving Test Equipment to a New Location

    We are currently looking to move factories and need to develop a test plan to prove that the test equipment, once moved performs the same way as in the old facility. I propose to test a sample of three units before the move and repeat the test after the move, however what tolerance should be...
  17. W

    X-ray based NDT Test Equip. Mfger. seeking CE Mark - Must X-Ray Source be included?

    A manufacturer of X-ray based NDT test equipment is seeking CE mark for the tester. The tester can work with different X- ray generators which are purchased by users separately, in fact requires different types of sources as a function of the inspected item. Based on the above arguments , the...
  18. H

    Accuracy and Precision of Test Equipment required?

    Hi all, I have a new question, right now we are having some trouble with the proper accuracy, resolution and precision needed from our test equipment for product acceptance. The resolution part has been solved with gage tolerance specified in Minitab: Gage tolerance < Process tolerance / 10...
  19. H

    When is Calibration not required?

    Hi All, I work in a Medical disposables manufacturer company, in charge of the calibration department. During an internal audit they found several inconsistencies between equipments, same type of equipment may have a No Calibration required label and the other one won’t have any label at...
  20. A

    Test Probes for measuring ohms per square on shielded plastic surfaces

    I'm looking for a source to buy test probes for measuring ohms per square on shielded plastic surfaces. Two point measurement with two square probes separated by an equal distance. Thank you.
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