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transition audits

  1. A

    Scheduled during our company's inventory activity - ISO 9001 audit question

    I have my ISO 9001 2015 upgrade audit scheduled for the first week of July My question is we are scheduled during our company's inventory activity so we will be bare bones as far as associates and there will be no manufacturing activity going on Am i wrong or is it impossible for the auditor...
  2. Q

    Transition and recertification at the same time?

    Hello cove members Ive seen like "offers" in this link. NSF-ISR will be performing your upgrade audit as a recertification audit, this means that once successfully completed, and any resulted cars are closed, we will be able to...
  3. F

    IATF 16949:2016 transition audit - Internal Audit Closures

    Dear all, shall all ncr's arised during the internal audit be closed before the transition audit performed by a CB take place? More specific, we performed a full internal audit acc. IATF two months before the transition audit, still not all ncr's are closed. How to interpredte transition rule 4...
  4. Q

    Surveillance Audit of 2008 before Transition Audit to ISO 9001:2015

    Hello all, My company is currently certified to ISO 9001:2008, certificate is valid till Sept. 2018 with a surveillance audit due this March. We worked on implementing ISO 9001:2015 and want to go for a transition audit directly this month but the registrar is saying that they dont have...
  5. M

    CB and Internal auditors most common nonconformities against AS9100D

    CB and Internal auditors, what are your most common findings for AS9100D? Let's just say a small machine shop that excludes design, or similar.
  6. K

    No Internal Audits For Upcoming IATF Trans Audit

    Guys, I think I am going to be fired...My IATF Transition audit is 11/29/17 - 12/1/17, I do not have a 2017 internal audit schedule and I do not have any of my audits completed. We have lost a lot of key people including our lead auditor and a quality manager who managed the QMS... I do have...
  7. D

    AS9110 Re-Certification & Transition Audit

    Just concluded our first Re-certification Audit which was also our Transition Audit from AS9110B to AS9110C last week. I was already brain dead from a revision to our EASA MAG earlier in the year and the full blown DOD DCMA Non-FAA audit of AS9110B, which was a 6 day audit, plus the fact...
  8. M

    AS9100 Rev. D Transition Audit - Number of Audit Days

    I know the number of audit days is based on the number of employees. Per any of the charts I look at on-line (I don't want to buy AS9104/1) says 46-65 employee's (exclude design) is 5.0 for initial, 2.0 for surveillance and 4.0 for Recertification. I assume moving from 'C' to 'D' is...
  9. Sidney Vianna

    IATF bringing stakeholders together to ensure Transition by the 2018-09-14 deadline

    From IATF 16949 Stakeholder Conference – Oberursel, Germany – 13 September 2017 – International Automotive Task Force IATF Stakeholder Conference – VDA QMC Presentation IATF Stakeholder Conference – FCA US LLC Presentation IATF Stakeholder Conference – BMW Group Presentation IATF...
  10. D

    Number of Audit Days - AS9100D Transition for a Small Shop

    Sidney; A CB in Troy Michigan wants to charge 3.0 days for an upgrade in a S2 Surveillance from AS9100C to AS9100D for a 5 person shop. Is that the going rate? Most CB are charging .5 days off site and .5 days for upgrade and 1 day for audit. I am the consultant for his company and I...
  11. S

    AS9100D Transitional Audit General Question Checklist

    Hello, I am using a modified PEAR form to conduct a QMS transitional Audit of AS9100D. I was looking for assistance with any general question audit checklist that I could use in developing our own auditing checklist. Can someone help? I know we are performing a process approach to our auditing...
  12. N

    Transition Audits - AS9100 Revision D

    I'm new to AS9100, but I'm under the impression that since I will have a surveillance audit in July of 2017 that I need to implement Rev. D by that time since I will be audited to that rather than Rev. C. Is that correct? If so, what does that say about my Rev. C certificate? Does it get...
  13. A

    6 Requirements for an ISO 9001:2015 Transition Audit

    I remember seeing on here a post regarding the 6 things they would look at during the transition audit to 9001:2015. I can't for the life of me find it! I remember a few.... completed internal audit complete management review And that's all I got. A little help please? My audit is now 3...
  14. 9

    AS9110 Rev A Internal Auditor Training and Qualification

    So we had our transistion audit for AS9110 Rev. A, one of my findings was the internal auditors were not trained to AS9110 Rev. A. Now I am having one hell of a time finding anyone who does AS9110 Rev. A internal audit training which I could take then in turn train the rest of my internal...
  15. B

    AS 9100 Revision C Transition and Recertification Audit

    Just completed our recert and transition audit to Revision C of AS 9100. Four and half days for a company with 50 employees seemed like a bit much. But the team worked well together and was able make it through the week without any nc's. In general, following the guidelines and information...
  16. B

    AS9100 Clause 7.3.3 - Design and Developement Requirements d and e

    All, We are preparing for our AS9100C transition audit and I wonder if you can help me with the intent of section 7.3.3 Design and development output requirements d) specify the characteristics of the product that are essential for its safe and proper use , and e.) specify, as applicable, any...
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