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ts 16949 - automotive quality system standard

  1. QMMike

    ISO (in search of) IATF 16949 vs. TS 16949 changes summed up

    Sorry if it's been asked before --- I've looked and didn't notice if it was -- Does a document exist - or does anyone have a document that simply breaks down exactly what the changes are? In all honesty, reading the entire specification and looking for changes is daunting and seems like...
  2. A

    Looking to become an IATF 16949:2016 Certified Auditor

    Hi Gang, I recently acquired my AEA AS9100 certification, and I perform Aerospace audits. My background has primarily been in the aerospace world since the early nineties, and I have no experience working for major car manufacturers or performing automotive audits. In-spite of that I'm very...
  3. T

    PPAP differences between TS16949 and VDA

    Basically we have always based our PPAP on the AIAG automotive system and formats. We are now increasingly being told of a switch towards the German system. Now that has happened and we are in the process of APQP with a need to update our knowledge of VDA style of PPAPs. Any pointers...
  4. M

    Who has had a Transition Audit from TS 16949 to IATF 16949

    Who has had a transition audit from TS 16949 to IATF 16949? If so, can you tell us some details based on the experience?
  5. G

    Is ISO/TS16949 Extension Available?

    Our annual surveillance audit is scheduled for late summer 2017. We are working towards IATF16949 certification. I do not feel we will meet the criteria by the time of the scheduled audit. Our current certificate expires in Feb. 2018. Is a one year extension available on the ISOTS16949 standard...
  6. dubrizo

    Compliance with Customer Requirements - TS 16949:2009 Requirements

    Hi all, My organization is currently going through a Surveillance Audit and the auditor is really doing a deep dive into one of our customer's Supplier Requirements Manual. My question is this: Does TS 16949:2009 state anywhere that customer requirements are to be strictly adhered to? I...
  7. optomist1

    TS 16949 Control Plans - Non-Production Parts

    Hi To All Cove Members, Been awhile, great to see the Cove back For non-production parts , such as test fixtures/cables used to conduct DVP&R environmental testing of production hardware, are control plans required for the process that fabricate the above test fixtures/cabling? Thanks...
  8. T

    Can 1 TS 16949 certificate be associated with 2 different Duns numbers

    Can 1 TS certificate be associated with 2 different Duns numbers if both numbers have the same physical address?
  9. M

    ISO/TS16949 to IATF 16949:2016 Gap Analysis Questions

    Thanks for sharing AIAG gap analysis. I just got some questions from the content and would like to ask some help here. Section Conformance of products and processes •This requirement was adopted based on IATF survey feedback received •It ensures two things: –that the supplier...
  10. M

    Terms "Customer-directed sources" and "Directed-Buy"

    Hi all, I have a problem with the understanding of the terms customer-directed sources and Directed-Buy. They are not clear for me. Are they exactly Customer-approved sources (as stated in TS 16949:2009)? If so, why did they changed the term "approved" to "directed"? What is the meaning of...
  11. W

    Root Cause Analysis Requirements per TS 16949:2009

    Does there need to be written evidence to show how a root cause was determined, such as a "5 why", in the problem solving methodology to satisfy ISO/TS 16949:2009 requirements? Thanks in advance. :thanx:
  12. P

    Terms, "Yard Holds", and "Stop Ships" in TS 16949

    I have a problem with translation of the "yard holds" in "customer disruptions at the receiving plant, including yard holds and stop ships" Nothing clear in google. Do you have any explanation?
  13. Q

    Scheduling IATF 16949 Audits - Audit Man-Days

    Hello, If any IATF recognized TS auditors read this thread, your input on this will be highly appreciated. I am a TS auditor myself, but I recently switched CB and it happens that the interpretation for audit planning is different. At my former CB, if I am to plan an audit plan of 2.5MDs...
  14. T

    TS 16949 Clause and Sanctioned Interpretation

    I had a quick question regarding and the sanctioned interpretation (SI) and was hoping someone could clarify. The standard itself says that the suppliers need to be ISO 9001 certified. However, the SI says that they can be ISO 9001 certified or have a second party audit process as the...
  15. T

    Register of TS 16949 Certified Companies

    Is there an easy way to find out about TS16949 certified companies? Basically one searchable, online database? I'm trying to find out which of our customers, suppliers and competitors are TS16949 certified and which are not. Short of visiting a load of websites to find those who actually have...
  16. tony wardle

    Lean and TS16949 - Integration

    So, we are an ISO TS 16949 certified company. We have just been bought out by a new shareholder who is somewhat fanatical about lean. My question is simply this - has anyone looked at lean implementation integrated to an existing ISO system? Any and all help welcomed. Thanks:thanx:
  17. T

    TS16949 - What extras over the ISO 9001:2008? Gap Analysis

    Basically I'm looking into what is involved in modifying a QMS that is certified to ISO 9001:2008 (looking to transition to 2015 next year I think). How much more effort is needed? That is perhaps not the right question but I guess I am asking a simplified version of what is the difference in...
  18. B

    Checklist for ISO/TS16949 for review and comment

    Good Morning, Has anyone ever been asked to fill something like this out before? I have a checklist similar to show areas of the standard and what processes fulfill it but I am at a loss as far as how to fill this out. Of course, it was sent to me asking me to have it complete tomorrow with no...
  19. Randy

    Is TS 16949 applicable for "Fuel" manufacturing or blending?

    Is or can TS 16949 (be) applicable for "Fuel" manufacturing or blending?:confused: I've never heard of it being done and I've got a client who makes bio-diesel that has been asked by a customer to get certified to TS16949 and they are now asking me. This is a new one on me guys and I of...
  20. F

    TS 16949 Clause 7.2.1 - Note 2 - Recycling program - Clarification

    Hello, I am new to the Ops team and I need clarification on Note 2 of 7.2.1: " This requirement includes recycling, environmental impact and characteristics identified as as result of the organization's knowledge of the product and manufacturing processes " I have been tasked with...
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