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vda 6.3 - process audit

  1. J

    Supplier choice limitation - Many of them dont have PSCR, VDA or even ISO 9001

    Good morning. My name is Javier Ruisoto and I work as auditor for the supply management for a tires factory company. In the diferent visits to suppliers I found that many of them dont have PSCR, VDA or even ISO 9000 (or any other quality system) and the company have no...
  2. Q

    VDA 6.3 Process Auditor Card

    Dear All, i have a question about process auditor card for VDA 6.3. There is a ID number and valid period. How should i use the card, can i use it to login somewhere... whe yes how and where :) ... some B2B portal or what... Thank you for reply.
  3. Q

    What is the difference between normal and licensed internal auditor?

    Dear All, i will ask you what is the difference between normal internal auditor and licensed internal auditor for VDA 6.3. We were educated to VDA 6.3, all people gets the internal auditor, but two of us were extra examined to a level up auditor. So i will ask, what are the main authorities and...
  4. S

    VDA 6.3 - Process Auditor Qualification

    Hi there, Greetings to all! I am very happy to announce the training on VDA 6.3(Process Auditor Qualification) from 21st to 25th of May in Bangalore, India. For more information on the program, please contact me directly on +91-9901106416, and I will be glad to assist you. Best...
  5. P

    POT of standard/catalogue parts supplier

    Hello All, Is it required to do potential analysis for catalogue/standard parts suppliers (eg. screws, o-rings, etc.)? We don't want to use any distributor or agency and are going to buy directly from manufacturer. Thank you in advance, Piotr
  6. J

    VDA audit, control plan - My hair is almost gone now

    So, does everyone really include all process parameters on their control plans? We will not be doing this. We have 75% market share and we did not get that way by giving our competitors a leg up.. we have timing, temperatures and pressures that are proprietary. I can't believe a company would...
  7. pinar77

    VDA 6.3 - How can I build the process NTF?

    How can I build the process NTF? I need to work on a sample
  8. Q

    VDA 6.3 Certified Auditor Training in the United States

    I am trying to find certified auditors training for 6.3
  9. O

    VDA 6.3 Process Audit Template wanted

    Hi! Please help me. Where can I downolad the VDA 6.3 process audit official template? Thank you in advance. I'm registrated VDA QMC auditor, but I loosed my former file. :( Best regards, oki
  10. Moncia

    Tall Manufacturer - VDA Audit - Which parts of the audit apply to us?

    Hello my Dear Brainiacs I have a little dilemma I hope you can help me with we have a VDA audit in two week even though we are the company that is being audited, the audit will happen in our parent plant my dilemma is - which parts of the audit apply to us - which to the factory...
  11. P

    New Yellow Print VDA 6.3 (2016)

    Hi Has anyone read into the new VDA 6.3 draft? You can download online-free document at Your insight and sharing most appreciated. Regards Emily
  12. G

    VDA 6.3 Automotive Audit with detailed questions Audit Questionnaire

    Dear All, Do you have any audit questionnaire acc. to VDA 6.3 with detailed question for each part, question from the book/ official report ? For example 6.1.1 Has the project been transferred from development to serial production? 6.1.1 a Who performs the process release...
  13. I

    Where to find VDA 6.3 Robust Production Process (rpp) PDF file ?

    I'm new about VDA 6.3 ... I'm looking for Robust Production Process (rpp) VDA 6.3 How can i find this rpp.pdf? :jawdrop: :jawdrop:
  14. G

    Stable, Predictable, Control - High Volume Mfg

    I work in a high volume, low cost manufacturing plant that is trying to meet TS16949 automotive standards and be auditable using European VDA 6.3 auditing standards regarding TS16949. TS16949 says special characteristics need to be shown as "stable and capable". SPC is not mentioned in the...
  15. N

    VDA 1 Critical Characteristics Requirements Help needed

    Our facility recently had a Customer VDA 6.3 Audit and in the process of auditing it was found that we were not compliant to VDA 1 for critical characteristics. I was wondering if anyone had any templates that could be shared to a newbie to the VDA 1 requirements. :confused:
  16. R

    Audit Planning - Process Audit agenda - VDA 6.3

    Hallo All! I would like to ask your opinion on audit planning based on VDA 6.3. I am an internal auditor and I basically did a full P2-P7 only one time, internally I only do (P5)-P6-P7, but I am required to go as a 2nd party auditor to an other intercompany site, and I would like to optimize...
  17. Q

    VDA 6.3 Training in USA

    Good Afternoon: I live in USA and looking for an extensive training on VDA 6.3. I googled about it but there are various facilities which provide the training. Not sure which one to select. Can you please recommend which is the best place for the training? Based upon my research so far...
  18. P

    Challenge Supplier Process Audits to VDA 6.3

    Hello, a question. If a supplier is asked in the automotive industry from the OEMs to audit its processes according to VDA 6.3. What action should the company do? Internal auditors according to VDA 6.3 form, properly so ?! Do you have any more suggestions ?? Best Regards
  19. M

    VDA 6.3 - 2010 (newest) advanced excel form

    Hello All, I had a little bit time on holiday so I prepared the excel VDA 6.3 audit report (similar earlier for previous version of VDA and FORMELQ) and which is more than user friendly compared with the original one what I have hated because the filling out was always complicated than...
  20. E

    Gap Analysis for VDA 6.3:2010 and ISO/TS16949:2009

    Has anyone managed to get a Gap Analysis for VDA6.3:2010 and ISO/TS16949:2009 yet?
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