verification of calibration

  1. M

    Vernier Calibrations & more

    Hi, We recently had an ISO 13485 2016 change audit. The NB auditor pointed out that we should increase the calibration frequency of verniers that we use daily from once in a year to once every quarter . There was no proper justification given . He just stated that for daily use instruments...
  2. B

    Need to convert Reference Only M&TE to a calibration schedule

    Our company is in the process of becoming certified to ISO 9001:2015. In an internal audit we discovered we use a large number of "Reference Only" measuring and test equipment (M&TE) to inspect and approve final product. The M&TE were designated "Reference Only" by a previous QC Manager because...
  3. M

    Calibration Records Requirements for all the Calibrations and Verifications we do

    Hello everybody, I work in a manufacturing company and we use mostly tape measures to measure the product but also several calipers and scales. My question is: are we required to maintain calibration records for all the calibrations/verifications we are doing periodically to...
  4. Kchnwtch

    Verification instead of calibration?(ISO 9001:2008)

    Hi! First, not trying to open up old definition wounds (is it calibration if you can't adjust, etc). I promise I've read through all the posts on this, but if I've missed one, feel free to refer me to it. :o We're coming up on our first surveillance audit ISO 9001:2008. 7.6(a) says...
  5. Sean Kelley

    Gage Block Verification or buy a new set (cost aspect)

    Currently it is our practice to revalidate our gage blocks every 5 years and since it costs nearly the same to buy a new set that is certified we choose to simply replace them with a new set every 5 years. There is really nothing wrong with them but I wanted to see what other do under these...
  6. Q

    Number of Calibration Verification Points - Calipers, height gages, etc

    Topic verify calipers, height gages, etc In general how many individual verification points are required? Regards qu1nn
  7. A

    Calibration/Verification of thermo-hygrometer in storage areas

    Hi Covers, Just to seek some opinions on the following issue: I have a medical device storage area and storage requirements for the MDs involved are in the range of 0-40degC, 10-85% RH. The issue here is that monitoring of the conditions are necessary, but at the same time the risk of this...
  8. D

    Verification of weighing scale 150kg capacity 0.05g accuracy

    Just for example I want to verify a weighing scale 150kg capacity 0.05g accuracy. If this are my test wts calibration result (20kg each) : 19.996, 19.996, 19.993,19.994 and 19.990, If I am going to verify the scale to 40kg, so I am going to add the results of two test weights as reference 19.996...
  9. D

    Hotplate Temperature Verification Methods

    Hello Guys. I am new to temperature verification. Hope you can help me on how to handle the verification correctly. I want to verify the hotplate with thermocouple on the surface controlled by temperature controller. I have a calibrated surface probe, the calibration result is Ref.Value=250C...
  10. S

    Tie Wrap Tensioner Tool Calibration Requirement

    Has anyone encountered a calibration requirement + procedure for (adjustable) Tie Wrap Tensioner Tools? Ours is a Panduit model GTS, and has an adjustment knob for the tension at which it cuts off the tie wrap tail. In our case we need the tension to be 1000g +/-100g with a reasonable...
  11. M

    Go / No Go Pins - Verification question

    Hello - I am seeking an educated confirmation that I understand the process of verifying go / No Go pins. Using Class Z pins (+.0025mm / -.0025mm) as a reference. A .250mm GO pin must be between .250 & .2525 (+.0025mm / - 0mm)? A .250mm NO GO pin must be between .2475 & .250 (+0 /...
  12. D

    Equipment Verification and Calibration Report Standard

    How to make a report or form? Can i combine the two? Or separate each. Thanks.
  13. R

    CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) Comparison/Verification Question

    I am trying to do a comparison between 3 different CMM's to determine if they agree with each other. Everyone seems to have an opinion, but no one has any data to really prove it. My struggle is determining what the best statistical approach is for analysis. I can of course just put all the...
  14. D

    Calibration vs. Verification and Measurement Device Labeling

    Hi Folks, 1st time posting. My question is during a recent Audit, the Auditor commented that although we reference all our calibration activities as Calibrations we perform a lot of verifications. These Verifications are not logged as verifications but as calibrations. Looking at ISO 7.6 it...
  15. R

    Verification vs. Calibration and what to do with the results of each

    dear all, i have some problem with verification and calibration. my question is : 1. why do we have to do a verification for a tool before we used it? eventhough that tool already been calibrated. 2. what i should do with the data calibration result and with the data verification result? should...
  16. A

    Calibration vs. Verification of Calibration vs. Verification - Definitions

    The simple answer is that if anyone is making decisions about product or process 'acceptability' (does it meet a specification), then the equipment used should be calibrated or at least verified as operating correctly. It really doesn't matter (to your management) what the ISO standard says...
  17. T

    Calibrating or Verifying Metal or Steel Tape Measures

    Hello everybody!!! Does anyone has an example of how a tape measure should be calibrated/verified? I understand the part of verifying that the tape measure is in good condition, with all readings showing and with no broken edges or tips, but I still don't get the part that I need to use a...
  18. Marc

    Calibration vs. Verification - Definition of

    NOTE: This was posted by Jason on the 'old' forum: Hello All, My company has a set of standards (ranging from 1" - 24") that we sent out to be calibrated by a certified QS company. This set is considered the "Master A" set which is the calibrated set. We also have another set consisting of the...
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