1. Roland Kelly

    ISO 45001 (FDIS) Webinar - Jan 24 2018 at 11:00 am ET

    As a friend of Elsmar Cover I hope this post is acceptable. Please join us for a Webinar on the new ISO 45001 (Former OHSAS 18001). Respectfully, Roland Kelly +1 (650) 208 8803 Cell Webinar on ISO 45001 (Former OHSAS 18001) Released as a Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) ISO...
  2. C

    Additional Training for CCT (Certified Calibration Technician) Recertification

    I need to build up some credits for my CCT recertification and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for webseminars that I could watch for additional training. I know Fluke has a bunch available but I've already watched those in the past and was looking for something new. Thanks
  3. Sidney Vianna

    SCMH Awareness Webinar Focused on the revised Advanced Product Quality Planning APQP

    Email from the IAQG received today: The Product and Supply Chain Improvement Team of the IAQG invites you to participate in a free, one hour SCMH Awareness Webinar Continuously improving On Quality Delivery and On Time Delivery (OQD/OTD) throughout the entire value stream is key to the...
  4. mguilbert

    Free Risk Management Webinar - Design for Quality - May 2017

    Good Afternoon All, I found this free webinar that may be helpful to some on Risk management. It is not ISO but still may help. The webinar is titled "Design for Quality: A Risk Based Approach"...
  5. Marc

    IAQG announces 9100D:2016 Deployment Support Webinars (Winter 2017)

    Dear OASIS User, The IAQG announces the following 9100D:2016 Deployment Support Webinars; the webinars are free and registration is limited to 1000 attendees. There are 2 different webinars offered, it is recommend that you attend the Key Changes webinar and then the Clause by Clause...
  6. mguilbert

    Avoiding Pitfalls in ISO 9001:2015 Transition - Free webinar

    AQI is offering a free webinar on avoiding pitfalls in ISO 9001:2015 transition. See link http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1101868579485&ca=5f7585d9-600b-4b72-b2fc-5f1efb12c3e4
  7. J

    MDIC (Medical Device Innovation Consortium) and the "Case for Quality"?

    Anyone here know anything about the Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC)? Anyone here know anything about their "Case for Quality" project? Anyone here listen in on their recent webex?
  8. Hershal

    IAS Public Accreditation Committee Meeting Feb 10, 2014

    Hi All, As you know, I work for IAS, a non-profit accrediting body (AB). We have a public hearing process for Accreditation Criteria that is fully open. We are the only US-based accrediting body to my knowledge that does. We have an Accreditation Committee meeting on the 10th of February...
  9. mguilbert

    Free supplier audit webinar

    Below is a link to a webinar presented by BSI on "Trends and considerations for supplier audit programs- a discussion for the food, beverage and agriculture industries...
  10. mguilbert

    BSI-Free webinars

    Good morning all, Here is site with free webinars available through BSI. http://www.bsiamerica.com/en-us/Assessment-and-Certification-services/Management-systems/News-and-events/recorded_webinars/ They include Automotive, medical devices as well as ISO. Disclaimer: I do not work...
  11. T

    Looking for a webinar on Internal Auditing

    Looking for a webinar, on internal auditing. would like to train a person to fill a position. Is there any one webinar that is better than any others?
  12. mguilbert

    Free webinar on Corrective and Preventive Actions on Thu, Mar 7, 2013

    Below is a link to free webinar being given by BSI on Corrective and Preventive Action. https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/s/registrations/new?cid=31xbl7t10jgy Disclaimer: I do not work for BSI. I am on their mailing list. Moderators. You may want to post this to other ISO standard forums that...
  13. mguilbert

    Free Executive Overview Webinar on ISO 14001 on Thu, Feb 21, 2013

    Thought people might be interersted. https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/s/registrations/new?cid=ml6tqtii6t86 Discalimer. I do not work for BSI. I am on their mailing list.
  14. mguilbert

    PDCA Free Webinar - 14 February 2013

    Below is free webinar on Plan Do Check Act presented by BSI. https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/s/registrations/new?cid=gmp3aptwhv0w Disclaimer: I am not employed by BSI. Just a customer.
  15. GStough

    Looking For Free Webinars on ISO 9001:2008 Overview

    Hi....:bigwave: I'm looking for free webinars that provide an overview (approximately an hour or longer) of the entire ISO 9001:2008 standard, not just a comparison of the previous version to the changes in the 2008 version. Has anyone been successful in locating any free webinars? We...
  16. 1killercls

    510 K Webinar on Proposed Changes

    Has anyone ever accomplished one of these 510k webinars? The one we are looking at is 90 minutes long and costs $245.00 dollars. Is it valiue add or am I just better off doing the research and using my head?:bonk:
  17. mguilbert

    Free Webinars on ISO 50001 Energy Management - 2011 and 2012

    Just recieved these email from QMI SAI Global on a free webinar for ISO 50001 Energy Management: Changing the Global Mindset-Connect Energy Efficiency with Financial Gains http://view.email-saiglobal.com/?j=fe6215737d6601787410&m=fef013727c600d&ls=fdf31c707c67017f74107770&jb=ffcf14
  18. arios

    How to Obtain Medical Device Approval in Mexico (Free Webinar November 2011)

    I just received this free webminar invitation which I wanted to share with the cove members How to obtain medical device approval in Mexico https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/276807086
  19. S

    FDA Webinar on Foreign Inspections - May 17, 2011

    Hi All.. There is an FDA webinar of Foreign Inspections on May 17, 2011. Attached is the slide deck for that day's presentation. For further details, visit the below url link: http://www.fda.gov/AboutFDA/Transparency/Basics/ucm254903.htm Regards, Sreenu
  20. JaneB

    Webinar: Positive Changes in Workplace Culture

    Not really 'reading' but a webinar about what makes a good leader / manager and how you can identify and make positive changes in the culture of a workplace. It's a joint effort between Steve Simpson and Clive Lloyd. Steve advises leading companies around the world about organisation culture...