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  1. B

    CQI-15 Welding System Assessment - Required for all of the welding processes we have?

    Hello all, We are in the process of obtaining a customer that requires us to complete CQI-15 for welding. Do we need to complete the assessment for all of the welding processes we have, or only those that are used in products we sell to that customer? Thanks
  2. K

    Spot weld - Peel test failure

    Dear all I need your help. Please guide me. I am working in a elevator industry. I don't know nothing about spot welding. After referring some standards and videosI have done peel test. The failure i saw is full plug failure. I got nugget dia is 8.36mm But electrode dia is 8mm. I refer some...
  3. M

    Butt welding of 13Cr tubing

    Gents We used API 5CT tubing for temporary installation for produced water, oil service etc. These tubing’s has following specs: 1. Sizes: 2-7/8’’, 3-1/2’’, 4-1/2’’ 2. Material: L 80 (9Cr, 13Cr) 3. End connections: BC, EU, NU etc 4. Max Pressure: 1200psi 5. Temperature: 220F Generally all...
  4. E

    European Weld Callouts - Confused with the "/C" and the "a2" portions

    Hi Covers! I need some help with some European weld callouts. I used to have a link that was very good at explaining the callouts, but I no longer have it and can't find it with searches. I've attached a photo of the part in question - it is a flat plate with a large nut that is to be...
  5. GoSpeedRacer

    Validation of Processes 7.5.6 - Do cosmetic welds need process validation?

    We are a small contract manufacturer and have been building a medical device system (class II) for one of our customers for more than 10 years. They have now decided that it would be good to evaluate our special processes, ensuring that we have validations for all processes where "the resulting...
  6. D

    Hot Plate Welded Plastic Strength Validation

    Does anyone have any experience with hot plate welding? I have a new part that is made by hot plate welding 2 pieces of plastic on the edges and interior ribs. I am attempting to validate the strength of the weld and am having a hard time finding any baseline specifications for a DT. I am...
  7. P

    Help with 8.5.1 regarding Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS's)

    We recently had an audit for ISO 9001:2015 and API Q1. We have our own process sheets (Weld Procedures) for each part number we run in our weld department. The initial first piece is cut and verified by our Metallurgist (We also have an in-house Induction HT department). We were cited for not...
  8. AshleyE

    AWS (American Welding Society) D17.1 & D17.2 Welding - Looking for help

    Hello All, We're working with a customer who specifies their fusion and resistance welding is to AWS D17.1 & D17.2 class C (respectively) - the parts we are welding are non-structural and non-critical. Currently, we are subcontracting this work with the goal to bring it in house and we are...
  9. C

    Practical use of Heat Input calculation for Manual MIG Welding

    Hi Under CARES certification requirements, Heat Input must be calculated and used on the approved welding procedures. (That is a defined set of settings for a given type of weld.) I am struggling to understand how this may be used as a practical benefit however, other than just to comply...
  10. C

    Checklist comparison between ISO9001:2008 and ISO 3834

    Hi, I have been given the task of developing a Welding Quality management system in my company together with a RWC (responsible welding coordinator) in order to create the factory production control manual that is required, as part of CE marking for structural stee. I used our ISO 9001:2008...
  11. C

    ISO9000 and CWF (Certified Welding Fabricator)

    OK, it has been a while since I last visited this site. I have a question.... I am in the middle of working with a small division on obtaining an ISO9000 certification that they let lapse about 4 years and two sites ago. Today I was asked about integrating ISO9000 with having the site...
  12. N

    Projection welding of nuts on zinc coated surface

    During our projection welding of nuts on zinc coated surface we often have a problem. Nut supposed to be welded in three points, but often happened that nut is correctly welded only on two points , sometimes just on one, and rarely poor welded at all. After welding, part with nut is going on...
  13. S

    Development of a WPS / Qualification Test Records for D17.1

    Hello All, I had a question about WPS and Qualification test records, etc. for the AWS Standard D17.1 How do we go about establishing a WPS, and when the company welders perform test weldments at various thicknesses of each alloy group, do we fill out the Qualification Test Record form for...
  14. J

    Attribute Test Method Validation

    We are doing attribute test method validation, which involves making good and bad samples and making sure operators can recognize the difference between the two. We have come across a particular weld defect that we cannot reproduce under any condition we generate during manufacturing(there was...
  15. V

    Concerning CQI-15 Welding System Assessment Form

    Concerning CQI-15 Welding System Assessment. We purchased the Form, but are looking for help in completing it. I would like to know if there's a trainer aside from AIAG with regard CQI-15 of this Assessment. Does anybody have completed forms that they could share?
  16. M

    Technical Oversight - Government Shipyard Quality Office Responsibilities

    Hello all, One of our (Govt Shipyard Quality Office) responsibilities when dealing with a certain type of contractor is to provide oversight. Mostly this has been a rough verification of their QMS and observation of in-process work to applicable requirements. NOTE: Specifically, this is...
  17. P

    Screening DOE: A coming up headache story

    Hi all, i'm looking for the most important factors that critically influences the EPS molding parts welding. My issue is the huge quantity of factors to take in consideration (20 more or less), some of that uncontrollable, that should need a very expensive design ( in term of time and...
  18. C

    Controls and Preventions are not "OJT", "Ample Supply" & "Supervisor Verification"

    Would someone please clarify for me. I am being told by a customer that On the Job Training, Ample Supply at Station" and Supervisor Verification are not acceptable for Current Design/Controls Prevention. This is for a tack weld step. Tack Weld, Setup Machine, Setup Incorrect, Nonconforming...
  19. B

    Weld Validation on Titanium Parts

    I need to perform a weld validation on titanium parts. Thickness of the parts being welded is approx .040". This issue I'm having is in the ability to polish the weld after it is cut. We are using a WEDM to cut the weld but could use any other process such as a diamond say. My question is...
  20. T

    First Pass Yield - Welding Process Improvement

    hi all, this is my first discussion in this great forum and I hope to learn much from you all. I'm working on implementing FPY project in one of our cells. we had FPY of 54% in Welding process which is ver very low and affecting our CoQ. any Idea how to improve the welding process? My...
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